Tuesday, April 28, 2009


How are some bloggers so eloquent and witty in their posts? Some days I feel like I could write for hours and other times (like say the last 2 weeks....I got nothin.) I'm hoping the eloquent writing gene will surface here any minute as to provide not only astonishing amounts of terribly interesting information but also add some clever wit to my sometimes, dullish posts. I'm also hoping for the voice like Julie Andrews singing gene or legs like Jennifer Aniston to kick in here pretty soon too. In the meantime.....
-I'll get the enthusiasm and energy to declutter my house so it will be ready to show/be sold in this lousy market. Not a fun prospect and frankly, it ranks about 37th on my list of 10 things I have NO DESIRE to do. Hey, how about in the next 3 weeks!!
-I'll keep a positive attitude that some fantastic family will walk inside, be completely smitten and want to buy my house PLUS beg to pay top dollar to get it ASAP, or when it works best for our family.
-I'll stop eating bad for me things like, hot dogs and Oreos and liking them. This only happens during pregnancy and so this HAS to stop!
-I'll actually see/be in the same room as Kyle for more than 30 minutes a night. As of today, our mason is "rockin out" our fireplace in the back and when that's done, the front of the house and front porch posts....so exciting. I've done my part and found some fantastic knobs (love that word) and pulls for all cabinets (on line) that will work just fine. We confirm our cabinet order tomorrow (gulp) and our appliances were verified today. There is still so much to be done in such a short amount of time. We're a good team...Mr. Thomas and I. I hold down the fort and he gets to build the house. I choose fort. Kyle continues to amaze me by his tireless work ethic. The guy is a machine..a smarty smart, handsome, clever, hilarious, solid machine who has spent so many hours on this house I can't even begin to relate. I'm just so dang lucky to have him -even though it is so limited these days....Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week.

Kyle's shop/barn is complete. Now it just needs it's matching paint job and doors!
-I'll figure out how to teach Jack the magic that is "shoe tieing." Obviously I'm a miserable failure with the whole bunny ears...loopy loop....pull it through...BLAHHHH! flip flops forever!
-I'll be able to run again. I'm a proud treadmill walker (at a 3.8-4.0 pace) at least 4 days a week but it still just doesn't break the sweat that I love to feel streaming down my face.
-I'll be holding my darling, brown haired, olive skinned baby GIRL.......Ms. Kate. I've envisioned and named this little gal since I was about 12, and literally....weeks, we will meet.....Finally! I have another ultrasound tomorrow to check her growth rate and track my fluid levels (always sounds so attractive). My drink of choice will be one tropical punch Glucola on the way to my appt. so it should be a good day. It's pretty bizarre to really feel like this whole crazy experience of getting her here safely could really be over in a matter of weeks!

The ever cheesy and gummy Brody modeling Kate's newly purchased car seat cover. This delicious pink in my house is really throwing me off.

-I'll reward myself for being such a clever Easter bunny who provided all little Thomas children their own (already labeled mind you) gloves and shovels so hours of argue-less weeding would ensue! -Such a beautiful sight.

-I'll look back on this post and laugh. All 4 children will be happily weeding outside, Jack's shoes will be tied, I'll have just run a few miles after saying NO to an Oreo, Kyle will be leisurely putting around in his barn and I will then burst out in song.....and sound just like the spittin image of you know who!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cole quick quote

*After much himming and haa-ing over not liking his dinner ( a big no no with me), I decided the only appropriate response to his ridiculousness was to....document it!
Cole:"Did you willy just take a pictcho?"
Mom:"I sure did."
Cole:"You beddo not blog about this."
And that's how we roll around here.
-And yes, that is pencil on my wall courtesy of one Mr. Brody. I can't WAIT to totally repaint just about every single one in prep for selling our house.....good times ahead!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have dinner to make and times a tickin. See I don't feel like cooking- thus...I am stalling. I chose to use my stalling time wisely by looking through old pictures of vacations. This little beauty was from last spring when handsome Kyle and I actually went on a vacation....ALONE. It was splendid. Someday....we will do it again. But not this afternoon. Dinner still needs to be made and that job falls on yours truly, every single blessed night of the week. I wish I was there right at this very moment. Instead, Jack is reading over my shoulder, Cole is continuously mumbling/complaining (in his voice that is SO quiet I have to ask him to repeat what he is saying-)about not being able to play the Wii, and Brody is just one tired 2 year old, walking around in a daze, mad and whining that I took away the Lego Indiana Jones' micro size mini hat he and Cole had been arguing over all afternoon.

Doesn't Helen Parr have fantastic hair?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggs and water...lots of it.

A lot of firsts happened this weekend.
First batch of hard boiled eggs- boiled to serve two purposes: 1. deviled eggs for this hormonal gal who simply felt like eating them and 2. of course to color and decorate. Neither have ever happened in this household before. Why this deprivation? Well I'm usually not an egg eater and colored dye +3 boys just doesn't do anything for me when there are perfectly clean and plastic eggs out there. Well, after throwing caution to the wind I decided to do both. I'm happy to report that both turned out simply delicious and most vibrant in color.
My boys always try to keep things, shall I say, ....lively!
Boiling eggs is serious business and as timers were set and water was being watched like a hawk INSIDE.....these guys were OUTSIDE. When once again the weather is a blustery 40 degrees or so, the hose isn't something one would gravitate towards...you'd think. Long story short: Jack confessed to turning on the faucet to squirt down Brody and boy was he surprised when the ENTIRE faucet came out of the wall and a continual tidal wave of full pressure freezing water shot out from the house. O.k., I'm boiling eggs here....I have water , nice bubbly warm Easter water to attend to..not figure out how to turn off the geyser outside. Thankfully our fantastic friend and neighbor Chip (with oh so helpful brother visiting from Utah Russell) came down within minutes and SAVED THE DAY! I had eggs on the brain, not going out to the street to turn off the water to my house and use a giant wrench to tighten the faucet. As the geyser was turbo shooting -I didn't even think to get my camera....I was just wet, chubby, cold, and worried that my eggs weren't going to turn out. We were all quite a site.
Once all parties involved were changed out of their wet clothes and had dried their, "I'm so sorry I could have wasted all the water to our house" tears.... it was quiet movie time. Doesn't that sound fun? I'll be so excited when I get to actually see Kyle on Saturdays, ah, someday.
So as far as Easter Sunday matchy matchy pictures go: forgot.
Next Sunday might look strikingly similar to yesterday. We did have pretty eggs though.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey hey hey...look who turned FIVE....

Well I had big plans for a big "salute to Cole" post on his actual day of birth...April 7th. See that guy on the left, the VERY 2 year old....he foiled those plans, all day long!

It was a toss up between coloring with a pen mind you-all over his body, the phone, the computer keyboard and part of a wall OR taking a completely new tube of "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" berry bubblegum toothpaste and SLATHERING it all over Thomas, numerous other unfortunate trains, train tracks, train table, my bedroom carpet, AND my white comforter, yes, white. All the while this guy:

sat transfixed to the tv in all his Birthday Wii glory. That's what I get for thinking I could be on the treadmill for 30 peaceful minutes and have given Lego Star Wars to the birthday boy just wee minutes prior. "Uh mom, Bwody made a mess on yo bed with the toothpaste."-No eye contact while this was said.
Oh well, it is all clean now. Nothing like detailing wooden trains with a Qtip to pass the time!
On to the BIRTHDAY BOY.....

We used his reading coupon from school for a delicious and nutritious lunch at Pizza Hut. Enjoyed Spaghetti at the 'Ole Spaghetti Factory for dinner, and topped it all off around 8:30 with chocolate pie with creamy pudding frosting.

Cole has always been such a sweet and easy going kid. Big brown eyes and round cheeks from the get go. He's the patient little brother who has put up with A LOT from his Jedi master older partner in crime.

He can fall asleep anywhere.

Looks fantastic in neon green!

Knows how to make amazing snow angels!

Can be reeeeeeeally spooky if necessary.

So to you Mr. Coley...we love you so much and are glad that you're FIVE!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy almost Easter from the most photogenic family in town

First of all...I can't decide if I love Jack or Cole's expression more....sleepy and happy or just plain miserable. Neither one was displaying their actual feelings- but I guess that's what you get when you are a member of the most photogenic family in town.
It is 71 degrees today. Big whoop- some may say- but not this gal. See this gal lives in rainyville, where happy attitudes and pleasant dispositions must be conscience decisions made each day because it RAINS SO MUCH. Last Sunday, it was snowing. This glorious day as Annie so eloquently stated years ago, "the sun will come out" and come out it did!

My fantastic in-laws put on an annual Easter egg hunt for all the cousins each year and this year was no different. Since all families were busy next Sunday, this Sunday served as our Easter egg hunt and conference weekend "egg"stravaganza (yea, you're welcome for that)!

Quick thoughts on the day:
-LOVE 71 degree weather. Not too hot and blissfully warm!
-My mother -in-law makes a wickedly delicious potato salad in which I consumed large amounts this afternoon.
-I used the word "wickedly" because I was thinking of my mom who just saw "Wicked" last night in Portland. My uber talented cousin has been dancing with the Broadway production for the past 3 years and so my parents went down and saw the play (back stage and everything). Someday!
-I really was hoping for a rootbeer popsicle and went outside to get one and realized I had already eaten them all. grrr.
-Jack doesn't seem to grasp the concept that if his little brother doesn't want to play the way HE would like him to play...hitting him in the back with a bat will NOT help the situation.
-Brody will eat non stop if I let him...that is happening today, I'm tired.
-I really adore Kyle. Even though he slept through most of conference while I did laps around the house looking at the cows and horses with Brody....I didn't mind. The guy needs a nap.
-The DVR is the greatest invention
-This is a crazy busy week filled with birthdays, classroom treats, dr. appts., ordering the exterior doors to my new house, a hot date on Friday and a ward function on Saturday. I do enjoy crazy busy weeks.
-I am getting hideous varicose veins in my left leg that are really starting to hurt. I'm only 33...seriously? And why only the left?
-I'm reminded of my hideous legs because my marathon running /had to be a former gymnast neighbor gal just rode by on her bike sporting short shorts and fabulously tanned legs. Good for her. And good for me...I have legs.
- I finally figured out what to put in the fellas' Easter basket and I'm quite excited about it.
-I wish I lived next door to my sister.
-When this sweet baby girl finally makes her debut and every year to follow, she will not be allowed to wear short shorts. Another unfortunate pair, worn by a tween, just strolled past my window-bad deal everytime.
-While the sun shines, the fellas will remain outside whether they are enjoying themselves or not.
-Almost Easter 2009 turned out pretty "Egg"cellent.....I could keep going.