Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend whatnots......

"Well...good morning giant hot air balloons" and "What the....?" were 2 things that crossed my mind Saturday morning when this was the view from my front door. The weather has been FANtastic lately and obviously some balloon lovers were just itchin to ....float?!! It was actually quite fun to watch. I couldn't help but think of one of thee greatest old time Disney movies..."Night Crossing," has anyone ever seen it besides yours truly and my siblings? The story goes: 2 East German families literally sew their own hot air balloons by night (obviously secretly) so they can escape to West Germany...full of suspense.... anyone... anyone?? It was a family favorite growing up..good was the Saturday morning display for that matter.

Other exciting tidbits and insights from the week/end included:
A 3 year old throwing a tantrum will eat a rock hard frozen corn dog if given the chance. Hold the ketchup and mustard.
Even with gorgeous weather outside, yahoos will play for hours in......a box.
It is possible to renew ones driver's license with all 4 kids in tow and no stroller:

I never said it was pleasant, it just was possible. My crew along with 138 other people chose to be at the DMV on that blessed day. It had to be done. I just ignored the" Parents please do not leave children unattended" sign, gave Jack and Cole strict orders to stay seated at all times, applied some lip gloss, wiped the light sweat forming on my forehead, bundled Kate's blanket under her bottle so she could self feed in her car seat, held Brody's hand with a death grip so he wouldn't run into the "employees only" section again, asked the kind worker if my shirt was straight (with no response) and smiled! Hopefully in 7-10 business days it will look as dreamy as I'm imagining it will be.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I love......

I had such a lovely Valentines day. It was chalk full of things I had mentioned in passing: Help around the kitchen ie: YOU come up with something for dinner-gorgeous hot pink roses which I DIDN't even ask for ("I know you're not a rose fan but these were really pretty and I knew you wouldn't want red")
-Ah, very good Kyle san, breakfast in bed consisting of homemade waffles, eggs, and turkey sausage with a glass 'o milk and a very thoughtful card. Just nice stuff all for me. I loved it. It got me thinking of other nice things I love:

-These 3 yahoos

These chubby fingers

This face
A few more to add to my list:
dark chocolate
Jr. mints
chips and salsa
peanut butter
good books
cold sheets
my microwave
red shoes
obedient children
a good hair color
Cole's smile
mowing the lawn
the American flag
my sister
my mom
Pixar movies
Wednesday night tv
crab legs and butter with lemon
swimming in a pool -not ocean
perfect fitting outfit
cold cottage cheese and pears
Brody's milk dud eyes
cooking in general
teaching a lesson
Fox news
antique stores
chubby baby legs
polka dots and stripes
happy kids
hot chocolate
talk radio
Kate's hair bows
ponytails and crazy up dos
wearing sandals
trying new recipes
visiting my sister
the color red
receiving good mail
smiling at grumpy strangers
going to Hawaii
playing Doodle Dice with my kids
Pina Coladas
Christmas lights hung straight
king size bed
going to dinner with friends
my in-laws
brushing my teeth
a good bag
being able to soothe Kate
going to college
playing sports:volleyball/tennis
running on my treadmill
kissing Kate's chubby neck
going to church
when Brody hugs me every morning
a clean car
my KitchenAid-it has never failed me
road trips
a good cake stand
my new house
laughing with Kyle
winking at Jack
being a mom
I could go on and on....but that's for another day......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

100th day

Today is Cole's 100th day in kindergarten. As you all know they do the usual festivities full of 100 everythings. His recent homework was to fill out a paper that eventually would be compiled into the class book for all to share and see. He came up with every response very quickly. It went a little something like this:
I hope I have a 100: VIDEO GAMES (shocker)
I hope I have 100: MOMS (yea, wouldn't that be nice)
I hope I have 100:TOYS (another shocker)
I hope I never have 100: SWATS ON MY BUM (huh?)
He giggled and said , "Yea, you know when dad swats my bum at night....he would get really tired trying to get me in my ca-verths.!
And then there's a lovely colorful illustration to go along with it... his cute round face..mouth wide open... hands know, very very accurate!
*Family disclaimer: An occasional bum swat has occurred at bedtime. Never with mouths wide open or flailing of hands. Should I have edited his ideas? I'm now a wee bit nervous to see if this revelation will knock me out of the "mother of the year" award I was up for.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I got nothin...

"Lame lame lame lame ...LAME! "-Syndrome (the Incredibles)

That's what's going through my mind right now. I want a new dress. I want lots of new things- but a fun, perfectly fitting, stunning dress is what my heart desires most at this very moment. It's almost spring and spring screams "new dress" time. The stinky problem is I cannot find one. I have searched and searched but to no avail. I did get a good chuckle however. I was perusing the Internet and stumbled upon the Urban Outfitters website. On my honor... I have never been to an actual store nor have been on their website prior to today's Urban Outfitters virgin if you will. Go there please....get a good laugh, view the "dress" selection and give me your thoughts and's good stuff!

Ideas on where to look....websites, stores....would be greatly appreciated. I'm tired of looking lame.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Like mother like....sons??

So my brother and his family used to live in the house that we all grew up following me? Anyway, they have since moved closer to my family and thus, we see each other more often, which is fun. He had recently returned from visiting said house (and would you believe that another brother now lives there with his family?) and brought back some treasures from the good 'ole days ie: cabbage patch dolls and pony plates. Now don't think the Thomas fellas couldn't appreciate a good cabbage patch doll when they saw one...especially "maked" ones. They have been given the names"Jo Jo and Roosie-not to be confused with Rosie" and dressed appropriately. Jack wins good sport award for indulging Brody for a good 30 minutes. His reward...watching the original "Karate Kid" -one of my favorite movies of all time. And would it shock you to know that....he loved it?!

Cole is reading like a maniac lately which is fantastic. He's the type of kid that sits quietly and giggles to himself, completely enthralled in the detailed plot lines of mischievous felines such as Garfield. I used to love that cat myself...who knew?

Cole is a man of few words.....he's cool.
He even sleeps cool!

Brody is into kissing everything, all the time. Yesterday I had to stop the love fest in the produce section at the grocery store. When you touch the broccoli (especially with 3 year old lips) you buy the broccoli. Now I'm a big proponent of affection yet prefer kissing my husband and children and I leave it at that.

In the meantime, he'll just continue to drive remote control cars over Kate and I'll continue to take pictures because I find it just as humorous as he does.