Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tis the season...

Every year I have visions of a magical photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.  Every one is beyond smiley and cooperative, wearing adorable festive garb, and really excited about posing for countless pictures. Maybe next year!  

"Choose ONE pumpkin!"

Hands on knees.....

The $18 dollar pumpkin.....I don't know why I agreed to that other than it's pumpkin perfection.

Love her!

And the good sport award goes to.... Kyle...who arrived straight from work, picked up Kate amongst the pumpkins and was immediately puked upon! Right back to the car they go. Sorry 'bout that.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our decade of wedded bliss!

Breakfast: You bet I built my own omelet filled with spinach, asparagus, mushrooms and cheese.  And yes, we did need to share a vanilla infused waffle with cinnamon whip cream and berry compote. The beginning of a beautiful day.

Antique gallery downtown: Would you also be searching for 5 more of these giant WOODEN bad boys after seeing the $128 price tag?  I kid you not....

We each bought a pair...couldn't resist. I couldn't peg if it was the color, price, or the word "skinny" embroidered inside the waistline that did it for us.
Kyle and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! He of course asked what I'd like to do and since Fiji wasn't in the cards this year, I jumped at the chance to have him willingly shop with! A little antiquing plus a whole lotta mall...It was fantastic!  Delicious food consumption mingled with an entire day of shopping= wicked combination!
Shoe shopping.....when do I go shoe shopping......never!

Thee most divine steak and crab leg (singular) I've eaten to date, hands down. Impressive view from the 21st floor to boot!

Unfortunately I've consumed  this entire jar of gummy bananas in 5 days.  Just another necessary purchase from our day out.

And for the kidlets left at home who happily endured 2 sets of babysitters for the entire day, Star Wars pancakes....I mean come on.  Just to show how awesome of a parental duo we are we went for the big guns!

It was just a wonderfully fun day filled with a lot of  laughs and great conversation.  I adore you Mr. Thomas and am so lucky to call you mine! 

Monday, October 18, 2010


This child of mine is finally asleep.  I don't know who slipped him the spastic pills but it has been a day. From biting bums, refusing soup, talking like a goo goo baby-constantly, and don't get me started on brushing teeth....I'm done tonight.  Ugh, silence is golden.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The weekend that really worked for me.....

Super sweaty and super speedy Jack 
Favorite running partner and BFF Emily who flew up from CA.. Starting off the weekend with a tricky 5k amongst the forest dodging tree limbs and puddles..good stuff.

Can you spot the Columbia River Temple?

When kindred spirits you've known since the 4th grade are about to give birth for the very first time... the good and right thing to do is to gather together.  You gather together and eat one too many divinely inspired strawberry cupcakes, go out to a meal that you didn't have to prepare, buy way too expensive but worth every penny hairspray, stay in a lovely hotel over night, hike a big mtn. in the early morning wind with a fantastic view and spend hours in the car laughing, singing, and contemplating life on your way home. I must admit that I have a great in point! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

In need of assistance...

So hears the deal. I have lots to say and plenty of pictures....(pretty sweet ones if you ask me) correspond with my deep thoughts. However, out of  NOwhere, my blog(ger) will not by any means, not even remotely, no question about it.....let me download a picture or "insert image." It says something about a problem with "enabling cookies" and then it just makes the most annoying clicking sound, a modern day morris code if you will. Maybe it's telling me how to solve the problem  via Morris code... hmmm.

 How about that for a detailed description?!   How do I solve this dilemma? I am a remedial computer technician, not my forte.  It is most maddening! Suggestions please and Kyle was no help.