Thursday, July 24, 2008


84 FRESH, cleaned, expensive, and delicious blueberries falling to their untimely demise out of my fridge this morning.Grrrrrr!

SUPER COOL: Cole is sportin a brand spankin new and very Neon fiberglass cast. He was a complete trooper and thinks his cast is..."supew cool!"

NOT COOL: Cole's new sneaks that are TWO sizes too big...dumb move mom.

SUPER COOL:Mom came through and finally found a pair of shoes that FIT! Yea, for not clomping around in your clown shoes!!-Isn't he the cutest?

NOT COOL: Locking myself out of the house this morning after retrieving peanut butter from the garage. I stood there dumbfounded for a moment thinking what the heck am I going to do. Brody was on the other side of the door knocking and asking for more "cackas"-yea, kinda busy right now.

SUPER COOL: Prayers are answered. I shimmied a loose screen off the dining room window and got myself a patio chair and worked some magic....the window was OPEN...hallelujah.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What to do??

I have this toddler, he's a beast. He's into EverYTHING! I love him, I have to remind myself of that fact many times a day.
Yup, that's a juice box he retrieved from the fridge. I put in the straw...everything else..all on his own, even the crossed legs.

At nap times, I USED to leave him books to look at cause I am a very nice mom. With this kid even BOARD books are not safe from his wrath. As demonstrated above, he wasn't too thrilled about nap time the other day and when I came in to check on him, this is what I found.

A perfectly good book ....made from CARDBOARD, torn apart, page by page and then.... shredded. I even found a piece of paper in his mouth when he woke up. What to do with this kid?

Both of the big guys desperately needed new shoes. After searching numerous stores (grrrrr, I'm not into sketchers and they are everywhere) we finally found some suitable sneaks for Jack and even a pair of clearance flip flops-yea!

Poor Cole, not so lucky. I found a great pair of sneaks....fantastic clearance price.....2 sizes too big. What did his retardo mom do but buy him the shoes that are TOOOOOO big just cause the price was so good. DUMB me. Now he walks around like Bozo the clown -trying his darnedest not to fall over and says, "But I like big shoes mom." What to do with these clown shoes?

As stated before, I was not blessed with green thumbs. Last year I planted this beautiful daisy plant of some sort. It was gorgeous and I was excited for it to bloom again this year. I don't know what the heck is going on because this beast won't stop growing and blooming. It is so gigantor and top heavy now that it is completely falling over, smooshing other plants and looking ridiculous. What do I do with this thing?

Parenting, shoe purchasing, and gardening tips welcomed and appreciated!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Um,.... I heard a pop!"

+ =
Yea, so can you guess the fun and excitement that came our way Friday afternoon?
The deets: Cute brother Jens in town for the weekend. He (along with my mom) came to see us Friday afternoon. After about 12 fun filled minutes of trampolining with Jack and Cole, I look over and see Jens holding Cole like a new little baby and that new baby is about to let off one gigantor scream...wait for it.....wait for it......BAM! I rush over and hear the phrase..."Um, I heard a pop, I think his arm is broken." Instant silent prayer that I won't puke if I look, ...look it over and see that it just isn't hanging right, something is amiss here. So glad mom and Jens were there to entertain the other boys as we all made a b-line to the local ER.
After signing mounds of paper work WHILE holding a screaming/sweaty/in shock 4 year, we go back with this male nurse. Now I'm not one who really cares what gender you are just as long as you help me, however, I just had to laugh at the difference in shall I say, bedside manner. Case in point: Cole is screaming and sweaty (did I already mention that?) and this nurse (who by the way wore no undershirt with his scrubs with a deeeep is trying to listen to his heartbeat with the stethoscope (?)
Nurse:"shhhhhhhsh, stop cry-ing I can't hear anything!"-Napolean Dynamite was the nurse.
I was amazed into silence.
Fast forward 2 loooong hours and no pain relief yet mind you. He had xrays and I am informed that it is indeed his elbow and it is broken. It will need surgery (pins) and that has to be done at the pediatric hospital about 40 minutes away. The orthopedic surgeon was being notified of our transfer and we will be taking him in for surgery that night.....WHAAAAA? Kyle finally comes :)....grandpa Larry comes and they give him a blessing. I am pooped but feeling a big relief that I know what is going on now and have some support. Other boys go to grandmas, we head to the big city hospital for surgery.
Cole had to have 2 pins inserted into the elbow magically through his skin somehow. The Dr. was great, I was not much as I thought I would be.
He went in for surgery a little before midnight. The waiting room in a pediatric hospital is full of toys, not magazines I guess. We fought over this ONE. Kyle got first dibs..he does love Paula Deen, and he read to me a very interesting article on eggs! Fun times at midnight.

Realizing this whole elbow saga started at about 4:30 p.m., at 12:30 a.m., we were starving and this was ALL my purse had to offer. I usually had pretzel sticks or fishy crackers or something. I really wanted the burrito on my stupid coupon....but all I could do was dream. I got the fruit leather, while Paula Deen's biggest fan got the dots and transformer fruit snacks. No takers on the cough drop.

He got out of surgery after 1:00 a.m. and they admitted him for the night so he could be monitored. While he was still groggy, Kyle and I finally feasted on a mean panini sandwich and some tasty split pea soup in the deli downstairs. Kyle went home and I stayed with gimpy for the night. He woke up wide eyed and ready to go at 3:00. He was thrilled to have a Popsicle ("in the middle of the night, that's cwazy") and juice , crackers, etc. We talked and had the nurse visit and finally at 4:00, I turned off all lights and called it a night.
7:30, he was ready for breakfast.

The view from my sweet seat/bed.

Such a trooper and ready for check-out.
He's of course home now and doing great considering. Here's my list of thankfuls:
-it was his left arm -he's right handed...that would be bad
-it was Cole my sweet tempered /mild mannered child-Not Jack , he is a boy full of drama, that wouldn't be fun
-my mom and Jens were there to assist me from the get go...or shall I say, pop!
-it was on a Friday afternoon and my workaholic husband didn't have to leave a million things undone to come over
-my fantastic in-laws had overnight visitors sprung on them and it was as always, all good. They are the best.
-The dr.s and nurses (besides nurse "shhhhhsh") were great. I'm so grateful for modern medicine.
-To hear how obedient and sweet and helpful Jack and Brody were during the crazy, scary, where is everybody time?!
So Monday we go back for his followup-second casting. Just in time to leave on his annual father-son-uncle-grandpa-cousin fishing trip.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Conversation in Costco

The following event included these 3 boys minus their father. This picture has nothing to do with it but I like it, so it will be used as an attention grabber and for child reference purposes if needed.

So we had our bi-monthly trip to Costco the other day. Nothing especially new or exciting. I used complete self control and did not purchase any : kitchen/bath magazines (30 % off...come on ), giant sticker books, enormous blocks of gouda cheese (realized I had purchased one last time), chocolate milk...we'll never finish it before it goes bad....I got what was on the list.

As I'm paying, I'm also checking out the line at the scrumptious Costco bistro, and grrrrrring to myself. I'm deciding which line was the quickest, making my game plan. I've held off the hungry fellas till AFTER we're done shopping cause the line was so long, but now.... I can hold them off no longer, it's go time.

We make our way to the bistro and I have Jack stand in line while I waited next to him with the cart containing Cole (amongst the toilet paper and green beans) and Brody, sitting up front. All is well until I turn around. The conversation went like this:

I will be K for Kari, crazy lady will be C for crazy lady.

I make eye contact and smile cause I am polite.

C:-"Wow, 2 boys...that's a lot"

K:-I'm thinking to myself ....2....2...what?.." Actually, there's 3 ." She looks in my cart and finds Cole from behind the tp. -Her eyes get real big

C:-"Oh wow, are those 2 twins?"

K:-"Nope, he's 6 and he's 4" -Jack is now looking at me wondering why I am talking to this crazy lady.

C:- Pointing at Brody-"Is he what...1?"

K:- "He's 19 months."

At this point I am scanning the menu acting like there are Sooooo many options and I just can't decide.

C:- "So is he (literally pointing to Brody) potty training now?"

K:- "Nooooo, he's 1, he's got a few more years." -The ever friendly Brody points back and their pointer fingers touch and she beams with delight.

C:- "Wow, he's a real flirt, he likes women."

K:- "Actually, he's a real finger pointer...he thinks it's a fun little game, even with men."

Uncomfortable silence for me.Praying that the line will go faster.

C:- "So what are you getting to eat, I get the chicken sandwich it is soooo good."

K:-"you know what, I think we're going for the usual cheese pizza and hot dog."

C:-"So your huband is at work while you watch the kids today?"

K:- "Yup, that's what we do everyday."


Almost our turn...we are next to order and she is hot on my heels.

C: "So are you going to have more kids?"

I'm constantly smiling at this point.. smiling and wishing it would all just go away and I could get my dog.

K:-Wondering who her mother is and why she didn't teach her daughter social skills.."Yea, we are, someday."

C:- "When, like soon, will you have another soon?"

K:-"You know, we'll see, I'm just having fun with these guys right now."

MY TURN TO ORDER, I proceed to the cashier.

C:" You gettin the chicken's so good?"

K;" No, stickin with the dogs and pizza!"

I get my order and quickly proceed to get all condiments/drinks/straws/napkins/ crazy pills and head to the exit. Jack is wondering why we aren't eating AT the bistro.I talk up the fantastic idea of a "picnic in the hot car" and that's that.
Question: Why do complete strangers...crazy or not, feel it is their business to ask about my reproductive schedule? I would never....eeeeewwwww, it's just not cool. I left crazy lady standing... chicken sandwich in hand, and never looked back!

Ever happend to you?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Red, white, and!

So this last weekend was blast- yes, I know, quite original. We- along with every other proud patriot celebrated with friends for the 4th. All Thomas' were decked out in holiday appropriate gear. Did their mother take one picture of all 3 TOGETHER...noooo, so here's my version of photo-shop:

Jack- a disappointed consumer of the "flying panda" firework his cheapo mother purchased. Come on, I thought anything that FLEW would be cool...and pandas =waaaay cool. It didn't fly. See that slid up that lame-o stick and stopped. No flying-Don't buy it.
Cole was not pleased that I took his picture. He was our solid red representative.
Brody had the sampler platter of desserts. Notice the 2 tiny blue sprinkles on the verge of being inhaled on his nose. Yes, even the sprinkles were patriotic.
Had fun with this guy.

Enjoyed these from a distance.
Made this gut busting cake full of yumminess.Thank you Barefoot Contessa, and THANK YOU AMERICA!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All around FUN weekend

This past weekend was one of those weekends when we were constantly busy, party hosting, party hopping, social butterflies if you will- my feet hurt from wearing flip flops for 4 days straight, my neck is a sweet shade of pink, I ate waaaaay too much meat (hot dogs and burgers at every sit down) and suddenly my house has been introduced to the world of microscopic Legos (which we are loving and greatly appreciate party guests :)

First off: Friday morning, gorgeous day in Seattle, can't beat it when the sun comes out. Our primary took a special trip to the temple. So fun to be there with my boys, everyone was well behaved and it was just a nice , calm experience walking around the grounds and enjoying the view.

Next it just so happened that Wall E was coming out ON Jack's official date of birth so we had a little movie date with Cole and dad. *Insert movie review- We are HUGE Pixar fans, love, love, love all around. I was a little leary of the whole "robot" plot. Needless to say after a minor cat nap, fiddling with cell phone settings, and one too many jr. mints....I still was leary. I won't spoil it for any other folks who plan on wasting /spending their hard earned cash, but just know.....Buzz Lightyear is NO WHERE TO BE SEEN in this robot flick. Please Pixar, no environmental/political messages inserted into movies...Thomas parents NO LIKEY!!!

We hit Red Robin after the show and Jack finally had the pizza and ice cream sundae combo he'd been dreaming of. A dinner with no vegetables makes me anxious and feel yucky so I had to look away and think happy thoughts. FYI- no tomatoes at Red Robin till after the salmonella scare. You can just imagine my delight when they bring me my side "salad" consisting of shredded lettuce with a few tortilla strips on top - Are you kidding me??!!
Saturday was the big party where long lost friends from school came over. It's been a whole 2 weeks and they were thrilled to see each other. Kyle and I had a game plan: 1 1/2 hour time on, then be done with it. The kids were cute, it was blasted hot, more meat was eaten, pinata was defective (grrrr), all in all.... good times!

Party goer quote: "That was like the shortest party ever!" -mission accomplished!
-pssst Jack, you're only 6!

We had another birthday party that night for family friends which was a fantastic success. They had a water slide and more meat..yummy, yummy, meat. It was a fun get together and all around fun day.
Yea, so now that it's July -our calendar is w-i-d-e open....we're looking for some parties to host/attend, some tomatoes, the direction manual for the lego set, and most importantly... burgers and dogs...