Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's late...but I have to share

I am so thrilled...I nonchalantly found these pictures at 10:00 pm when I should have already been in bed but I was so surprised to find them that now I guess I'm blogging. How 'bout that for a run-on sentence?! Come on, it's now after 11:00. I'm having technical difficulties with the whole new camera/old computer thing and I didn't know these made it into my files. I guess making a disc at Costco and then loading it onto one's computer really does work!!!!-huh

Back to my story at hand. These are my dear friends Emily and Molly. Molly is the lovely bride in the middle. Emily, the hottie to your left. We all grew up together on the eastern half of the state and for the last 2 DECADES have remained friends, been college roommates, and all around kindred spirits. Molly's big day of eternal bliss finally arrived and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. Might I say that it was such an honor to witness Molly's big day, especially with Emily by my side.

My sweet husband drove the entire crew across our fine state for the big event. We made a weekend of the whole thing complete with swimming at the hotel, playing with cousins, and actually eating AND playing in the germ infested play land at Burger King. All Thomas family members were excellent sports and the weekend was a roaring success. Are you loving Kate's headband or what? It's the polka dots....they get me every time.
To top things off, Emily and I (via facebook ) got some of our favorite people from high school together for a little reconnecting dinner. It's the funnest thing to literally talk for hours with friends you haven't seen in 5-10 years. So much to say. Good times ladies...good times!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

*cookies-CHECK.....carrots for reindeer-CHECK...chubby baby in polka dots....CHECK....
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thoughts from this very Tuesday

Would it surprise anyone to know that this kid right here is playing me? He's so capable of being "A Big Boy" with the whole using the potty and all and, he's back in diapers and totally cool with it. I think he's on to the fact that his mother is tired and sleepy and a tad bit exhausted and frankly not in the mood to check on his bladder status every 15 minutes or pay for super cool and super pricey pull-ups.We'll pull out the big guns again when we're both serious about this delightful issue. And so, we'll try again another day.
On another note: Guess whose $6.29 container of cherry tomatoes opened and spilled while she was loading her items at Costco leaving 1/2 its contents either on the parking lot floor or strewn throughout her shopping cart....gingerly hanging between each individual plastic criss cross hole and randomly dropping onto the ground below before they could be salvaged? Yup, MINE.
It was Awesome!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The late in coming.. getting warmer review

Here it is, Dec. 11th and I still haven't posted a thing for weeks. Everyday, literally, everyday since last Thursday there has been something that someone in this family or all, have had to attend. Insane craziness and I'm sure you all can relate. This post probably has a few too many pictures but come on....its been weeks, weeks full of juicy juicy tidbits and goings on. Here's a little review:
I'm starting with this little guy because he is now officially 3. Yes, December is his b-day month and he couldn't have been more thrilled. It's all documented fully on my new beautiful camera. My new beautiful SLR camera that I have been wanting for years but couldn't bring myself to purchase due to sticker shock. I must admit with the surprising addition of Chance the wonder pony into our family...the sticker shock wasn't as shocking....hmm. My beautiful SLR camera that I cannot (nor can my completely computer literate pal) figure out how to retrieve my pictures. I know the answer lies somewhere deep inside the user manual but I literally haven't had time to figure it out. . Sooooo, in the meantime I'm taking lots of fun and fast pictures and hoping one day to see them in print. I'm thankful for my slow as molasses point and shoot AND my darling sass a frass of a 3 year old!.
(Oh, I could just eat them up. I love having 3 darling boys!)
Kate: Speaking of eating your children.....this little gal is delicious! She's having an awfully hard time letting me blog at this very moment but man she's adorable. Latest tricks: -staring at the ceiling fan...oooooohhhh
-rolling over, 6 oz. bottles..are you kidding me, sleeping through the night, finding and sharing her darling little voice, and blowing out her pants on a daily basis. What's with little ladies and diapers? I cannot find one that shall we say "controls the leakage." It's so grody and annoying and not very lady like. Totally, totally, totally, loving her.

Cole: This kid kills me. Here he is in all his kindergarten glory last night at the school Christmas snooze/sing a long. I admit that a major Thomas flaw is tardiness. Not 15 minute tardiness but like 4 minute tardiness. Lame none the less. So last night we show up at 7:02 (if that) and the kindergarten kids were already up ON stage and singing. All be darned if my kid was gonna miss singing "Mousey in the snow." So picture me with 3 clothing layers and a puffy vest,(it's like 15 degrees outside) my gigantic Mary Poppins bag, holding Brody's hand and herding Cole and Jack up to the front to get that kid on stage...pronto. Now I'm weavin and bobbin through a stuffy packed house until we make it to the front of the auditorium. It's go time. "Cole, when the song is over, walk up on the stage and go stand next to that kid." And this is why I love Cole. He obediently waited allllmost until the song was over and just walked up...right across the stage and just found a spot to stand. The 2 minutes late Thomas' have arrived. I had to document his coughing spells. Coley has seasonal asthma which is quite that bad to say? He coughs, and coughs, and coughs. They're not big deep clear your throat and make progress coughs. These sound fake and wimpy....thus annoying. Anyhoo, I laughed to myself as he sang through the last song and every 10 seconds or so...cough...faa laa, la, cough, la la mousey in the snow, cough! Out comes the nebulizer.
Kyle had an awesome time at the sing a long. He got stuck in the back back with Kate, a bottle and no burper cloth. See it was all up with crazy 2minute late mom and her Mary Poppins bag.

Jack: Let's see, what to report with this guy. He's either uber helpful or the spark that gets everything/one annoyed. I'm trying to focus him on being helpful without being the parent....fine line Jacky pants. Can I tell you that this kid is a fantastic speller?! It's so fun to quiz him throughout the week and then get his test back with 100% . He's a funny one who really really really enjoys watching tv and who's really really really observant. He's not to pleased that I control the remote and cartoon network is not an option. Ah, to be 7 1/2 rough.

Chance the wonder pony: It's Fa-reezing here, bone chilling cold. Thrilled would be an understatement describing the fact that Chance now has his blanket on. I'm not a pet person, I don't want to think about animals outside in the cold. I know that's the way they're's natural and all that. I just don't want to be responsible for a cold animal. With blanket on and backyard fence built, Chance the wonder pony is a happy horse. Kyle is almost done building an enclosure for him to protect him even more during the winters. It's a good thing cause we've ALL been a bit too chilly around here. Which leads me toooooooooo:

Heaters: See this little beauty, she's been running non stop for 2 days, helping me thaw out. In a nutshell the downstairs of our house has stained concrete floors. We love them. At least we thought we would love them. Then the temps outside hit ya know, 15 degrees and real quick it got real chilly inside. Now our floors have radiant heat to stay warm in the winter but nothing was happening. It was 58 degrees in my bedroom and 62 degrees in the rest of the downstairs. You know how annoying it is to be constantly cold??!!! I had Kate in 3 layers with tights and hats on, just ridiculous for being INSIDE. Anyway, Kyle brought home heaters while he figured out what was going on/not working. Finally yesterday he did some tweaking in the control room and just like can feel heat under your feet and it feels soooo good. We are officially back to loving our WaRM concrete floors.

Finally......(my apologies to anyone who is actually still reading) this is for my sister who wanted to see my decor this year. We're still not completely settled and moved in but pretty close. I do love Christmas time as it is most appropriate to use red and green (my personal decorating faves) like crazy! Now I just need to restring the tip of my pre-lit Christmas tree which decided to go dim a few nights back..sAweet.
Whew, that was a good blogging session for me. Thanks for listening. And if you're really lucky your Christmas cards should be out come March.