Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quick quote

Cole- "Mom, on this day, you get to button AND zip my pants!"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cause it's Spring!

I know it's March 27th and all but I've been just itchin' for yet another good snow blast....especially cause it's SPRING. So you could imagine my complete and utter delight to wake up to THIS, this grand SPRING morning. I do enjoy a good 2 hour school delay but that 2 hour window of time does require a lot of inside prep so the fellas can go outside. I for one had proudly packed all snow gear away...good bye till next winter,'s SPRING. Anyhoo, being the fantastic mother that I am I found the rubbermaid bins, dispensed all appropriate snow gear and sent the boys on their merry way.

After Jack went to school, the fun really began!

Cole got marshmallow eyes!

I used to love the indoor smores as a kid. I think the fact that I ate the amount of mallows called for IN the recipe BEFORE they made it INTO the bowl....kind of changed my thoughts on the whole matter.
Is that not the biggest bag of chocolate chips you have ever seen? It's bigger than his cute little head. "Mom it's so heavy foe me!!"

Monday, March 24, 2008

For the Goffs :)

Just some sneek peeks from the Pixar parade! Can't wait to watch it together!

Cucumber Brody

I'm laughing because somehow this picture of Brody from dinner a few nights ago is on the bottom of my last post. Nothing to do with our trip but cute none the less.

Where to begin?!

We did it! We (along with our great friends the Jensens) went on our TRIP we've been dreaming up/planning for years now. We flew down to LA and went on a 3 day trip to Ensenada Mexico, then came back to LA and hit Disneyland for 2 days. We had a blast and even got over our parent guilt about day 4.
I know that someone else's pictures aren't as thrilling to look at but I've been dying to share some of my favorite photographic "goodies" from the cruise. Now some of you may be cruising pros. Kyle and I were not, we just wanted to see how it would be and that's why we chose a little 3 dayer. Apparently, we did not get the memo on fashion, drinking, and wearing sunglasses inside at all hours.
At dinner on our last night, the 4 of us came up with a little game to kill some time until the live fabulous and fantastic finale show at 9:00 . We decided to have a little photo scavenger hunt. After witnessing some doozie outfits all weekend , (yet another reason why our particular cruise was not what one would refer to as "child friendly" ) we came up with a list of about 15 subjects ie: shortest dress, biggest back tattoo, worst male attire, indoor sunglass wearer,overall worst dress. We had one hour to use our cameras to create photo magic! Kyle and I had a great time being sly and sneaky all over the boat looking for people who fit the list. Here are just a few of my favorites. For the record, the Thomas team got 9 out
of 15...Jensen Team, 11 ...grrrr!
Tightest/Shortest dress:

My FAVORITE dress of the cruise..tilt your head and enjoy. Cassie was thrilled to oblige me for this prime shot.- Love it!

Yet another classy entry

Worst male attire:

Yes, his shirt does read: " I can be your private dancer!" Pretty impressive camera skills from to flights away.

Worst hair:
I searched this guy out forever. Corn rows just aren't that great on anyone. Would you be shocked to know we found him in the casino?? -Kyle was giggling with excitement when I spotted him and got this sneaky shot!
Tightest/shortest dress favorite #2
No comment needed!

Indoor sunglasses wearer:

If you look close this guy was wearing sunglasses on the back of his head. He had them on earlier but when I caught this shot, the neck was where they lay. He had quite a female following and this "on the go" shot was such a lucky break for team Thomas. I love that Kyle is smiling and he knows full well...he ain't in the picture!


o.k. so I apologize if anyone fell ill during the viewing of this photo. My sweet Kyle was so flustered with the fact that we FOUND lady in yellow...(she was worth an extra 25 points!!!) he couldn't keep his eyes open. I actually think he chose to keep them closed! We had seen ENOUGH of this lovely lady all day. It was like the sharpie pen episode of Seinfeld, "I can't stop smelling the pen," I couldn't stop looking at that body suit, and wondering...WHY..WHY would you wear that????? I couldn't quite make out what her undies said but they were sayin somethin!! You just be thankful it was a back shot!
Our fun formal night dinner!

Looking and releasing the $16.95 cheesy dinner shot from the night before.

Upon our arrival back to our spacious stateroom I found this slightly creepy thing haning from the ceiling. I think it's a monkey...chicken....I don't know, talented towel holders they have there on Royal Carribbean.
Proof we were in Mexico!

Then off to the happiest place on Earth.

I love taking my kids but it was so nice just to have some time quality time with Kyle and Helen and Bob Parr.

So now the laundry is caught up, food is back in the fridge and life is back to normal. Thanks for sharing in my vacation joy! Anyone got a flaming yellow bodysuit in their closet?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kylie K

Happy Birthday to YOU!-cha cha cha

Happy Birthday to YOU! -cha cha cha

Happy Birthday dear KYLIE! -cha cha cha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! -cha cha cha and ooh la la :)

We sure love you and are so glad you are 7 ! Enjoy your day and know that we are thinking of YOU! xoxoxo- Thomas crew

Monday, March 10, 2008

Week/end review

I know you're thinking, lovely am I. I get the biggest thrill out of stacking my dishwasher completely and efficiently. Not jammed so tight that bowls are clanking and plates get missed, but tight enough that every inch is used to its fullest potential and I get my moneys worth. AHHH, another job well done tonight.

O.k. so the Thomas' are on the mend. All is well and each member under 6 is tucked away for the evening :)

Cole is officially over the flu..hallelujah! He was quite the trooper. We actually left the house and drove in the car today and even went inside a public building....dreaded Walmart, it had to be done. Nice to have him on the up and up!

Brody and the garbage can are having some issues. One is cute and chatty and curious, the other is shiny, and smelly and inviting...I guess. I should have probably sprung into action and released his hand, but it's happening so frequently these days, I just stopped to document instead.

We're a family that enjoys costumes....year round. Capt. Jack was thrilled all weekend in this get-up.
"No you don't look like a girl." "No, you can't wear it to school tomorrow." "No I promise, it's not real woman hair." "Yes, you do look like Johnny Depp, no DePP!" "Jack, go brush your teeth," -"But mom, pirates have rotten teeth," Tis true!

Oh and I made these little yummy things for a friend's b-day. The picture doesn't do the "drizzling" justice. In a nut shell ( pun intended)
Chocolate cupcakes with a choco/peanut butter frosting and Reeses crumbles on top. If your allergic to peanuts, I'd stay away from these.
What did you do this weekend?

Friday, March 7, 2008


I just wanted to share reason # 2,657, 312 why I LOVE MY MOM!

We are experiencing day 3 1/2 of sick bay at our house. I'm the type of person who likes to get things...breathe fresh air...not sicky pukey a car, you know, little things. Since Cole has been down for the count the only places I've gone are (except for my b-day evening spectacular)-run a gift to a friend's house -total-4 minutes..left Cole home and picked up Jack from school each afternoon total -6 minutes-left Cole home. I NEED TO GET OUT!!!!

My mom and I had planned to get together today for my b-day just to go to the grocery store or something exciting like that, but once go! The doorbell rings and there standing at my doorstep is my darling mother with treats in hand .

Have you ever had a egg/spinach and artichoke souffle from Panera bread? Too die for delicious and loaded with cheesy nutrition. And, to top it all off.... girl scout cookies. Now I won't feel any guilt passing the girl scout table next trip to the store...."thanks but I already got my boxes!" I'm not sure exactly when that trip will be- but until then, I have an egg souffle and 2 boxes of cookies to tide me over. Thank you mom, you are so cute and thoughtful.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The good and the bad of 3-5

So yesterday was my birthday and I loved it. I'm one who thoroughly enjoys, phone calls, well wishes, surprise treats, and all around love displayed to me on my special day. Not that I need it or anything but it's just fun to be reminded of how many darling friends and family members I have who care about me! Thanks to all you sweet people who made my big 32..just plain nice!

One poor guy who didn't have the "umph" to do anything-literally- let alone wish his beautiful mother a happy birthday was my Mr. Cole. It all started like this:

and quickly led to this: and then this:

I'll spare you the photographic proof of what went down pre- Cole and post/current Cole. However, the story is riveting . Jack and Cole are taking Tae Kwon Do, which I love. Jack loves it as well, Cole could take it or leave it....he will take it. Tuesday afternoon rolls around and we are getting dressed, getting excited, and having one last sip of Cole's Gatorade (which I believe sealed the deal on Cole's current condition). Boys are in the car, all is well. We get to the building and Jack opens the door, I'm holding Brody and Cole is behind me. I turn around and there is Cole throwing up right at the doorstep to his class. Brody is screaming terrified, Jack is still holding the door like a deer in the headlights, and I'm thinking...eeewwwww, gatorade.....! So long story short, I look for someone to hold my screaming toddler,a place for Cole to continue puking in semi-privacy (stairs), and anything to clean the mess up. One lone water bottle later the mess was mostly cleaned up and Brody was still screaming with his stranger. Needless to say, there was no Tae Kwon Do for us that day....I didn't even mean for that to rhyme, it was just that poetic.

Fast forward to my day of birth (yesterday). Cole is still out of commission and sicker than sick. Plans got changed a bit, however, the sun was shining and I had friends a plenty, call and stop by so life was good. I even got my hair colored, ordered dinner to go from my favorite place and had a date with myself in the Target parking lot..Happy Birthday to me!!

Cole at happier times!

Even sideways he's cute. Still can't figure out how to rotate pictures...still need some help with this!

Not neccessarily a happy time, I just have always found this picture funny. He tried and tried but those undies were so tight on his head!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

random wrap-up

So Jack's egg crate /rocket ship picture should be at the bottom of this post. Frustration continues to rise, please see below and know that I am all about trying!

Oh this is so frustrating!! This photo illustrates Brody's empathetic frustration.....grrrrr - So the pictures look sweet huh..?! all over this post in random order. HELP! I can't figure out how to download a picture-comment about it, download-comment etc. It's all over the place and I can't get how to layout my post just "so".... and Kyle is wheeze laughing in the other room and I want to know what's so funny but I can't get this blog thing, and I'm sleeeeeepy!!! AHHH! Anyway, read on, no making fun.

Cole may have fallen asleep while waiting for dinner but don't you go nodding off, this is some good stuff.

We like to use popcorn buckets as helmets, I especially enjoy letting my toddler wear one and then just let him go......

Some folks may actually bath in their bathtub. Mine is strictly used as a playground and all 3 boys participate in the fun. Cole built this "amazing factowy with cool woofs" They drive cars and trains all around and inside out and now and again get wet (darn giant faucet gets in the way).
Side note-anyone who can tell me how to flip my pictures so they aren't sideways...I'd be so grateful!!

I'm trying to blog and watch/listen Amy Poehler do a hilarious spot on Dakota Fanning impression on SNL at the same time....funny and hard to do.

The Thomas crew had a fun week/end packed with playdates (that unfortunately had to be cut short with a pant wetting episode due to sheer excitement of backyard playtime mixed with a little 6 year old forgetfulness, and thus ran out of "hold time" - I double toweled the seat for the card ride home-eewww)- trips to g-parents, lunch with gramma Jan at Panera bread, and finding dual usage for many common household items: bathtubs, popcorn buckets, egg crates: see above , and to the side, and maybe down below, who knows where the pictoral proof will end up.