Friday, June 27, 2008

Jack in a nutshell

This being the 27th day of June, it is the 6th year anniversary of when Mr. Jack made his looooong awaited and much anticipated debut. Yes, Happy Birthday you cute thing. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how fantastically cool Jack is.
SIX reasons I adore Jack:
. 1. His Smile: Even with some yucky sores on the side of his mouth and in desperate need of a haircut, he's still so cute. He's got great little teeth. When that sad day finally comes and they fall out and become gigantor and crooked and not so cute...I'll still love his smile.
This kid has the funniest personality ever. He has lots of friends at school and it's so funny to see how they congregate around him. He's a leader and I like that quality about him. Now I just have to continuosly make sure that that leading is in the right direction and is kind and not bossy (bossy leaders aren't fun or cute).
3. He's a smarty pants, clever kid, who loves to read, draw, and write "books." I love that he loves to read. He's a thinker...sometimes...tooooo much. He is a natural who really gets into stories both reading and writing them. His art is priceless and I 've kept every superhero, ninja turtle, Mr. Incredible drawing ever created...good stuff. I wish I had that artsy talent.
-just a little "Alvin and the chipmunks" white board free hand. FYI: Simon has a "hood on" hence the blue head.
-of course.
4. He's obedient. I may have to ask more than I would like, but for the most part, I have been blessed with very obedient kids, Jack completely included. He's a great example for the other boys and I so appreciate when he justs says, "o.k. mom." We practice that phrase A LOT. I love that his school teacher also appreciated his obedience for her..yea! Somehow that didn't quite translate into P.E. .....hmmmm. Come on, he's 5, it was the end of the day, lots of balls.....
5. His GREEN eyes. I thought that coming from both very brown eyed parents -chances were pretty good all off spring would follow suit. Not the case with this guy. I love them, green as green and just plain cool looking.-Aren't they lovely, so green.... and purple and red. I didn't have any close-ups, so injury photos will have to do.

-Last but certainly not least:

6. He's a wonderful BIG brother!
Jack is definately the oldest. I'm so thankful that he's there to help me with the little guy, grab me a diaper, help Cole brush his teeth, set the table, pick up the toys in the backyard, read to the little guy, hand me my cell phone....everything, he's just so helpful. I love that my boys are best friends. Would it surprise you to know that Jack started this "lovefest?"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

TRAUmatic transitions

Here's the lowdown:
As I type -I hear screaming of the blood curdling nature. It resembles the picture above minus the life vest. The perpetrator of those almost 19 month old whose mother has FINALLY banned him of his bottle ( I fully admit all wrong doing) . I know, I know, his brothers were weened waaaay earlier and all was well. This kid is a SCREAMER. It's not that I am so sad that my baby is sad...he's fine, it's just that his screaming is sooooo loud and sooooo constant, I would just give in .......hence the bottle at toddlerville. 45 minutes and the screaming continues. Very Traumatic.

Cole's blood test came back and as I expected, he's allergic to wheat and milk. Total double whammy. For those of you blessed with unallergic children.... be you so lucky! There is milk and wheat product in virtually EVERYTHING. I'm not totally freaking out because his allergic level is on the low side. However, if it will help Cole go from THIS:

to THIS, I'll do whatever. We're starting one week at a time. This week has been no dairy...ouch. So long go-gurts, love ya string cheese, and scooby doo push-ups, you've always been there for us. On the bright side....we do love popsicles! Cole has a great attitude and is being a champ about this. Next week, no wheat....yea, make a sweet meal out of that :(

Jack is out of school and looking for stuff to do. He's a late to bed (if he could every night) early to rise every morning kinda kid. Ya know the type that come in to whisper about 3 inches away from your sleeping face..."good morning!" And as you remind him in a very stern way that you specifically said the night before, "NO waking mom and dad up" he replies with a goo goo smile, "I just wanted to say good morning." Oh, the obedience. We've been on a Junie B. Jones reading kick lately, we think she's quite a hoot. We finished one book the other night and Jack proudly exclaimed that the next book he wanted to read was..."Junie B. Jones and the crappy pants." Wow, that sounds like a really interesting read . He came back after retrieving the next book and I told him to re-look that title. "Cheater pants....oh, (with a laugh) I thought crappy pants would be really funny though." I had to agree.
FYI: screaming child...asleep :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The RUNdown...pun intended

So last Saturday was first official 5k. Once again, not a runner! However, on this day, I was for a good 34 minutes or so. I don't know my "official time" - the yahoos in charge didn't have the timer WORKING....HELLO, it's a race. I wasn't competing with anyone, I just wanted to finish without stopping . Anyway, I just added up my rockin playlist songs and came up with my time. It's the best time I've run so far. I was feeling pretty sweet about passing a few ladies, especially on the home stretch. I was also feeling pretty sweet when the 10kers came in riiiight around the same time I did. I DON"T CARE MR. DOVE SHORTS...yes, you are very fast, and eeeeeveryone knows it! Major accomplishment for me. I was so wanting to stop a number of times but didn't...YAHOO!

Will I do this again?.......probably!

Any desire for a 10K?...ZERO!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a guy!

This guy right here is the best. After wrastling with the crew the entire sac. mtg . at church ( I had the fantastic opportunity to speak for Father's day) he posed w/o any complaints for the official Father's day photo shoot. I took 2 pictures...this one was the winner...catch my drift?! Handsome boys none the less.
Highlights on why he's the BEST
1. Tries his darndest to "parent quietly" in public places.

2. Will wear these just to make us all laugh, ...oh and let me take one picture (to share with others).

3. Plays in the snow with the boys cause HE owns really good snow still doesn't and the snow is reallllly cold!
4. Puts on a spectacular water skiing show for his skiing challenged wife and amazed children with ONE ski!

5. Takes older boys on fishing excursions in the RV with uncles, cousins, and a grandpa who are all the best as well.

6. Has never let any children fall off the counter after pulling these sort of "daddy shenanigans (?) after all these years.
We love you babe! Thanks for being the BEST !!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Add to the Ipod

I'm not a runner. I've never been a runner. I consider myself athletic and have played sports all my life. Sports that include A LOT of running are not my fave ie: running, cross country, get the point. However, the last couple of months I have learned to , how shall I say,, ......appreciate running. Now, I'm not saying that I run miles and miles everyday, or have a whole new spandex wardrobe, what I am saying is that I am going to do my first 5K on Saturday and I am actually really pumped about it. I've been doing my own prep runs and am thrilled with myself. I know 3 miles or so isn't hugely long but for me...the NON's fantastic! YAHOO!
So here's where you come into play. The Ipod is currently being stocked with "keep me running and happy about it" songs. I'm racking my brain and out of ideas. What songs keep you running or working out or PUMPED??? Saturday people.....send the songs and speedy vibes my way.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Boise Birthday Bash

We did it...the 6oth birthday bash in Boise has officially been experienced! Good times had by all, loooong drive, sleepy Cole.

Since the weather didn't exactly cooperate our color themed family picture turned a bit multi-colored ...what ever parka felt the warmest. Seriously Boise...50ish and Windy...JUNE?!

Siblings are the best, funny, funny, bunch of them. We don't get together enough, the mileage in between doesn't help, but aren't they cute?!
Cousin shot...who belongs to who? These aren't all the members of the cousin crew, just the lucky ones to fit in the window.

Nice undies your thinking??? I just had to document how well the boys listened and laid out their own "personals." I get thrilled by things like this.

Cole exhibiting his obedience skills....5 pairs of socks...nicely done. Now just put them in the suitcase not on the kitchen floor. Close though!

Who needs a slurpee when you can just suck on your own shirt. Sweet Cole was just helping Brody drink out of a full Propel bottle...mmmmm, grape
Loving the INdoor hotel pool and newly acquired life jacket on the little guy.

Cousin mayhem!

Last but certainly not least....the BIRTHDAY girl. My mom is the cutest 60 year old I know, literally...60, she's darling. She is simply the best and the most fun to be around. The weekend wasn't long enough but I'm so glad we did it!

Monday, June 2, 2008

weekend wrap-up

Dinner is cooking away in the oven (compliments of Costco freezer section) and so I will type. It's Monday afternoon and I'm exhausted.
Is it from:
-waking up at the crack'o dawn due to my darling's snoring
-alarm clock
-Spending 3.5 hours at the cannery scooping, beans, rice, oats, macaroni,wheat, flour, cocoa name, I scooped it ( and I am thankful)
-feeding ravenous children 3 at a time

It's been a day and we still have yet another t-ball game tonight- hence the Costco meal.

Highlights from the weekend:
*Kyle made choc. chip cookies simply because I requested them.
*Kyle washed both vehicles and they looked FanTastic for about 3 minutes until the rain suddenly sad.
*got to workout on a Saturday morning and not pay for the childcare
*Found my mom her b-day present and feel pretty darn good about it. The lovely Jan is turning 60 this Sunday and the fabulous family party is happening in Boise of all places this weekend....hold on to your hats for that post!
*Went on a date with the handsome hubby, thoroughly disappointed at Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford still quite attractive, not feelin the "alien theme." Sorry if anyone was still in the deals with aliens....LAME-O. There were some funny one-liners I could appreciate, but I also could have appreciated saving the $20. Oh well, loved the company. And to all the mothers in the audience that actually BROUGHT their young ones (I have 2 that were dying to see it) SPANK YOUR BOTTOM (as my mom would say) not kid appropriate. Nightmares for days....grrrrrr!
*Brody made his debut in nursery...went off without a hitch I might add. We're still working on the crayon eating but that's just fine with me as long as he stays and there's no tears.
*Sunday FHE at the in-laws-yummy dinner and yummier cake and ice-cream. Cole proceeds to come in from outside and motions for g-pa to come to him. G-pa reports that Cole had found the secret stash of Dr. Pepper in the barn and needed a little help opening the can. He also informed g-pa that he had to do it outside so "my mom won't see anything." Awesome! I proceed to ask some simple test questions about what was going on with Mr. Cole and he casually tells me, "just don't worry about me Mom." Double Awesome.