Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're back...and you can print that!

The sun is shining...I thoroughly enjoyed my muscle flex classes this week (thanks to my wonderful Deb), I went to bed at 9:30ish last night...I am feeling soooooo much better. Besides Monday when Kyle actually CAME HOME from work cause he wasn't feeling too hot, the Thomas crew is on the mend. It's not a shocker what sunshine and working out will do for this lady. I haven't yet bounced back to making home cooked goodness everynight but that will come in time. Until then, soup or cereal??

So the big news of the day....Jack made the local paper. His 1/2 grade class was subjected to watching the inauguration of the Messiah for an enormous amount of time and then write about times! My clever, hilarious, and opinionated 1st grader stated this for print:

"I didn't vote for Barack Obama and I'm wondering how long we have to watch this thing?"

I am beaming with pride today and I do believe those same exact words were uttered from my mouth.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well Done

So much can happen in a day. This was Mr. Cole and I yesterday morning. We bundled up and fought the frigid temps just to ride the ferry boat and feed some gross seagulls crusty old bread. It was all in the name of a preschool field trip and it was nice to get out, alone with my buddy Cole....the cutest and sweetest 4 year old I know.
Fast forward to about..oh say, 4 :11 a.m. this morning. Only a mom is awoken instantly when she hears her child coughing/puking/crying/screaming in his bed. OH BOY......more VOMIT!!!!! I won't go into details, it wasn't as messy as his bro on the top bunk but painful none the less. Kyle finally stumbled out of bed when I've already turbo carried Cole to the bathroom. Could we at LEAST make it to the bathroom?? Must we continue to soil EVERY piece of bedding? I get that mess cleaned up, talk Jack back asleep, wash out the sheets so they'll at least be ready to be laundered at a reasonable hour, make a make shift pukey bed on my floor for Cole and climb into bed around 4:45 a.m. I'm beat and wide awake.......WHY?????
7:20 a.m., Kyle is leaving for work. "Brody's light is on." "FANTASTIC!!!"
And then I hear it...........the coughing, the moaning, the "mooooooommy." Yes, I enter his room to find poor little "so very 2" sitting amongst his own little stinky sicky mess. We head straight for the tub and so begins my day-My already filled with many OTHER things to do besides clean up vomit day. I'm so not looking forward to the next 15 hours or so. I can only watch playhouse Disney for so long. As he soaked his troubles away in the tub I started stripping down MORE sheets and headed to the washer. I suddenly am aware of something sticking to my foot:

No joke, a little greeting from "James" and all the Thomas the train guys has been stuck to my foot for who knows how long. "WELL DONE!" I seriously had to laugh at the timing of this discovery. I think it's times like these when little reassurances from above come in real handy and are much appreciated. Especially since 3 out of 3 kids have been puking this week and we're only 1 for 2 on the actual (dealing with it) crew!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another week down

Let's start with Brody, shall we:

Should have known the silence down stairs wasn't producing anything positive.

Lately, he's been loving stripping down to his onesie that is way to small.-note to self.

Except when he wakes up from a much needed but taken WAAAY too late in the day nap. Not thrilled with the one shoulder deal.

Cole can't think rationally lately..."can I play the Wii? When can I? Now can I? Did you say I could play the Wii?" Do you think it would be o.k. if I played now for 4 minutes?"
Case in point, this is Cole and co. on Sunday morning, I know pathetic. This is my life post Wii. And our lame-o old t.v in my room is the only one with easy cord access. Now nightly I fall asleep to the sweet sweet sounds of a young Indie Jones running and chasing something, or Brody issuing his "My tun" plea that turns violent when ignored. It's a vicious cycle that I created....grrr. !

He's an amazing sock wearer. Case in point! We're still working on the "throw them away when you see a hole STARTING to form" idea.

Poor kid had the vomit session of his 6 1/2 year old life yesterday. Somehow he did manage to lean over the side of his top bunk and hit every piece of wood, sheeting, blanket, comforter, pillow, on both his bed and poor little Cole below. Oh and the rug, can't forget the rug. Needless to say, I earned major mom points in cleaning the entire treat all by myself as Kyle was literally on his way out the door and sadly suffers from a debilitating case of, "oh that stinks so bad I can't be in the same room or even think of cleaning it up" itus. It's very sad and very severe!

Had a fun birthday weekend with great friends-

Lots of cake and sweaty running with buddies for Jack.....the vomit session the next morning is becoming more clear now!!

The house: Our front/back/mud room porches were poured! Roof still getting finished, windows still going in sometime and roof porch will be built for the posts that will line my porch. Can I say porch a few more times?!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review of a Saturday

This is the state of my future abode as of Saturday. Minus the snow inside and death drop from the upstairs due to zero hand's really a fun place to visit and walk around. I found out on Saturday that I'm not the only one who likes to hang around....aimlessly. I'm figuring out my game plan in dealing with neighbor dogs....NOT a fan. As we (the Thomas clan including super helper uncle Mark) sat and enjoyed our Safeway deli sandwiches and chips- this cross eyed, dirty and wet, mess of a mut dog sat at my feet....begging for food. Now I'm not a total cold heart but come on.... I had Doritos to eat... and oh yea, I don't touch dogs....especially mangy, stinky, wet, cross eyed ones...that aren't mine.It's just not my thing. I'm not mean to dogs, in fact, Brody got busted for his attempt at throwing a rock at this poor fella. We're just not pet people. In mangy dog's defense, he took our constant-yet polite forceful foot nudges like a champ. I'm telling ya though, come August, that thing will be in my yard daily doing his business and THAT is so not cool with me. How in the world do non pet people co-exist with mangy, stinky, cross eyed, mut dogs who won't go away and want to poo in MY yard? This is a real dilemma for me. FYI-he got bread crust when all was said and done. Can dogs even eat bread crust?

There you are my beautiful Christmas windows! I even love 'em just sittin there in the wet den.

On to other things I loved about Saturday:

Buying these stupid cookies. My sneaky #3 likes to be so helpful at the store and instead of just say...sitting in the cart, he likes to push, or walk/run or pick up random boxes of lame0 ORGANIC OREOS for heavens sake and open them. Yea, not cool spending $4.00 on any box of cookies, let alone ORGANIC OREOS.....bleeeck! He was pretty pleased with himself.

The wearing of fleece
I love winter hats and insist that they are worn by my children as much as possible. I don't have little girls to do their hair all fancy shmance so this is my accessory of choice for the fellas-something to keep their heads warm. I turned around (on our way to a delicious and oh so enjoyable dinner with the Jensen crew) and saw cute smiley Cole and my little nose picking son Boris...straight from Moscow. At least the very top of his head was warm!

Quick Christmas recap

For posterity sake:

Loved the note thoughtfully left by Jack!

Favorite gift by far -the infamous Wii. I bought it last spring and busted it out for Christmas. Kyle + Lego Indiana Jones = TRUE LOVE. And I thought they adored their dad before Wii life.

Brody and Thomas the Tank engine go hand in hand. He assumed this position for most of the morning. It was glorious.

Kyle bought me a beautiful new roof for our new house, and he received lovely new windows from yours truly! Talk about tricky wrapping!

We headed to the grandparents for food, presents, food, napping, rock concerts with plungers,and some tasty food.
Christmas was low key this year and I loved it. Actual snow fell on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the way it should be.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Almost there

My table has looked like this since Christmas day- I haven't done a thing about it. My kids are upstairs...."playing??" I haven't done a thing about that either. It's now has resumed, this has made me happy. Why can't 2 year olds go to school, even for a little while? I will resume legitimate blogging activities in the near future.
For now, just a little nibble into what thrills me the most about "new" board games and 2 year olds--torn box lids within 2 minutes of opening! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!