Monday, May 31, 2010

Some good stuff....

I can't seem to stay on top of the blogging thing. I don't think it's my calling in life. Right now my life is to cook, clean various sizes of undies, change diapers, bring down the volume levels, make sure pull-ups remain dry and vacuum, oh and cook some more. The month however has moved along and some good good stuff has happened......

Handsome cousin Blain returned from his spanglish speaking mission in Tucson Az. My boys think Blain in thee coolest so having him back is a pretty sweet deal! Great missionary and great example! Aunt Lorri hosted a lovely spread of good eats and everyone just sat around and did their thing.
Brody chose to push cousin Megan on the scooter OUTside. Jack chose to perfect his 4 wheelin skills OUTside. Gramma Peggy was back from Hannah Montana (as Brody refers to it) getting some Kate time and where did we find Cole all evening.....?

playing the gigantor wii. Even though it wasn't the
"wii-kend" I let him. It was a Blain party and he was showing his love and support via Super Mario Brothers. Good stuff.

And then we have this morning. After pancaking it up at the church we headed to our beautiful local cemetery for the VFW Memorial Day ceremony. I tell you what, seeing the entire cemetery lined with hundreds of flags brings a lump to my throat every time. After a brief and sweet ceremony complete with the gun salute we walked around reading headstones and talking to the boys about why we were there. Seeing those sweet and handsome veterans in their navy blue best just hit me. My most favorite grandpa Len was a WII veteran. For years and years he was one of those darling vets who attended every meeting, funeral and ceremony of fellow soldiers. He died in 2005 and I miss him dearly. He was simply the best. I named my Jack after him...Jack Lendell......Not since his funeral had I witnessed a military gun salute. So today it really was special to see and hear it again. Definitely a Thomas family tradition has begun. Good stuff!

Friday, May 14, 2010

quote of the day.............

courtesy of Cole.....

"Mom, can you stop writing notes on my napkin in my lunch, you've been doing that since like 2009 and I'm getting kinda bored of it?!"


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the goings on....

These are a few of my favorite things......for the last 2 weeks:

A divine Cinco De Mayo party (complete with Cafe Rio pork salad, a homemade pinata, pina coladas and stuffed jalepeno thingys) with our favorite friends the Roberts.........

my crew's new favorite hang-out...
they all gather around including the little lady who just chills by the printer on the floor playing with cords, wires, and dust....

my 3 year old who is at a prime stage of life right now.....HI-LAR-I-OUS. (pictures taken about 20 minutes apart....what?......)

Fabulous in-laws ......who sent tulips (my favorite) ...a LOT...of tulips for Mother's Day. I so enjoy having fresh flowers in my kitchen which doesn't happen very often.....

Mr. Kindergarten himself....I had the choice opportunity to attend a mini "back to school in the spring" with Cole. It's fun having kind, funny, and smart kids. Plus, he FINALLY pulled his OWN tooth the other day. It's been a pathetic...I mean painful process to watch.

Almost perfect pizza crust even though I don't have a pizza stone..........I used to have one but somewhere in the 4 moves in 9's gone. However, considering this was just a cookie sheet attempt...I'm pretty happy with the results. Finally a good recipe along with the heavenly combination of olive oil, cornmeal, and fresh mozzarella.

Winner winner chicken dinner if I do say so ma-self!

Friday, May 7, 2010

38 pictures...38 hours....

In honor of Mother's Day.....a look back at my glorious weekend with the best gals I know....
A few weeks back Kate and I, along with Gramma Jan, ventured down to SLC via Southwest airlines to visit my very favorite sister. No specific reason just sheer adoration. We would have 41 hours together. Thanks to Southwest and its unexplained 3 hour delay, yes 3......we had to settle for 38 hours. What can ya do? So settle we did.............

Gramma Jan taking the entertainment shift waiting to board. Why must airports continually run's so painful to watch, especially for 3 straight hours.
AH, finally we land!

Saturday we literally were "about town" for a solid 9 hours. See that cupcake below....divine. See that FABULOUS red purse....even more divine. It was almost mine....but I stayed strong and my wallet thanked me.

Kate looked like this 92.6 % of the trip, she's awesome.

The other times she looked like this.

My favorite sister has 5 kidlets. The little guy (who just turned 5) was quite nervous to have his mystery aunt and crazy baby swoop in and take over his room for the weekend. He kept his distance from yours truly the entire time. By Sunday afternoon he reluctantly let me near him AND was even willing to stand in my picture. Thanks super Cael.

I even got another fabulous apron out of the deal.

Good times ladies........good times!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yet another reason to put down the cell phone...

Today is National Teacher Day. I love teachers..... for the most part. I was a teacher many moons ago and I miss those days. One day when the kids are all in school I'll be back at it in some capacity. Until then it's my duty to make the fellas' teachers feel appreciated! I had THEE best teachers growing up and hope that my kids will also be so fortunate. We've been lucky so far.

I found an idea online: Buy some A&W root beer and attach a note reading: "Thanks for being an AW-esome teacher!"


I set out to the store and en route got to talking to my darling pal Emily. I must admit that I'm not a fan of talking on a cell phone in a store. I understand that at certain times in must be done but normally, I don't do it. Keeping children happy, occupied, and in my field of vision out way the need for conversation.

Fast forward to my conversation with Emily. Against my better judgement I headed straight to the "pop/soda" aisle while talking on my phone.... to find the A&W root beer. I even discussed the idea with Emily who in turn was headed herself to the store to find her own A&W root beer. We ended our conversation so I could concentrate on my most important grocery list.

Please take another looksey at the pop/soda I purchased.

That big giant bulldog didn't even phase me. You see, I was talking on my cell phone at the store... and I usually don't do that..... because things like this happen.

I made it work. The new phrase for my "MUG" root beer:

" I'm feeling pretty sMUG having a great teacher like you! Thanks for all you do.

And that's how I roll around here.