Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 tidbits...Ricks College

I really did enjoy my Rexburg experience. I'm glad it's in the past but fun none the less.

1.Freshman year I was totally homesick (shocker). I remember sitting in our blue suburban with my mom and checking into my apt. building, not yet feeling the college vibe. An older and quite "awkward" looking gal walked past our car and I said, "I'm really hoping she's not a student." Found my way up to my apt. and there she was sitting on the couch cracking walnuts with a literal nut cracker. "Hey roomie!"

2. So thankful I paid for my own room that year. 5 ladies in that humble little apt. Had 2 quiet, shy, timid, and totally sweet roommates from Idaho in one room, and a loud wacky roommate from Montana rooming with the "nut cracker"-she shall remain nameless.

3. "Nut Cracker" was 24 at that time and had already graduated once from Ricks but decided to get another degree. I didn't know that was possible but whatever. She was an artist who LOVED trolls, wizards, vampires (in drawings , books and especially figurine form) shawls, Madonna boots, t.v., cartoons, not washing her sheets, McGyver, sleeping through class, and boiled liver.

4. 1 of only 2 roommate squabbles I ever had in all my college years was over her spilling and leaving liver juice/blood on the kitchen floor. -"No nut cracker that's not koolaid, we all saw the dripping. Please stop watching Pokemon and come clean it up."

5. My 2nd year was sooo much better. I didn't enjoy racing a certain roommate home during our lunch hour to see who would claim victory over the t.v. for that tiny window of time. My show of choice...classic "Name That Tune" she would purposely watch "Murphy Brown" -now I ask you...who ever watched that show? Especially after she famously had a baby out of wedlock?

6. Roommate mentioned in tidbit 5 was also the only other roommate I ever had a minor squabble with. Issue-please clean out your jet black curly hair from the shower drain, I don't enjoy bathing with it.

7. Favorite classes: Public speaking, Sign Language, and Film Art.
I'm a weirdie that actually enjoys speaking, giving lessons, and teaching. Awesome teacher+fun people=fun class. I gave a "how to" speech on "how to make a batch of Jiffy muffins." I scored big with that one. I was honored with the "Best lip reader" award in Sign language. And film art was just cool. We watched a total variety of movies and had to research all sorts of cool facts and aspects of each. Just an interesting class that taught me sweet nuggets of info like what a "montage" was and that in the classic "Singing in the Rain" ...the rain is milk....because it showed up better on screen.

8.Fell asleep regularly in the library.

9. Went horseback riding in the sand dunes with my biology class. Such sore buns....awe man.

10. Received my very first ticket about 1 mile from the Rexburg exit. I was driving my dear friend Emily's car that was packed to the max back from a crazy weekend at home in Washington. It's a looong drive and we were both so tired. Emily managed to make it to Burley but was literally dozing off at the wheel. I was exhausted as well but would rather not crash so it was my turn once again. We saw the lights of Rexburg.......the sweet sounds of Sade's "smooth operator" were serenading our arrival home, we've made it. Mr. Police man came out of no where, was so not necessary and so not very nice. I pleaded my case and said we were literally driving straight home... it had been a very long day blah blah blah. He lectured me on the dangers of driving while tired and proceeded to hand me a hefty ticket. Not cool.

Next up:Utah State

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pity party has ended..wahoo!

I have so appreciated the loving thoughts, well wishes, prayers and concern all on my behalf, thankyou. It really does help to know I have such wonderful friends. I'm feeling good for the most part. I have so much to be thankful for that it seems really lame to think, 'wo is me. I'm still very concerned but feel upliftded and optimistic. Tums are still my best friend however stairs are not.. but that's o.k. I've decided to think positive cause frankly that's all I can do. Who knows the path this little dollhead will take to get here and when exactly that will be? In the meantime, I'll be ready with stripey tights, mary janes, and big giant flower headbands.

So on to other things. I have a concern about my mental state as of late. When I enter the grocery store I usually have a plan and a list. I don't know what it is but the past 2 visits (in the span of about 6 days-ouch) have produced this:

-gigantor chocolate milk replacement +gigantor HEAVY whip cream. And the sad thing is- I can find uses for both on a daily basis.
-2 jumbo Ketchups?
-3 bags of Fritos? I know they were on sale but...Fritos....3?
-4 bags of Parmesan cheese. I love cheese but 4?
Now what's boggling my mind is that I had a list both times and I know none of these items made that cut. That's me, a loony lady with plenty 'o ketchup, fritos, heavy cream and cheese...mmm!
Very exciting recent events:
-had his first official day of 1/2 grade swimming for school. Came home wearing another boy's jeans and missing his socks. I can't wait for tomorrow.
Cole-Informed me after prayers tonight that "scuva divos are people who bweath undowato with tanks to get fish to put in dentist offices so they can give them as gifts fo otho people."
Brody- He's just cute, and naughty, and a handful, and darling. He's singing songs from nursery and stealing Popsicles from the freezer.
Kyle-works on house
Kari-made my grumpy mia-maids toss a hot potato bean bag for a good 2 minutes coming up with everything they could think of that made them happy....I enjoyed it.
So there you go, I wish I was more exciting than that but that's whatta got. I do happen to have 10 more tidbits just dying to make their appearance so stay on the edge of your seats for those!

-Oh and by the way, are you loving Jack's original and oh so clever costume for Mr. Incredible's "old" blue suit and his turned out feet? He made me proud.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A lot on my mind

I've debated whether or not to even blog today. It has been a rather emotionally draining week. As I type I can feel HER move and I love it, it's very comforting and reassuring.
On Monday morning I got a call from my Dr. that one of my bazillion blood tests came back abnormally high for certain things, ie: Down Syndrome. It wasn't the funnest call to receive and my dr. wonderfully reassured me that this totally wasn't a 100% indication of things to come. I needed to come in for another full anatomy ultrasound and make sure that all was well. So yesterday Kyle and I had a long day of ultrasounds and tests, a delicious lunch in the cafeteria, and a consultation with the genetics dr. It's all very fascinating stuff, just not when it's your child.

So here is the short version of what we know:

*I'm FINALLY having a GIRL. I'm crying as I type this, I can't believe it. I adore my boys and am so thankful for 3 but I never actually thought that I would be blessed with a girl, I'm still in shock! I kinda thought deep down this could be the one because I have felt "different" this whole pregnancy. I don't know how to describe it- tired, zitty, and different. The whole surprise of this pregnancy as well...something was...different.
*Her ultrasound looked great. Everything was there and functioning normally and she's the right size for her due date.
*She showed both of her darling little hands spread out in a high five and that as well was a positive sign according to the lab tech.
* She didn't show any apparent signs of Down Syndrome...missing the nasal cavity bone...heart problems. So we were definitely relieved there.

Here's the not so great:
*30 % of DS babies show a perfectly normal ultrasound the entire's a wait and see sorta deal.
*If it's not a problem with her -than it is a problem with my placenta. You know ....that minor little life line to the baby. So my blood work wasn't showing good numbers for one or the other of those things. Both my dr. and the genetics dr. think it's placenta related which makes me feel a little better however I'm now dealing with a whole new issue-premature delivery. I talked with my dr. yesterday and she said, and I quote, "I'll be ecstatic if you make it to 32 weeks, no ecstatic if you make it to 28 weeks." O.k. that threw me for a whole new loop. That's a minimum of 10 weeks from now. So I'll be praying that this little gal is not only normal but thriving. I'm just hoping my blood pressure remains normal and I'm not put on bed rest at home or the hospital...both have been mentioned. No time or desire for that.

I'm probably not making any sense here but the house is quiet and I wanted to share. It's all so scary and surreal. I've had 3 perfectly and totally normal pregnancies. I love being pregnant, love it. I always felt bad for ladies who had health issues or who struggled to maintain the pregnancy. I don't know exactly what I am up against and the unknown is awful. So right now I am in need of happy thoughts and constant prayers. Good vibes, funny jokes..anything from anyone... send them my way. And sooner than later, my pity/pitty (how is that spelled?) party will end.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What the????

O.k. so I'm innocently trying to update the blog and all haities breaks loose. I'm a simpleton and don't have the patience to figure this out, "24" will be on in 2 minutes. My newest "10 tidbits" installment made its way down below the valentine post so, enjoy, and comment accordingly.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Red and white and mush

I really do enjoy Valentines Day. Kyle is not a huge participant per say, so when I say I enjoy it, it's because of my cute boys. They were thrilled this morning when they woke up to a table set with their own individual bowl thingy of Lucky Charms, and a big fat heart full of skittles to eat at an unspecified later date. Heart shape toast with raspberry jam and pink did good.

Then it was off to the church for our primary service Valentine party. We decorated cookies and made valentines to take to a local old folks home. All went well till kids started playing tag. My kids aren't aloud to play least in the middle of a primary activity. If we are there to decorate cookies and make valentines, that's what we do. I've never been a big fan of "hey my kids can run wild cause we're in the gym" -pretty much drives this mom bonkers. Anyhoo, Jack was only put out for a little bit and then got over it. Look at him sitting on that stage...just wishing he could join in the mayhem....obedience makes me LOVE him even more.

We then headed to the senior center and passed out cookies and valentines. I led the kids in some lovey songs with lovey motions to go along and it was a big hit. Such a fun activity that hopefully we'll do again soon.

The love continued at the grocery store...I just so happened to still have my camera in my purse for documentation. There wasn't a single escape attempt today, imagine that.

And then off to grandma's for lunch. My sweet mother in law hosts us for lunch every Saturday while Kyle is building the house in this blasted cold weather. Our new house is just down the road so Kyle and his fantastic helping team (uncle Mark and grandpa Larry) come and meet us in the warm house for a delish meal. It's is so thoughtful and helpful and today was especially good.
I love my Kyle
I love my boys
I love my in-laws
I love my brother in law Mark that comes and helps Kyle every Saturday
I love my sister in law Lorri that willingly lets him
I love when children nap or draw quietly so I can blog
I love that dinner is already waiting in the fridge..thankyou Papa Murphys heart shaped pizza, and dessert in the freezer...thankyou gramma Peggy and that amazing looking heart shaped ice cream cake
I love that I bought popsicles because a cold is brewing in my head and a rootbeer popsicle sounds just about right!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 more....+1

I understand if you've all stopped reading but I can't stop. It's all for my personal enjoyment.

10 random tidbits from High School:

1. I attended 2 different high schools. 9th and 12th grade were spent at one school and 10th and 11th in h$ll...I mean another fine public institution.

2. 9th grade was my favorite year in high school. Everything was new and fun and I was into ASB and sports and was just good.

3. Was one of 4 freshman chosen to join the sophomore volleyball team. It was even better when 3 of us freshman were starters!

4. 10th grade was my least favorite. My family moved across the state my sophomore year and transitioning to a new high school was LAME-O. I ate lunch in the library a lot if that tells you anything.

5. Got braces my sophomore year (much needed and forever thankful for)...didn't smile much, more of a forced closed mouth with a smile on the inside job- hence producing THEE worst year book picture of my high school career.

6. Not too many people cared a hill 'o beans about that stupid picture cause they didn't talk to the NEW GIRL...whatever. Oh and they (the too cool ladies of KW) also thought I was way lucky to have such a hot boyfriend, "they're always together".....that would be my brother.

7. Have purposely forgotten most of those 2 years....on the upside, I went to a lot of good concerts with my brother Aaron during that time -U2, George Michael ( I don't care...I love his voice) Sting, the Sundays, Ocean Blue...good times.

8.Moved back to my old stomping grounds to finish my senior year. I lived with my sister and her newlywed husband for that year. It was way fun for me. Looking back I hope the feeling was mutual...they were fantastic sports.

9. Played varsity volleyball that year and loved it, especially after we vetoed the whole "spanks" uniform idea....Na uh.

10. Sang the "Star Spangled Banner" as a duet for a football pep assembly. I don't even know if it sounded o.k..I was just proud of myself for doing it. Anyone even remember that?

11. Had 2 really nice guys in my class named Corey.

Corey Long (who married my uber talented tennis partner) AND

Corey Short. No kidding....I still get a chuckle out of that one.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 more random tidbits

So if you thought learning 10 tidbits from elementary school was totally awesome....well hold on to your wigs and keys.

10 random tidbits from Middle School:
1. Had a science teacher named Mrs. Alzheimer. We all thought that was simply hilarious.
2. Had a math teacher named Mr. joke. Equally hilarious.
3. Health teacher was the spittin image of Huey Lewis and he loved it.
4. In 7th grade was the ASB vice pres.
5. Ran for pres in 8th and lost.....shouldn't have run..knew it was a losing battle. Same opponent each year...grrrrr.
6. Played volleyball and basketball in 7th and 8th grade.
7. Wore completely disgusting uniforms from the 1960s that were a bit on the short side.
8. Had my dad wear my 8th grade basketball uniform for a few hours to stretch it out. That beautiful incident happened at home in case anyone was wondering.
9. Had fabulous bangs..didn't we all?
10. First "will you go out with me" boyfriend in 7th grade was one Mr. Chad Vandine. I've since been found by his wife on Facebook. Well how 'bout that.

Does anyone find these tidbits remotely entertaining besides me? Well I know my sister will cause she's cool like that...but I have 80 more facts to go and by golly.....I'm sharing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

101st post

In honor of my 100th post I decided to follow the crowd. I've seen on different blogs how the blogee shares 100 things about themselves. O.k, 100 things is A lot of information. I tried to spice things up a bit and narrow down my list of 100 into groups of 10. That's right, 10 groups of 10 amazingly insightful things about yours truly. If you want out's your chance.

I sat and thought about you, my loyal friends, and how your level of excitement may not equal mine. However, I got a really good #11 for today! So please take a walk down memory lane with me, starting with:

10 random things from Elementary school:
1. First friend I sat by in 1st grade was named Kari...what are the chances.
2.Voted "best dressed" in 4th grade. Really wanted "Cleanest desk."
3.Loved all my teachers in every grade.
4. 5th grade teacher was my favorite...she used to be a model and had the prettiest painted nails and hands.
5.Was the "Hoop Shoot" (free throw) champ in 3rd and 4th grade.
6. Lost my touch in 5th.
7. Redeemed myself as the "Wall Ball" champ in 5th.
8. Had a principal who reminded me of John Wayne...tall, muscular, tan, and so cool with all his rings and bracelets.
9.Broke my leg in 2nd grade and was mortified to have my desk "lifted" so my giant cast could fit underneath.
10. Read Beverly Cleary books over and over again and still love them to this day.

O.k. so that's my 10 for today. As for #11..........

This is first born. If it's hard to read exactly how he's feeling... I'll help, not too thrilled. You see, his loving father and I had some very exciting (and quite surprising) news to share with the boys. I thought, hey why don't I wrap up a picture of this "present" and let the boys unwrap it. Won't that be so cute. I have now learned that the word "present" means a whole lotta something different ie:video games and wii paraphernalia- to a 4 and 6 year old boy. Needless to say, an ultrasound picture of their future sibling was a big bust. They all have come to their senses and realized there will be no Wii ANYTHING in their future. However, there will be a whole lotta opportunities to Mom with a happy attitude! So there you go....that's my big fat news. July 26 is the estimated arrival time. We'll find out next month if we're going 4 for 4 on the boy front. I honestly don't care....I'm totally cool either way.This little surprise couldn't come at a more convenient and pristine time...sell my house, pack my house, birth child, move into new house, transfer kids to new school.....whew! July will be an insanely busy month. Pretty cool present though!!!!

Next up: 10 random things from middle school. Are you on the edge of your seats?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday rundown...100th post

It's Saturday and the house is quiet. I have Brody down for a nap, the big boys watching "Indiana Jones, and heartburn, can't win 'em all. I am thrilled that February is here and hoping that the puke cloud that has been hovering over our house will GO AWAY. Jack was a helpless victim again on Thursday and Friday and this mom is praying for some healthy children. If I have to wash his blasted comforter ONE MORE TIME...I think I will just puke myself. So what do you do with a sick kid, 2 spazzy brothers and rainy weather? address valentines for hours on end! Friday was a very loooooooooooooong day.

I guess when the thrill is gone from sneaking valentines you opt for the "cheeze it" snack packs. Yea, his obedience is stunning isn't it?!

Onto the house...we now have all windows AND our roof is complete.The plumbers are coming on Wed. to due their thing and each week we get further along. I'm anxious to actually see Kyle tomorrow.....for you see...Sunday is a day of rest.

O.k. so this is actually my 100th post...crazy, I didn't realize I could blah blah blah so much. Maybe I'll come up with a little something more exciting than house updates and puke reports for my 101st post. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Like thoughts" from Cole


"Yea Cole"

"I like you more than dithguthsting stuff that I like."

"Wow Cole, what kinda stuff would that be?"

"You know bloody dithguthsting skeleton toys!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

House update...boring to some...thrilling for me!

So FINALLY, my infamous circle window was installed this weekend. I'm amused by the smallest things...for example.....a circle window in my mud/laundry room. Today and tomorrow, all other windows will be set and the framer said Wed. he will be done! Thursday the roofer starts!!

Just a little shout out to Kyle...the man of thee hour or shall I say H-O-U-R-S. He goes from a 10 hour day at work and then spends 2-4 hours each night on the house. AND when he cuts himself....he doesn't use band aids!! Yea, I know! I'm so thankful that he is so handy and capable and just all around awesome. I see him so infrequently lately...single parenting stinks.

Her backside- -HVAC/air units -fireplace

My tub will sit here, and I will sit in it!


She's coming together quite nicely if I do say so myself.