Friday, April 30, 2010

All about the little lady.....

Yes, it's hard to believe but Ms. Kate is 10 months old today. She's quite the little lady and I just thought I'd document a few fun facts about this gal:

1. She adores her mother

2. She loves her binkie which was successfully forced upon her from birth

3. She smiles like crazy when her brothers are around

4. She currently has 3 3/4 teeth...2 bottom, 1 3/4 on top..hence the awesome attitude lately

5. Sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, squash are her Gerber veggies of choice. Not so hot on the bananas/peaches

6. Will eat actual banana pieces from a spoon but wants no part in holding an actual piece of fruit

7. Will cruise up the stairs with all the confidence in the world AND minor balance problems... causing her mother great anxiety

8. Sleeps through the night.....maybe 3 times a week.....grrrrr

9. Has curly curly gurly curls forming and I LOVE it!!

10. Still allows her mother to put obnoxious bows and flowers on her head. However, that window of opportunity is quickly closing

11. Sticks out her tongue on demand and it's hilarious

12. Loves ice-cream and toast cut into strips

13. Has a pretty great shoe collection

14. Adores her mother

15. Likes to sleep on her side

16. Fits perfectly in this family.......

Thursday, April 22, 2010

T-minus one day and counting...

This is my darling, hilarious, and most favorite sister. She flew up and fabulously surprised me for my birthday LAST year. That was over one YEAR ago. I was round with child and had shorter hair. It was a complete success and I loved every minute of it. Fast forward to this very day and I still haven't seen my sista since last year!We talk just about daily but still, no live interaction. Big Bummer. Sooooo, I took matters into my own hands and bought ma-self a plane ticket. Ms. Kate will be a fabulous and cooperative traveling companion (positive thinking ahead of time) as we are headed to Utah tomorrow. With about 41 hours to spend's gonna be some good stuff!

In prep for the absence of dear mother.....3 dozen chocolate chocolate chip cookies have been made, all laundry has been done and there's enough cold cereal for each small, medium, large, and extra large boy to have more than one bowl. Might I suggest Fiber One?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A summary of this and that....

It has been so long from my last post that I really don't know where to begin. My cast of humble readers has dwindled down in boredom so I write this post today for me.

First off, this kid right here, Mr. Cole, lost his first tooth without even trying and boy are we grateful. Hot dogs are amazing like that. He aslo turned the big- SIX. I will redeem myself and post a separate blog for that special occasion!

Good things from this very Tuesday and as of late :
-Kate slept through the night which was a special treat for her eternally sleep deprived mother. She's still a delicious doll baby but those top two front teeth (which are taking For-Ev-Er to arrive) have been preventing her halo from shining.

She's also holding her OWN bottle and I truly thank her for that.

-My sheets are changed ('cause it's Tuesday) and last weeks are already clean and put away.

-I have crossed off #s 1-3 on my morning to-do list.

-I tried Fiber One cereal this morning. Beautiful Bob Harper said it's a great cereal blah blah blah. Not bad with a whole lotta raspberries and a banana slice here and there. Not good plain, the texture is atrocious. I don't know Bob.

-I had my treadmill time, limited and repeatedly interrupted but done none the less.

-I ate lunch that consisted of protein. Always hard for me and so important.

-Got the big boys off to school with happy attitudes, non pukey stomachs, and less snooty filled nostrils. I took Jack to our ENT dr. who confirmed that yes indeed his ears, nose , and throat are all on the fritz and his tonsils and adenoids need to be removed with a little ear re-tubing on the side.... Awesome. It's a small price to pay if it will finally put an end to his snot MADNESS! Everyone is all cute at Costco till you zoom in on the poor boy's schnozz. And if you think it's fun watching him eat and not be able to breathe....try listening to it....for weeks. Thumbs up for surgery!!

-Listening to Brody role play with his action figures and legos.... the potty talk continues even with Buzz Lightyear.....and it's funny. I do enjoy a funny 3 year old.

-The rug I've been dreaming about.... the one that would be perfect in every way... except for the the gigantic price tag.... the one I would purchase instantly if I had a lovely wallet full of rug buying money.... is sold out. Ah, in a sad, pathetic sort of way......makes me feel better.

So for today I will leave you all with this little diddy that Brody is currently singing while playing upstairs,

"It's better to be baaaaad, or good, or bad"

"It's better to be baaaaad, or good, or bad"

We always leave ourselves options around here.