Monday, May 30, 2011

The rundown...

Family update time:

All of Jack's cub scout dreams finally came true when the Pinewood Derby rolled around. Kyle hooked him up with a sweet looking Batmobile and all was right with the world.  Unfortunately it wasn't the fastest car on the track but that was all good. We prepped him for possible failure on the car ride over, reminded him of good sportsmanship, and talked up all the dessert possibilities when the whole shin dig was over. Yea for root beer floats!
 Mr. Batmobile and his chief engineer

Some top the Lego took 3rd!

Little Mr. first grade is rockin the violin. He has passed off all 9 songs needed in order to move into the "big kid" (2-5th graders)room. These are all the big kids who know lots of violin stuff and have played for at least an entire year longer than Cole. It's clicking and I LUUUUUUV it!
Mr. Big Kid room

The smirk kinda says it all lately.

Quote of the day:
Me: "Brody just eat your breakfast so you won't be hungry in an hour...don't come whining to me about needing a snack cause ya won't be gettin one!"
Brody: "That's o.k. mom, I'll just sneak one when you're not looking!" -said nonchalantly with above smirk. I remind myself that patience is a virtue on a daily basis with this sweet child 'o mine.

I adore this girl...this one right here with crazy hair and Mr. Potato head glasses. She's hysterically funny even with her 3 word vocabulary: Mamma-Nya Nya (snack/treat) and Ba-Bo(bubbles). That's it, that's all she's got to go along with her constant gibberish. Oh that and her shrill, high pitched, fake scream of terror she busts out whenever Brody is approaching. She totally works it. 

Kyle: I hooked him up with the biggest can of peanuts he's seen to date. It doesn't take a lot. He's a happy happy man.

As for me, I'm really content. Life is good. Bring on June!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The waiting is over....

The welcome wagon..with an added orange sombrero. I guess anything south of the border must include a sombrero.... and maracas.

2 years is a  l-o-n-g time to wait for anything. Last night the waiting was over for my fabulous brother and sister-in-law. Their handsome valiant elder finally arrived from half way around the world...Buenas Aires Argentina!

Waiting out the flight delay with Reese's Pieces and an Ipad.
 Now I've been waiting for 2 years as well, for a little something different and waaaaaay less important. It does warrant mentioning however since the time span worked out rather well. See, I've been wanting the little lady to finally fit into the infamous "tulip shirt" I bought her when she was still but a wee thing in my belly. I absolutely adore tulips and then you add red stripes and a navy blue cardigan ......ugh, it was just all too much. Fast forward 2  l-o-n-g and waaaaaay less important (compared to missionary work) years later and what better occasion to take the outfit for a spin than welcoming home cousin Coty!

The somewhat hidden "tulip shirt".....believe you me, they were there in full effect .....and they -were- adorable.

Cute cousin Sidney with Kate.....Reese's pieces in a mini cup and the tulip shirt

The tulip shirt with red mary janes AND pigtails.....finally!   Pigtails were the cherry on top to the whole ensemble.
And speaking of finally.........

What a champ.....Elder Thomas is HOME!!!  A stellar example for my boys and all around great person!

Brody anxiously explaining his welcome home "Batman and Robin" sign.

All together again!

A fabulous occasion that was well worth the wait!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some things I've learned about boys and girls......

It's a universal truth that all kids..boy or girl.... line things up. I've loved watching all my kids over the years display this phenomenon.  Case in point:
Kate's handy work as I prepped dinner last night.

Lover of all things Thomas the train- 2 summers ago.
However, I do see a clear distinction when it comes to breakfast companionship. It's doll baby mania with this girl. This is a very new concept around these parts and I'm seriously loving it. Except when My Little Pony's gross pink mane and oatmeal collide....
not cool!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A simply lovely visit...

Airplane behavioral score...9.93 out of joke. Miracles do happen.

Oh how I love to experience Utah, especially in the spring. I've returned from my annual favorite sister visit with lovely treasures for my home, a perfect jumbo cupcake cake pan for my little lady love's birthday next month, and minus one library book that's now up for grabs on Southwest flight 646. Dang it. 

We shopped for hours all over the valley... it was glorious. One fun stop included: Orson Gygi

Do yourselves a big fat favor and visit Orson Gygi if ever in SLC. It is a food/cooking/baking/eating/entertaining lovers dream. Rows and rows and rows of awesomeness. I could live inside the store.

So my favorite sister Kirsten is UBER (all caps) talented..I'm seriously amazed at the amount of things she can handle and accomplish successfully at one time. She's a mom to 5 and works part time at a funky and fabulous quilt/material shop. She can sew anything and everything and her talent never ceases to amaze me. She's started creating her own patterns a while back and it's so fun to see her vision become  reality. It was "Quilt Market" week in SLC. That's where vendors from around the nation come to get a look at what's hot for the upcoming season in the fabric world. The queen of all fabric/pattern designers out there is the amazing Amy Butler . She was in town for Quilt Market and came for a meet and greet at the shop where favorite sister works. It was magical.

Favorite sister Kirsten unfortunately had to pick up Amy and her assistant Mallory at their hotel to bring them to the event. Bummer deal huh? Nothing like sitting next to your idol and talking fabric and colors and cool stuff and patterns and prints and even more cool stuff.

Kirsten and Kendell with the newly detailed suburban. All fruit snack wrappers, apple cores, teddy grahams, orange peels, DS game cartridges....cleaned out. Amy Butler needed a ride. 
I'm very pleased to report that she was absolutely lovely in every way. She couldn't have been more kind and gracious (and tall) and her new line is once again to die for! Google her and check out her house and studio....simply spectacular. Look at her scarf..I mean how cool is that?

While I shopped and talked fabric sweet 16 year old nephew Curtis babysat Kate. She finally crashed flat on the floor still carrying a picture that her momma was in. Pretty cute.

3 of my favorite ladies....

It was so fun to watch my sister shine in her element with all talk of fabric and patterns and measurements and such. Her talent is super impressive...maybe she'll need an assistant one day? I can detail a suburban like no other. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good news!

Quote of the day:

-From the bathroom I hear "Mom, ....woah....I almost fell into the toilet, but I didn't... and that is good news!"

And isn't he so right about that?!

Monday, May 2, 2011

So what if Easter was 1 week ago.....

I still enjoyed my obligatory and once again.. much to be desired..after church Easter picture. This photo is so great in so many ways. Someday Kate will smile on command...I can feel it.  Jack was all fine and dandy until the camera came out and all of a sudden his tonsils hurt you couldn't tell. Then there's Cole cheesing it up for the floor and Brody... just ready to have it all over with so he can indulge on the candy filled carrot. Sunday perfection!

Baby Kate and baby bunny...pretty darn cute.

Glorious weather for the easter egg hunt. This guy was pretty pleased with the outcome!

A  lovely weekend filled with sunshine and that is something to be happy about!