Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the champ....

When you're an almost 9 year old kid who loves with every fiber of your adolescent being growing out your ultra thick, sweaty, shaggadelic hair,  the reality of the haircut that IS about to take place can be quite painful.
It's a good thing his totally awesome and short hair loving parents had already picked up his brand spankin' new football uniform earlier in the evening. Ultra thick, sweaty, and shaggadelic heads were not allowed in brand new beautiful bright goldy yellow helmets. That was the deal. Hands were shaken.

"I don't have shaggy hair...can I try it on?"

He oozes tough.

Pre cut....still smiling.

There's that forehead...I knew he had one!

A beautiful site indeed!
I'm proud to say that Jack handled the haircut like a champ. Kyle is kind of a haircut nazi around these parts. Our gene pool produces some crazy thick hair and thick hair produces a very sweaty big boy. He's been dying to bust out the clippers and give the kid a trim for months.  Jack was an obedient little soul whose clean, dry, fuzzy head fit like a glove into his shiny new helmet! It's all good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What I've got...

I've got a mole causing all sorts of havoc and mayhem in my front yard. A bunny up to no good circling my beautifully growing garden in my back yard. And an almost 9 year old who #1- desperately needs a haircut and #2- thinks he is absolutely THEE most hysterical thing on planet Earth when he swipes my camera for a private photo session. Dork.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I love that my kids have cousins that live close by. I love that my kids think it's parTAY time whenever our families get together.  I love that my kids have a certain cousin that shoots a pink BB gun while wearing a pink cowboy hat. I love that my kids and their gun 'totin cousin take pictures like this when not a single adult is around. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The trip that turned out Mahvelous

Months ago I decided that our family needed to spend some quality time together.....just us. We WOULD go some where different/interesting/out of the ordinary and WOULD enjoy each other's company. I found suitable accommodations and by golly I booked them, right there on the spot. I talked up the trip months in advance..constantly reminding the crew that a bunch of fun was about to be had.
We packed the car with rubber boots, buckets, and a whole lotta skittles and headed down to Seaside!

Our house was a perfect block away from the beach. We enjoyed a hefty 6 minutes or so of beach fun before the rain began to mist.

Right after the mist turned into a downpour.....

We splurged on doughnuts for the walk home one night after dinner. The boys were absolutely thrilled... no forced sharing was involved.

I had seriously prayed for at least ONE day of sunshine so we could enjoy the beach. Thankfully Saturday of all days was gloriously perfect!

Perfect until Kate and ocean collided.

If you ever get the chance, be a complete tourist and rent one of these silly bike thingys. The kids will love you for it. However- don't wear a tank top under your long sleeved shirt with a fleece on top and wrap your chilly self in a scarf...you'll get real hot and sweaty as you pedal your ramshackle mobile with all your might, and your husband will make fun of you.

"My mom is #1 for making our family go on this awesome weekend trip!"

We explored the fabulous beach and collected pockets full of seashells....not to be confused with sunshine.
 A trip to the Oregon coast wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Tillamook Creamery where we learned all about the making and "cutting of the cheese!" -Thank you Jack.

And devoured  ice cream cones....

Little Lady was pretty much a travel champ in the car...

Classic..Brody and Kate were hilarious in their front row basket seat. Cole couldn't reach to help peddle at all and Jack kept stopping to "take a quick break." Hence sweaty mom.

2 thumbs up for Po!

And two thumbs WAY up for the fact that I caught all persons OVER  the age of 4 sitting and watching Thomas the Train as I came downstairs one morning.  I find moments like this very enjoyable. They on the other hand....not so much!

I'm proud of myself for planning this little adventure.  Much to the  Mr.'s slight dismay, I made the decision to make the effort to spend quality time together.  I had big plans that we would have big fun and that is exactly what we did.