Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kindred spirits, Lovely weather, and Star Wars....

The 10 charming children...
  My favorite kindred spirit Emily and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. Now a long time! I simply adore her and unfortunately do not get to see her nearly enough. Thank heavens for spring breaks, brave mothers, and planets aligning because she made the looooong trip up north and made a pit stop with the Thomas crew. After all these years we finally got our children together.... all in one place......monumental. Destination of choice for young jedis and padowans...the Star Wars exhibit at the science center.

1 die hard fan and 1 land speeder.

Little Jeffrey  learning some inside scoop....while sporting delicious cheeks...

Who wouldn't want their picture taken with Darth Vader??

Young Jedi Kate listening...learning...feeling the ways of the force...while keeping an eye on General Greivious

"This is one of the best days EVER!"-Cole

Ever aware of when to insert appropriate movie lines..... "HE'S SO FLUFFFAAAAAAY!"-Brody after watching Despicable Me one too many times.

Fabulous afternoon in the city with the Kerns.
                                            Good times!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Maintaining patience..with my patient

It's been a long and rough week around these parts. You see this guy right here... he finally had his tonsils and adenoids removed...sliced away...AND had tubes put BACK in his ears, all in one morning. That's right, you heard me..BACK in his ears. I earned some major angelic mothering points for keeping his 85lb. violently flailing body from falling off his hospital bed coming out of anesthesia...holy moly. I had no idea. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, it was all just so strange seeing him so disoriented... poor guy. After the meds wore just kept getting better and better. 
Pre-removal...when all was still right with the world.

The first tastes of  Gramma Jan's special orange jello delight...the wall wasn't hit yet. we go...the 3 amigos for the recovery week...everyone is all smiley pillows and rainbows....

Mid week...we're living on Popsicles and horrendous breath around here.....
 Pretty rough by mid week. Day 4 was rated by the patient as "worst day..ever." It's a toss up for me. I really have been trying to be as patient and kind as possible with Mr. Sick. He's an emotional kid as it is so throw in some missing tonsils and wooooah Nelly! I'm really proud of him showing as much bravery as he could muster. The week is finally over and he's wanted back at school by his buddies so tomorrow should be a telling day. Fingers crossed that yoplait and applesauce will be sufficient...without tears.
Kate had had enough. I found her just getting some quiet time..helping herself .... listening to an Ipod. I can't blame her. It's been a long long week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The good run...

Me and of my most favorites...ever!
I'm not a runner..nor do I profess to be. I do however, on occasion...enjoy running. Saturday was one of those days. Weather held out, small amount of participants, fabulicious playlist, and just a straight up fun and determined running partner. In fact, said running partner somehow set her Ipod on the trunk of her car before the race..couldn't find it..was literally looking in her car when the 15 second warning bell sounded....started late with only a set of jingling keys to serenade her through the entire 5k. What a champ! It feels so good to accomplish something I really wanted to do. I got my best time in months and now have a goal for my next race. It's kind of addicting. Not like someday I want to run a marathon addicting..or even a 1/2....more like....3.2 is perfect for me. However, a 10k has kinda got me thinking...hmmm.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Word to the wise..r than I...

Just a little tip to all those out there who love a good clean and talking and Fox news don't mix.
Watch the multi-tasking....I'm just sayin.

This little love head right here..the one with curly cue hair, dainty feet, and almond eyes...she's a pill.

I mistakenly thought I could combine:
- cooking loud and splashy chicken (hence needed the hood vent on)
-giving marital advice over the phone while cooking loud and splashy chicken
-having The O'Reilly factor blaring on the tv from the other room while cooking loud and splashy chicken and giving marital advice over the phone
-watching my little lady

Bad Bad Bad combination.

That's Sharpie Pen on almost every surface possible in my -still new to me- kitchen.  Kyle loved coming home to that hullabaloo. Lesson learned..Sharpies be banned. I used that beautiful invention know as the "magic eraser" on the desk and  floors..worked like a charm. The walls, staircase and wood trim will have to be sanded out and re-painted. Awesome, we needed another project to do around here.

 She's tagged everything. Writing utensils be gone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've said it before and I'll say it again....I'd have 10 more kidlets if they'd all be like Cole. This guy right here.....the one in desperate need of new seasonally appropriate pjs....the one turning SEVEN tomorrow... is simply the best!!
It's Cole's magic.. 7 on the 7th.. birthday tomorrow so we will be celebrating!!! We've got big plans: pancakes with syrup drizzled like a seven on top (nice idea Cole), family jumping at a jumpy place, and dinner at the restaurant with all the animals on the walls.."you know that looks like grandpa's house..." -another fabulous idea birthday boy!

Everyone..and I mean EVERYONE loves Cole. He's kind and smart and quietly hilarious. A perfect combination. How lucky am I to be his mom?!

Happy Happy Birthday my handsome Mr. Seven.....we all simply adore you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A lovely weekend full of lovely things....

I really do look forward to General Conference weekend each April.  It's simply dreamy having my family all together, my husband actually home on a meetings, no pressure. This weekend we sat quite comfortably together and listened to the wonderful messages of faith, kindness, family, and service from our inspired church leaders. My testimony was strengthened. I am truly thankful for a living prophet on the Earth today. What a blessing in my life.

 Other lovely note ables from the weekend:

We have a LOT of art pieces laying around these parts. Brody is on a "Backyardigans" kick. Can you tell? -He thought maybe each character needed a little snack..hence the 2 fishy crackers for each one. Always thinking ahead....

I purchased a "Bountiful Basket" -a produce co-op thingy and my wonderful bro-in-law Mark picked it up AND hand delivered it to my kitchen. How 'bout that for service?! For this lover of ALL things green and was seriously like christmas morning, I didn't know what I was getting.... oh the possibilities!!!  The portobello mushrooms were promptly grilled with a little olive oil s/p/ and a sprinkle of dill for good measure. The darling little radish bunch made their appearance in a fantastic salad I found on-line and will make many times boys totally dug the radishes-who knew?!The apples sacrificed themselves for a mediocre cobbler. I dredged the broccoli/cauliflower and yellow squash in an egg wash..tossed them with Parmesan cheese (and a tad sprinkle of salt) then lightly sauteed them in olive oil. THEN.....the best part, I mixed a little fresh lemon juice with a little olive oil and drizzled it on top of the hot veggies. Do it.... you'll thank me later. Grapefruits/bananas/lettuce consumed daily and the sweet potatoes will most likely be baked for a little surprise in the tin foil. So my point in sharing all of this is that for was completely worth my $15. The dang yellow squash (hello $2.99 a lb currently)  practically paid for themselves. I will totally be in the basket line again.

For brief moments my kids played quietly and angelically!

I made the infamous "Bunny Buns" from the Friend magazine. The boys preferred the dipping glaze method..whatever makes you happy...its conference weekend! -Nice crooked blinds.

And last but certainly not little lady achieved piggy tail status. It's a big-big day!! I kid you not, I have seriously been dreaming of the day when a little girl in piggy tails would prance around my house with a smile on her face (or her back to me)

and a bunny bun in her mouth. And there she is!!