Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving thoughts..deep ones

Seeing that so many of you were just dying to comment on Twilight....I'll move on. We had a really nice Thanksgiving once again.

I peeled massive amounts of potatoes (someday my estimation skills will sharpen) and made a delish coconut cream pie. That's all I had to do...and then I got to enjoy this....

Grandpa and Grandma Thomas always are the hostesses with the mostesses. Such good food, my personal faves: perfectly seasoned gravy and stuffing, yum yum yams, and rolls the size of your head.

That's right Jack, total thumbs up!

Cute cousins Cole and Sidney.

After dinner we all assumed the position!

Then when pie is digesting and Tums have been dispersed throughout the room, we all got to open our Christmas jammies. My mom-in-law has such a fun and thoughtful tradition each Thanksgiving evening, she has new pjs for everyone...including the adults. My boys look forward to new christmas jammies every year (heck, so do I). She did especially great this year..all pjs fit the appropriate body!

Snuggly Cole with gramma.

So fun to have all these cute cousins together in their festive snuggly jams.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh I forgot

A few more thoughts on Twilight:

Jasper- why so incredibly small and confused all the time? The constant look on his face was pure comedy...I thought it was a scene from SNL.

Jacob-not so much. It was hard to not think "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" the whole time....he definitely wasn't the Jacob in my head.

Rosalie-eeeuw, something just wasn't quite right.

Edward/Bella-their first initial meeting at the lab desk at school was so weird to watch...why all the pained seriously looked like they were going to vomit. I quietly laughed to myself as to not offend the masses, I just thought it was so flat out bizarre. PAINfully bizarre.

Now, what are your reviews?

Week/end review..thankful edition

I am one thankful gal. It's a gorgeous day outside and there isn't a rain cloud in sight. Everything is always better when the sun is shining.
Today has been jam packed already. First order of business: Attend Cole's Thanksgiving feast at preschool. I felt like a lame-o mom when someone's super cool mom made these festive and delicious Oreo turkey thingys. It didn't even cross my mind...oh well? At least I made the effort to find his "chicken fingers" shirt- because ..."it was going to be a feast and we'o going to eat small chickens." I did however bring a so almost 2 year old brother who screamed the entire way out of the preschool when it was time to put the cars down and leave. -It was awesome.
I had a great weekend. You know those kind of weekends where you actually get to do something fun for yourself?! Yea, I had one of those.
TWILIGHT: It kicked off Friday night with a 10:30 AT NIGHT viewing of "Twilight." Now here's the deal, I'm not a stayer upper at night person. I 'd call it a night at 8:00 if I could. So 10:30 was un heard of for me. I took into consideration the fact that Kyle would never go with me in a zillion years and I wouldn't go see it unless it was with another group so this was my one and only chance. I have read the books, Twilight being my favorite. I've NEVER been obsessed with them or the characters and have NEVER had an in depth conversation concerning the themes or whatever. I was just curious to see how close the movie would follow the book...that's all. In fact, I'm still plowing through the last one......seriously, I've already read almost 600 pages....let's end this puppy. As I stood in line at the theater along with hoards of tweens and teens I silently mocked those in Edward vs. Jacob t-shirts and avoided the ginormous Pepsi that the Vampire obsessed teen in front of me couldn't manage to hold. Now, why was I standing in line at 10:00 p.m. again? REVIEW: It kinda seemed to me like a high school tech ed. production. Waaaaay to much vampire make-up, crusty red lips, bad writing, bad acting, and ah man....Bella and all her painful angst was just about enough for me. I did enjoy the baseball scene, the tree climbing was kinda cool and the music was good. So for me, I saw and it and I'm done. Now if you were one of my beehives you've seen it twice already and are going again this week? Who pays for these trips to the theater? I already splurged a whopping $9.50 for this high school production.
TEMPLE: A beautiful family in our ward were sealed together on Saturday and Kyle and I were able to go. Such a cool experience. I thought I'd be flying solo all week and at the last minute it worked out so that Kyle came too. Always refreshing to go to the temple, especially on a sunny fall afternoon.
SUNDAY: Just a good day at church. I miss the Primary...really miss the primary. That will take some getting used to. My beehives are darling and I'm thankful I'll be working with them. Had fun friends over for hot cocoa and scones and just enjoyed my boys.
So it brings me back to today. My cute friend Angie took my boys pictures today...another "to do" checked off the list. She's good and I'm anxious to share. So now, Brody is asleep, Cole is watching "Mickey's Once upon a Christmas for the 3rd time today (is that bad?) and Jack is out riding his bike with the neighbor kid. I'm having quiet computer time and all is well in the world!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How was my night?....well... thanks for asking!

You know, it's rough being almost 2! Brody took it to a whole new level tonight and I'm pleased to announce that we all came out all right.
Some afternoon to evenings just drag on for me...especially with early release from school. When it's dark and rainy (quite blustery if you will)at 4:30, I'm ready to call it a day. Put on the pjs, brush your teeth and good night. Poor Mr. Brody didn't catch onto the nap idea today so this afternoon/evening was especially draggy and oh so pleasant. To avoid all mommy ugliness and frustration with a screaming child, I simply got out my camera to document the evening's activities. He was not amused to say the least. It did the trick for me.

To set the stage, I was baking cookies. Now tonight's baking means:Nestle mini(everything is better in a mini version) chocolate chip cookies from the fridge. Brody wanted them dough pieces...NOW! He wasn't thrilled with the constraints of a baking time limit. 12 minutes looked like this:

New and deliciously snuggly jammies...he totally hated them and wanted them off, sweat was forming hated them.

Avoiding the serious threat of "night night." He decided that unrolling the paper towels was a good distraction strategy.

Really wanted cookies, really didn't want soup, really was ticked that soup got on his deliciously snuggly jammies (that he hated) when he pulled the bowl off the table in a fit of so almost 2 year old rage.

Wishing the door open.

Tear stained, snotty nose, exhausted cookie joy!

As the so almost 2 year old whirlwind swirled around the kitchen, these 2 played school all night. The one on the left...that's "Tom" and meet his teacher, "Mr.Klein."
I finally put Brody to bed and came downstairs to let Tom and Mr. Klein know that school was out. The house was peacefully calm and I was done. Mr. Klein chimed up and said, "Mom, so what are we gonna talk about's so quiet, and kinda boring!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week/end review...

You know, I'm actually looking forward to starting another week tomorrow. It's been quite a long 7 days around here and frankly, I'm ready to start anew! Big plans for the week include: running, the grocery store, the bank, preschool thanksgiving dinner, soup party, parent/teacher conferences, Costco, and the grocery store again.

Family rundown:
Jack is such a good kid. Lately he's been mastering the art of the "eye roll" which I, being his mother cannot stand. Therefore, a "No eye roll" policy has been implemented in this house. He's working hard at this new policy. He did in fact use his eyes for sweet reasons today during primary. As I was given lovely flowers and a giant card signed by the entire primary (because I was released) I looked at my oh so sensitive Jack as he wiped away rolling to be seen. Just sweet 6 year old tears, love this kid.

Cole is still reeling from the fact that not every meal includes dessert at the end. He's also reading like a 4 year old All star and it's so fun to hear. Today during sac. meeting he followed the words of the hymn with his cute little finger and sang along with me. It's a winning combination...can't pronounce R's and a tad bit off key!

This so almost 2 year old thinks everything is "fuh-nee" lately, especially the little things he's accomplishing around here. For instance, coloring in my dishwasher, emptying out-oh say, 173 wipes, smearing A&D ointment all over his new outfit for the day...right before we were to walk out the door. Do you realize just how stinky A&D ointment is? Prancin on over to the fridge...gettin himself a yogurt and then deciding that on the light beige rug would be a great place to open the lid. Ya know, just little things like that...Hilarious!

My 4th child-The HOUSE:

It's coming along. This is the underground radiant heating for our stained concrete floors.

This is the wonderful slab that was poured on Friday. My house will sit atop this beauty.

Saturday was a work party at our house. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Kyle has such a supportive, capable, and helpful family. His brothers and dad are always the biggest help. All I have to do is bring lunch...good gig huh! The framer is scheduled to start a week from tomorrow....can you hardly wait for pictures?!

Smiling Thomas men in fantastic mismatched "work clothes."

And finally, it was a bittersweet day for me. I was released today from my calling, my favorite calling in the whole entire world...Primary chorister. I have had this calling off and on in all 3 wards I have been in since we got married. A total of almost 5 years and 4 programs later...I am done once again. I'm tired though and I know change is good. I'm sad because I love primary love love it. To me, nothing else brings the spirit closer than through singing. I adored watching my boys in the front two rows, teaching the gospel through music, and sharing the piano bench with my favorite (and most talented-a fabulous pianist makes all the difference) pianist...Erin, who also got released. It was all or nothing! My sweet friend Carole bought us cool was that. Just thoughtful,wonderful ladies who I thoroughly loved working with. So now I'm switching gears to the Beehives. The lovely, giggly, happy/sad/happy/sad world of tweens!
So there you have it..bring on the new week!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Neglecting the blog

(My profile picture)

O.k. so I'm signing in tonight cause I feel guilty. Lately I've been preoccupied with a new "time waster" as Kyle so eloquently stated. It's called.........Facebook. I know, I know, I'm still debating the pros and cons of my decision to join. I was advised on good authority that it is all the rage and loads of superficial fun, so with that -count me in. I know it's a friendshipping tool used by snotty teens and 20 somethings, 2 of my favorite demographics. I try very diligently to distance myself from anything that is supercool to that crowd since I'm neither a snotty teen nor a 20 something.
So against my better judgement, I joined. Now would you believe me that in 3 short days I have made like 36 friends and have found all sorts of folks like: 1. Darling old college roommates whom I thoroughly enjoyed living with and who now live all over the country 2. First boyfriend from the 7th grade who I haven't seen in 15 years 3. Girl I went and saw "Goonies" with in the 2nd grade 4. One of my best guy friends from high school who was always attractively bald now sporting enormous amounts of hair..what the??? 5. 2nd cousin 20 somethings that probably feel obligated to be "friends" since we are .....related. And the list goes on!
What I'm trying to say is....this Facebook thing is a hoot. A hoot that has reminded me once again of how blessed I am. I have had some pretty fun friends and great memories over the years. I'm glad those years are over but good times none the less. My life is wonderful. I have a fabulous husband and 3 handsome and hilarious boys that make each day worth it. I have no regrets from high school and have gotten some good laughs after finding these old faces (especially those who appear much larger than before). Good stuff.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quick re-cap

A few things learned this week:

-Some of the greatest joys in one's life can be found at Target.
Halloween costumes....90% off
Optimus Prime-$2.49, Super Cool Ninja guy $1.49, Raphael Ninja Turtle (minus a mask and shell....can't win 'em all) $2.49.

3 Hours of continual and cordial Superhero playtime...PRICELESS!
Things learned around the dinner table tonight:
Thomas children can't handle the allure of Croutons-hence they were banned.
The use of old hot dog buns (with a little butter and seasoning) as a fill in for garlic bread should not be repeated.
No "bite" negotiations were implemented..."eat it all" is the new motto.
Costco lasagna wasn't all that hot, literally.
Not looking forward to tomorrow night leftovers.
-My so almost 2 year old has learned to hate naps...grrrrr
-My so almost 2 year old singing "popcorn popping" is really cute.
-Frogs do hide in wet/soggy/gross leaves. If you are trying to surprise your over worked husband by doing one of his outside manly jobs and cleaning up all the leaves and guck, a frog will jump out of the pile of leaves that is IN YOUR HANDS if you disturb him! And you will scream!
House update: Haven't seen much of Kyle lately. Poor guy hasn't sat down to enjoy himself in who knows when. His dad and brother were on a hunting trip this past week, thus his favorite "helpers" were MIA on any house help. It's so nice to have their strong able bodies lending a hand and so apparent when they are gone. Kyle has been laying out the underground piping for radiant heat and hopefully this crazy rain will stop for just a bit so the slab can be poured. After the slab...framing!! I'm so thankful for my big, strong, hard working husband. What a guy, just out building a house. I love him even more when he is home. That one measly day is grand...Sunday -my favorite day of the week.
I'm gearing up for 2 days off from school and parent/teacher conferences right around the corner. Can you say "Early release for 5 days straight?!"
Good thing I went to Target.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Needed...just a little self control

The problem is -I love these stupid things. These sugar filled, artificially flavored, bad after taste producing things. NIBS....ugh, I'm feeling the gut effects/affects (another tricky word I can admit I don't exactly know the secret to which spelling goes with which usage) of yet another...hit. You see, I'm feeling like an addict. I am going nuts here. This is bag 3 in the last ...almost....maybe...2 weeks??? I've stopped counting. All I know is that I go to Target, head to the end zone and find the prize, oh and it's there every time. I really need to stop. It's totally counter balancing my workout in the morning. I'm cancelling myself out, and I get mild heartburn to boot...WHY??? I know why, because they're so good. When about 6 nibs are stuck together and I throw caution to the wind and eat them all in one bite instead of breaking them up.....mmmmm, love it. I'm nervous that I'm walking a fine line though on my addiction. I know one day soon, I'll OD and the love will be gone. That's totally what happened in the 6th grade with Sun chips. Remember when they took a chance on creating a semi-healthy potato chip and got Sun chips. Well, my brother and I couldn't get enough of those bad boys. Couldn't get enough that we siblings began genuine battles over the bags my mom would buy. To end the bloodshed, my mom bought us each our own individual bag. I remember eating chip after miserable chip until....I couldn't stomach looking at them. To this day, if I even see/smell Sun chips a little bit of throw -up makes its way up the throat canal.
Fast forward to my NIBS! I'm on bag 3....Hello, and there's no sign of stopping. Every night after dinner I have to just have a "few." The next thing I know.....the mother load of NIBS chunks falls out onto the counter and I'm screwed. So please, how do I get a grip on this addiction. If it means by-passing Target, no deal.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looking at the positive

I knew it was surprises here. On the bright side of things I have lots to look forward to now that Barack literally became...."the Chosen One."

-My gas...paid for
-My mortgage...paid for
-My kid's college education...paid for (it's a right you know)
-Quality health care whenever...wherever for EVERYONE (it's also a right)
-World peace...done deal
-Global warming...gonna solve it by golly over

Anything that I've ever hoped for or dreamed of is going to come true! Rainbows will shine brighter everyday, puppies will be cuter, lemonade will flow freely from once dried out streams, and everyone will want to just sit and share with each other. So many good unified times are ahead....I can just feel it. If only I could have been in Hyde Park last night with her majesty Oprah and Jessie Jacskon to witness the magic. Or in my humble observation, the scary Jedi mind trick that was cast on thousands of "followers" once again!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on Nov. 4th

I've been up since 6:00 a.m. and my stomach is in knots. I knew I would feel like this, I always do when elections roll around. I have always been politically active and educated on issues and candidates, I love politics. This year has been different, sadly and disturbingly different. I am absolutely and completely amazed at the level of ignorance and arrogance that so many political leaders and average Americans today are displaying. It is truly frightening.
Simple questions:
How can a nation vote for a man who has accomplished nothing?
How can a nation vote for someone they know so little about?
Doesn't making and keeping your hard earned money mean anything?
Isn't it important to have the strongest and most powerful military in the world when we are still the #1 target of terrorists who are THRILLED with the supposed new "commander in chief?"
Isn't it a little odd that the leaders of Iran and Hammas have endorsed this man?
Don't associations and friends reflect who you are?
Why would you openly and aggressively want to "bankrupt" the coal of the most important industries in America?
Why would anyone vote for someone who supports providing ANY medical attention to babies born ALIVE after an abortion?
What is going to be the incentive for anyone to work hard when their hard earned wealth is going to be "SPREAD AROUND?"
"I am my brother's keeper, my sister's keeper"-my favorite quote from the "chosen one's"speech. Isn't it just crazy that his brother lives in a hut and his aunt lives in a slum in Boston? Couldn't he spread some of his wealth around to them....just a little?
Isn't it odd that my husband and I have given more in "charitable contributions" than the pres/vp elect have? And yes, their income is WAAAAAY bigger than ours.
A college education is NOT A RIGHT!
A home is NOT A RIGHT!
Poor people are not all of a sudden going to become rich if the "chosen one" is elected. Nothing will "change" for them. They'll only Feeeeel better.
Those who are miserable and wanting a handout will still be miserable- yet they will receive a piece of my husband's paycheck. All in the name of (as Joe Biden so eloquently stated)..."Fairness!"
You tell me what's FAIR about those 40 % of Americans who don't pay income taxes getting checks from those of us who are taxed through the nose?!!!
Doesn't the constitution mean anything?
Your taxes are going UP...I don't care who you are or where you are!
I would enjoy visiting Europe someday but I do not want to live there.
Doesn't it worry anyone that he is supported so fiercely by Hollywood idiots like Scarlett Johannsen and P Diddy. Come on!!!!!
How can members of my faith vote for this man? That is what truly has me sad and baffled?

There is so much at stake in this election. I love my country and I truly fear for the success of our nation if this man is elected. I'm going to now go take a shower after my hard earned workout. I will let the water run and hopefully wash the idea of Obama out of my hair.

Ignorance is the most expensive commodity in America.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What I loved about today

There are many things that made me happy today. Before I call it a night on this blustery (is blustery really a word... or is it used only in the hundred acre wood?) evening, I wanted to reflect on the joys of this Sunday.

#1- My favorite 4 year old in the entire world found an ice cube shaped like a BOOT in his watered down chocolate milk during lunch. All be darn.

#2. I asked very calmly for my SO almost 2 year old to SIT down during sac. meeting. He proceeded, very vocally mind you, to repeat "SIT" over and over again. The really sweet thing though was that since he's almost 2 and hasn't mastered thee 'ole pronunciation and art of tact came out with an "H" in the middle, yea, the delivery was all wrong.

#3. Jack brought me his plate (so I could check the enough eaten status) during family dinner at Grandma's and asked before I said anything, "O.k., so I'm thinking I'm gonna get a NO on this one?!

#4. Hearing Kyle and Jack laugh out loud while reading Junie B. Jones from the other room. Good stuff. Love that Barbara Park-kid literature genius.

#5. Daylight savings-I'm a big fan

So there it is...bring on Monday!