Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Single parenting

It's quiet around here...finally. I have accomplished the daily routine known as motherhood once again....solo. Please know that I completely, totally, and 100% appreciate the hard work Mr. Kyle is putting into the building of our new house. It is though, quite honestly, tiring and lonely I guess for both of us. I know I'm not sweaty and dirty drilling some hole for a plumbing unit inside our newly cemented foundation, (so exciting...pictures later) or exhausted from an 11 hour day at the office. I am though exhausted myself, mom exhausted.
I'm getting used to our new routine. The champ goes straight from work to the new house. I feed the boys, pack 'em all up, and we head over to take dinner to him. I come home, do the night routine, put the boys to bed, and THEN get to clean up to start another day. I 'm not meaning to complain or claim that I do something amazing. All mothers tackle this same routine everyday as well. I'm just a gal who really enjoys her husband and all his helpness. He's sure doing a bang up job on those plumbing fixtures. Meanwhile, back at the homestead:

Exhibit A, B, and C of my sweet parenting skills as of late.
I let them throw all caution to the wind to go ahead...see if you CAN squish yourselves into that rubbermaid. And while you're at it, don't move so mom can take your picture.*Notice the sweat on Jack's head....it's hard work being a complete spaz all night and then stuffing yourself into a box right before bedtime.
The little guy is just plain fast and sneaky. I could have sworn Cole was the one playing with the play-doh. However, I soon realized he was trapped inside a plastic box so Brody took over the 'doh. Fantastic I absolutely LOVE when the colors get all mashed up together!!!
And really, who needs a chair?
O.k., venting done.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Look whose so excited to have breakfast in bed (bacon, peaches, and bagels with fresh raspberry jam)......presents a plenty, and his picture taken at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning? Well, it's none other than the birthday boy himself.

We're so glad that you were born 31 years ago today! We love you!!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ever since I can remember people have always mispronounced my name. That's fine, it's easy to do. My given name is Karin (pronounced Car-in) NOT Karin pronounced...Karen. I'm of blessed Scandinavian heritage, hence the difference. I have always gone by Kari, pronounced (Car-E) NOT to be confused with Wall-E or Carrie. My parents should have stuck double AAs in my name, Kaari, then maybe people would get it right. Or they'd still call me Carrie and say that there's been a mistake, somebody put 2 As in your name. It's always bugged me that people don't pronounce my name correctly even AFTER I have politely corrected them. No kidding, I have been at dr.s appts. IN PERSON and said, :

"Hi, I'm Kari and I'm here for dr. so and so."

"Oh, Carrie, yes, have a seat and she'll be right out."

"Oh and Carrie, can you sign this please..blah, blah , blah"

I have nothing against the name Carrie, but it's not MINE. I've never been overly fond of the name Kari, but it is mine, so call me that.

Once at EFY, I was mortified to arrive at my dorm room and find that the name tag ON THE DOOR for EVERYONE TO SEE said KARL...yea, with an L!!! Seriously BYU, didn't that look a little silly to you? As a 16 year old who really didn't want to be there in the first place, not a fun first impression. Oh well, I still got called "Carrie" the rest of the week. I really don't think my name is that difficult to get right. Is it? I feel silly correcting people though. Maybe that's why my sweet elderly neighbor has called me "Carly" for the past 3 years. I respond kindly everytime, I'm used to it. I like it better than Carrie. At least he's got the correct vowel sound going.

I answer to "Carrie" if it's in social passing and I won't be seeing that person again, no big deal. However, I've found that other people want to be called by their given names as well, imagine that. Once I called a lady whose name I THOUGHT was pronounced "Elaine"..."Elaine" and without blinking she shot back...."It's EILEEN"...oh excuse me. I felt like the biggest dork. How I wish I could do that...like EILEEN, with such force.

My mom told me that I was going to be named Jill Christine. Isn't that a fun name. So much simpler. Jill, I like that name. However, you can't play around with it much. Now Kari....there's a name to screw up. I won't even mention what name goes in the MIDDLE!
There was an answering machine message the other night for a mister "Wayne Thomas." I even laugh as I type it out. Nothing wrong with the name Wayne, it's just that that's not my husband's name. Not even close. Not even by any stretch of the imagination. His name is Kyle, it fits him, he's a....Kyle. I had to call him immediately and share all the occasions where we could use his new "pet name." -Wink Wink- He was thrilled!
Wayne and Carrie sittin in a tree....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

WeekEND review

First things first...made this delicious creation full of yumminess and creamy calories with my own two hands this week. I went to a pie making class with my fun friend and learned all the secrets to a stellar performance in the pie making category. So good! This would be a banana/coconut cream combo. I've never attempted cream pies before and it's not that difficult. Oh yes, pumpkin cream is coming up next.

Cole had a great week. He's a huge hit at preschool, loves it! His highlight this week was getting to use a "fun glass" for "bweckfast." I aim to please. Love this easy going kid.

I just love walking in on this scenario. All persons involved are happy, sharing, using kind words that don't include "poo" and just being cute brothers. Another love-Cole's fabulous orange hat. Picked up that lucky find for a whopping $.19-yea, you heard me...$.19. Jack scored a sweet blue one for $2.35. I love when that happens.

While Kyle worked at the new house, I took the boys to a fundraiser benefit for Carol Decker. I wish I knew how to link you to her blog but I don't. She is an amazing gal with an amazing story. I knew Carol growing up and we went to high school/played volleyball together. She ended up marrying a local like me so our families are still connected all these years later. Small world. It was so fantastic to see the small town community support for her and her family. If you want to see her story go to the KOMO news website. It was a fun bbq and silent auction plus a good life lesson for my boys on how and why we help those around us.

Brody was just my dollhead this week. He's almost 2 and most days I'm fully aware of his TWOness. For some reason this week, his TWOness was well, darling. The "Hi Maaa" with the accompanying flat handed shaky up and down wave just made me smile all week. No screamy fits to remember from the store, just cuteness. I love this kid and am so glad he's my # 3.
All in all, great week. So thankful for my boys, my health, my hubby, my life.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling the guilt

No pictures, just admission.

A few weeks ago at Cole's dr. appt. we sat and sat and sat and sat, waiting to be seen. Cole had the leapster, I read a semi interesting magazine I had never heard of before. It was an issue dated waaaaay back to 2006. I found a yummy recipe inside. I gently tore it out, and took it home. I have even used it twice.

Today at Target in the parking lot, I sat Cole (4 1/2 mind you) in the cart. I turned to get Brody out of his car seat and was mortified as I turned back around and watched Cole slowly rolling away. I ran...I must have looked so sweet, but to no avail... he made contact with another vehicle. VERY slow contact but contact none the less. I verbalized a little " ahhh man" out loud and then looked inside to see if anyone was in the vehicle. No one, no damage. Do I leave a note? " Hi, I'm a retarded mother who left her 4 1/2 yr. old in a shopping cart on a semi-wet day and the semi-wet pavement sent my shopping cart rolling into your vehicle. Call me! " - I chose not to leave a note. I left the scene. A hit and run. Sorry rusty red, worn down Ford Expedition. We all proceeded into the store and bought unnecessary items.

I have felt bad for both incidents. I have come clean. I feel better now.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How to build a fence in a day

You take one extremely hard working and attractive husband, add his two brothers, his dad, his eldest son/clone, and throw in a few cousins...and within an 8.5 hour "work party" Saturday, you have a fantastic brand spankin new fence outlining your property! All I have to do is bring the sustenance-Bagel sandwiches, chips, watermelon, pineapple, cookies, drumsticks and drinks a plenty!

Happy dirty cousins!

Can ya see it? This is our driveway on each side. Eventually the fence will be painted to match the house, which is still undecided. Grass will be put in and a yard will take shape. I do know this, I'm gonna have big red gates at the far end of the yard...where the steers/stears(?) will go. I missed the word Steer/stear, in my 4th grade spelling bee and have never recovered from that, I'm talking cattle.. .of the male version! Who knew, me with a few head 'O steers? I'm loving this though, the thought of waking up in the morning and watching 'ole Bessy out in the field makes me happy.

Foundation progress. Hopefully by the end of the week, cement will start pouring!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We've only just begun...but we've begun

O.k., it is official, we have broken ground. After all these months of waiting for a building permit, we've been quite discouraged....waiting....waiting. So the fact that actual Earth and dirt has been moved, makes us all quite happy! -Our lovely land PRE-foundation dig!

Handsome Thomas crew POST dig.

Oh the laundry I will be doing.
The actual foundation guy who will eventually pour all the concrete...started today!!!!!! I never knew how exciting cement could be!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


These fellas have nothing to do with my current "dream" situation, just a photo from the weekend...the lazy popsicle eating, mustache producing weekend!
O.k., I am a dreamer. Not like a lovey dovey, unicorns and world peace dreamer but I have dreams at night all the time. It's really starting to drive me nuts. I love sleep and I don't get enough of it as it is so when the 'ole dreams start kickin in....it 's all down hill from there. I'm always amazed at how dreams include little pieces of life- real or unreal, people-met or never met, and events, all rolled into one bizarre thought. My dreams this week have been carrying a theme and I'm wondering what that is saying about me.
Cast of characters: Me, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC), Joe Biden, City of Logan, Utah, Bluebird candy store, unknown college campus, creme brule (?). Interestingly enough, no Republicans made the cut to infiltrate my thoughts while asleep.
First off, I love politics. I love elections (especially when they go my way). They make me nervous, anxious, mad, and stressed out about other people's idiot views...but I can't get enough. So these past 2 weeks I have suffered through numerous nights of each convention and had an overload of Obama/Biden mania. That must be why I've been dreaming of Barry.
Dream #1 For some reason I'm in Logan (really did attend USU) at the Bluebird restaurant/candy store (really have enjoyed this establishment many times) standing in line for chocolate (really do love chocolate and would stand in line for some). In walks his majesty, the anointed One, Barry Obama and he does not have to wait in line. He struts himself right up to the front of the line and asks for some creme brule. Now I have to laugh because even in my dream I couldn't stand this guy. All of us common folk waiting patiently in line for some chocolate were not mesmerized by his majesty. In fact, we just rolled our eyes at the thought of haughty taughty creme brule at the Bluebird candy store in Logan Utah. Hmmmmm?????
Dream #2-Joe Biden is missing /MIA and no one has any idea. Being the super sleuth that I am, I'm doing some wild investigating on this unknown college campus. All bets are on HRC. Will she step into the new VP slot? Who knows?? Hmmmmmm??
Kyle's madness inducing snoring habits aren't helping the situation any. The point is, I think /stress enough about these people when I am awake...I DO NOT want to waste my precious hours dreaming about them as well. Dreams are for lollipops and rainbows. Where's my rainbows? And where's McCain /Palin? I'm an equal opportunity dreamer.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pullin teeth and takin names

His first week of first grade started off easy enough. His front two teeth were a bit wiggly. By Thursday one was itching to come out. We try the 'ole "bite the apple" routine...no dice. We then went straight to the "tongue push and mom pull" strategy. Worked like a charm.

Friday morning rolls along and by golly, the other front tooth was ready to go. With a queasy pull I yanked it out and voila.....2 out in about 16 hours. Go figure. He's arrived!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I love this time of year...especially this month. September brings the new start to so many fantastic things. This year for our crew it is no different. Lots of new stuff goin on...exciting stuff. I'm loving how the weather is pulling a 180 for us around here. Currently, I'm enjoying a Popsicle with a fleece jacket on...go figure. It must be September. And if I was blogtastic and knew how to put songs on my blog I would have one of my ALL TIME favorite songs serenading my thoughts in the background. Since I'm not, just imagine Earth, Wind and Fire's classic, "September" playing...."Do you rememba...."

The Permit:
These are our house plans. See we have been planning, dreaming, budgeting, thinking, and strategizing the building of our dream house for many years now. We turned in our house plans to get a building permit to "the county which shall remain namelss" 8 MONTHS ago and FINALLY on Thursday, Kyle was able to pick it up. We thank our dear county which shall remain nameless, for deeming us "environmentally worthy" to build on our own paid for and taxed yearly property. Thanks for being so friendly, helpful, considerate, and most of all efficient these last EIGHT MONTHS., It has been a real pleasure to work with you. So next year, when this house is built and completed by the sweat of my dear husband's brow....I look forward to dealing with you again and having to receive yet another permit so that we may actually live in our newly built home. Please come visit us on site many, many times and share your abundance of wisdom. Make sure to stay as helpful and efficient as possible and I'm sure we'll be BFFs! Ground breaking this week...so exciting!
The Cabin:

My wonderful in-laws own a fantastic cabin in the woods about 80 miles from home. Perfect distance to get away and feel away. I took the boys for the day and enjoyed: Pirate Booty-delicious, airy, cheesy, and surprisingly good for you.

These yummy things-I consumed waaay too many for one sitting.

Fun cousins with fun hats on the cutting edge of fashion.

Walks in the forest and just "exploring mom."

The Haircuts

It's such a constant in our house. Haircuts...twice a month. This guy is our dependable crier. He hates the haircut. And wouldn't ya know that he's the one blessed with TWO swirly cow licks (?) right at the top of his scalp. Poor kid starts sprouting a mow hawk within days of a trim. It's most unfortunate. I probably shouldn't have taken a picture during his time of need, but it was just so pathetic. And no comments on the mirror....it was smeary when we moved in and it's been a long week!

The house painter:

These are Kyle's hands. This poor guy has been painting our wonderful friend's house all weekend... all in the name of scouting. Yes, we are "friends of scouting" and after this last fundraiser Kyle and I have decided that ....our "friendship" with scouting will discontinue for a good 6 years or so. Not forever...just a little break. One sided relationships really don't work that well...the flame dies. When Jack is ready to go...we'll rekindle.
The Picnic:

So while Kyle has been painting all weekend, we've been......eating hamburgers and complaining of sun being in our eyes, at a "back to school" bbq. Fun friends organized a picnic including all the new kids and teachers for the up-coming school year. So fun and always such classy hosts.

Rocks in the hood -fun new game.

He's totally over the haircut.

So I look forward to this new month. School starts tomorrow, new routines, new backpacks, new haircuts, new weather, new big hole being dug for the foundation of my new house!