Friday, March 26, 2010

Christmas in March....

This was Jack's smiling giddy face on Christmas morning. His pearly almost eight year old off whites were on display for all to see. This morning, I saw those big smiley teeth again. But it wasn't Christmas. It's March 26 you see and Kyle is out of town. I therefor have the extreme privilege of being the sole provider of food for Chance the wonder pony.

The horse really is a sweet animal. Key word in that sentence....animal. I don't do well with animals in general. It's just not my thing. Especially the ones that are young, hyper, hungry, and weigh....oh, say, 850-900 lbs. I had been trained in the ways of the horse feeding force by Kyle before he left. Just stick the hay in the top of the feeder so it stays clean. Well the feeder is in his little barn which is obviously in his personal space.

It rained sideways last night so the ground was soppy wet and his pasture was just mud and poo. That's right, mud and poo. Two more of my very favorite things. Especially when you combine that with a 850-900 lb animal.

I entered his "space" with positive thoughts and determination (they sense fear ya know) to just get the hay out of the storage side and into his feeder without him eating it right out of my hands. Well, that didn't exactly happen and the hay began to break apart..into the mud/poo mixture, a big no no. "Ah, crap" "ah crap" it's fallin everywhere...Chance the wonder pony is now in MY space sensing all my fears and eating the hay. Jack now comes out to "help" and it's just nervous nelly me trying to salvage the morning feeding. My last straw (literally) was when I grabbed a pile off the barn floor to put in the feeder (which is over my head) and half the pile disintegrated into my hair. It was awesome. It was then that I unintentionally and very unfortunately let a forbidden word in our house fly. And yes, it was immediately heard by this guy:
....who immediately went in with this face to tell....
this guy.
It was FANtastic!! Christmas morning all over again, minus the legos.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding something to smile about...

It's Sunday night and I've successfully avoided eating the bowl of cereal I've been craving for the last 2 hours. That's right... now that is something to smile about.

Kids in St. Patty's day green, expressing St. Patty's day love and eating St. Patty's day green jello...I can smile about that too.

Katie cutie smiling on cue...then puking....I'll smile for that.

Trying her first bites of ice cream......come on.....!
Wrapping my mind around the disgraceful sham that is "Obamacare," I cannot smile about. I'm a political junkie. I always have been. This past week for 3 straight days I called congressman after congressman who were supposedly "on the fence" about where their vote would lie. I got through to a majority of offices and expressed my heartfelt opinions with firmness, yet I still was polite. I kept updated reading all sorts of news blogs, tracked vote tallies and called those congressman who could potentially save America from this mess. I did tell the aide to congressman Gordon from TN (who voted "No" last time on the bill and switched to "Yes" after his state was promised millions in medicare money to build new hospitals...hmmm) that he should really help the congressman find or grow -either one- a backbone. He just chuckled. I didn't find it very amusing.
Ya know, I probably made 100 phone calls over those 3 days. Over and over again, one office of obscure congressman after another, busy signals galore. I had my phone numbers with a list of enormous concerns. This could not happen and I had to do something. America is a nation of individual freedom and personal liberty not government run anything. Obama promised a "transformation of America" on the campaign trail- and with enough corruption, lying, rule bending, stealing, and threatening.....the transformation has begun. And it can be ours for just $940 billion dollars. Is that where the latest CBO #s are at.....$940? I don't even know how many zeroes that is?! Awful, just awful.
-Side note: Not only did I call pathetic congressman after pathetic congressman this week, I also threw caution to the wind and called into a certain nationally syndicated radio show which sounds a lot like Fawn Pannity.... to talk healthcare. Aren't I exciting? I knew I would never get
through so when his producer answered the phone I was speechless. She said that he was all full for the day and took my number so I could be on the next day. Well how about that?! I called my sister immediately to discuss exactly what I was going to say. I had the night to stew about it and hopefully formulate something coherent to discuss.
Fast forward to the next morning. Very polite producer calls my cell phone and says, "I will call you in 45 minutes." Awesome. I'm really going to make my talk radio debut on this very day. I go fold a load of laundry to keep my mind on the prize....45 minutes....o.k. I then of course call my very favorite sister to share the news....."Fawn Pannity's producer called and is calling back in 45 minutes." We go over what I should say, the latest from DC and other juicy tidbits from our fascinating lives.
From here can I just say 2 things:
#1- I have never figured out how to retrieve incoming calls on my cell phone....probably should have.
#2- I wasn't a good steward of my time
Yes.. yes indeed, while talking to said favorite sister, phone beeps once and goes directly to voicemail.
This is what I heard: "Hi Kari, Linda from Fawn Pannity trying to reach you....." click.
Yes, I was talking healthcare and the Fawn Pannity show on the other line with my sister and missed the call.
So I did what any other normal gal would do, I went to the mall and purchased anti bacterial soap and a candle that smelled divine. I also popped into the Tmobile store to find out how exactly I could have accepted producer Linda's call. Well all be, that application was never activated on my phone. "That's crazy!" said the energetic T mobile worker. Awesome.
What's crazy is that I STILL have not eaten that bowl of cereal (ugh, Kirkland Macadamia Nut Cranberry cereal with natural flavors) and I am going to bed hungry. Yea for self control. Now, please excuse me while I go snuggle up in bed with some DVRd "Celebrity Apprentice." I can take no more Obama. I'm choosing Brett Michaels and his glorious and greasy headband tonight.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Random sunshine

It's 65 degrees and the sun is brilliantly shining. I adore days like this, not too hot, not a fan of being hot... with just enough breeze to keep it shall I say....coolish. Love it! I came outside to check on my 3 year who loves the dirt and mud that is my side and back yard. Someday we'll have a yard once again, someday. Then it hit me......he stunk.....again. That's stinky Mcstinky pants #2 just today with this kid -and the day isn't over. Are you kidding me? I didn't feel like wiping a 3 year old's gigantic bum once again so I took his picture instead. Might as well be filthy and atrociously stinky if you're gonna get a bath. It's hard being 3.

I also took a picture of Batman's newest mobile.

2 nights ago at the dinner table Jack (in all sincerity) smelled the bite of pork chop with ranch gravy on his fork and looked at me and said, and I quote: "P-U, this smells just like Kate's poop diaper." Now normally if I was to hear some smartalicky punk kid say something like that I would be horrified, but for some reason I just looked at Kyle in awe and silently laughed. Amazing. Jack went on to taste it and in all seriousness said, "It sure doesn't taste like it but for a second there, wooh!" Another shining example of the fantastic dinner conversations we have around here. And yes, the recipe can be yours upon request.

Kate the little lady can do no wrong. She is perfect in every way.

I looked in Cole's mouth to check on his teeny tiny teeth-just curious. The bottom 2 front teeth were totally loose. How did I not know this? How did he not know this? Aren't 5 year olds into losing teeth? He even had a tooth coming in behind one of his baby teeth. When did all of this craziness happen? The kid is going to be 6 next month.....6! He's banking on $10 buck for 2 teeth. Maybe I should have him gnaw on some pork chops with ranch gravy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It never fails....

So I spent my 34th birthday at Disneyland and I highly recommend it. Do you see my happy children, the ones who were thrilled to have their picture taken once again for mom's big day? I just wanted to document that I wore my b-day button with pride and thoroughly enjoyed the "happy birthday Carrie" wishes I received from cast members all day. Kari/'s all the same!

Jack and Cole are at perfect ages to enjoy Disneyland. They act spazzy together, argue very little, and once in a while.....hold hands. It's pretty cute.

We were told (by the lovely gentleman to the left) to get off these rocks right after I got a couple shots off. Yet another reason I love my new fast camera.

Another talent I do not posses...balloon animals or in our case, knights with helmets, belts and swords. These were a huge hit at dinner one night. The fellas couldn't understand why they couldn't take them to the park each day.

Ah, the character meet and greet!

Thomas family favorite ride....Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

Jack getting really serious about his driving abilities. He's totally pumped for next time ...he'll be tall enough that he can drive on his own.

Brody in true fashion. He doesn't calm down gradually, he'll just stop from exhaustion. Case in point.

We've never really been a "princess" loving family ...hard to believe I know. Kate had to meet at least Cinderella. The boys graciously waited for her big moment!

We're a little nerdy when it comes to visiting the happiest place on Earth. We love to pin trade...a lot. We also get a kick out of finding "Hidden Mickeys".....and find some good ones we did! Yes, that is a glass Mickey laid somewhere in the cement amongst the park. Ok, so we use a book for clues but it's so fun!

"Can we get a churro?"
"Can we get a churro?"
"Can we get a churro?"
"Maybe tomorrow."
"Can we get a churro?"
"But we're leaving today......."
Happy Churros!

Even though Kate was teething and pretty much despised the stroller, she was still a dollhead. She was so thrilled eachnight to get out of the stroller that she actually figured out how to finally crawl...right there on the delicious hotel carpet....mmmm!

I just thought this was a fantastic picture!

Only long wait of the week...."Toy Story Mania" so worth it everytime!

How we roll: we pack snacks....and lots of 'em.

The best $7.50 spent on food.

Her majesty.....

It was such a blast. I love my family and honestly, I do enjoy spending 24/7 with them for a week straight. Now the plane ride home is quite another story.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And....we're back....

It's been quite a week but we are back from our happiest of trips to the "Happiest Place on Earth." The children have been disinfected, 11 loads of stinky laundry are almost complete and the fridge is on the verge of being replenished. Back to reality. Due pardon me if I share a few photos from our week at D-land, thee place to spend your 34th day of birth if you ask me. This will have to do for today, I must get back to the reality of this morning... pronto.