Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here at the homefront......

* Mr. Thomas being a totally cool dad with the fellas having a squirt gun fight in the rain....cause it's summer you know.

Kyle is out of town.....again. This week's adventure finds him salmon fishing in Alaska on his favorite river with his brother and dad...wind/water blistered and happy as a clam. I'm happy for him, he deserves a break.

Hey, speaking of "deserves a break......."

A photo montage of our week so far:

...I'm just sayin...

The 3 year old who runs the place. First one up, last one to bed.....

Some bright spots:

I wish I could clone, would you stop reading to your spastic little brother and playing Operation Buzz Lightyear with such quiet concentration......

Tooth fairy made a $1 visit to Jack. Seriously the tooth was only the slightest bit loose at dinner and by bedtime the kid had yanked it out. Grody!

So we're almost 3 days in with 4 days to go. I HATE being by myself. TV watching just isn't as good, the DVR isn't even tempting me. I'm a completely capable mom who just really enjoys having her husband around, I quite like the guy. I never sleep good and for some odd reason my temper is just a tad bit short. All will be right with the world when my freezer is full of fresh salmon next week. Until then, Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes?

Monday, June 14, 2010

It was a long one.....a long weekend that is....

This is the face of my teething 11 month old I have endured with complete love, patience, and looooong suffering this ENTIRE weekend....

These are the faces of 2 pooped runners who completed a 5K together!!

And finally, these are the faces of little boys whose mother had been flyin solo for 3 days and finally gave in to their pathetic whiney whines and let them eat their own authentic...not some Safeway knock off....."Drumstick!" -Yes, they gave a "Cheers" to that!
And cheers to the fact that my co-PARENT will be returning home sometime tonight!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hole-y Birthday lunch Batman....

Jack has a June birthday along with 7 other classmates. Just to make things quick and easy and not have 175 cupcakes over a 1 week period his smarty pants teacher had a pizza lunch for all the June birthday kids...brilliant! We were all invited and quite excited.
Can you spy what 3 year old found some random scissors, cut a hole in his shirt and then proceeded to cover it up with his arm....just for kicks?! Grrrrrrrrr. Totally NOT COOL!

Can't we all just drink a Capri Sun, maybe eat a carrot stick or two and put the scissors down?!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

"Because it makes your mother happy...."

And with those 6 words....we were off to Spokane. Off to might ask?! Well, let me tell you that WE and I mean ALL 6 members of the Thomas crew left our humble abode at approximately 5:38 a.m. so we could cross thee entire state to make it for the 10:00 a.m opening time at the Farm Chicks gigantor antique/vintage sale at the fair grounds in Spokane. I adore shopping for antiques, not junky old lunch boxes but cool old pieces that mix with new stuff. It's fun and relaxing for me... visualizing where a piece could go in my house. I'd love to take an empty room with an endless budget and mix the old with the new. I was suuuuure hoping this was going to be worth it.
My good sports in the car. Everyone chose 2 movies, had leapsters, look and find books and treats a plenty. Notice that Kate's seat has been permanently moved to face forward. She was the least good sport and thus got to switch around and watch "Toy Story."

Jumping Jacks at the rest stop in the middle of nowhere. Kyle purchased homemade cinnamon rolls from the local boy scout troop selling the bathrooms.....for a fundraiser. I probably would have opted for something a little less..."homemade by strangers" but hey, he was driving me 5 hours to find 'junk" so no complaints here.

Just trying to keep her content: playing the "What's in mom's camera case?" game.

We made it to the parking lot at a very impressive 9:54 a.m. What was not impressive was standing in this monstrous line.

3 VERY excited boys ready to navigate throngs of crazy ladies looking for rusty stuff.

Kate lasted about 10 minutes and was out for a good 1/2 hour. Kyle took the boys to eat and I was alone with this little lady to search. "Oh look at that...he's out cold!"
"Oh, his neck must hurt...good thing he's asleep...." "Oh, your little guy is tuckered out...." -Just a few of my favorite quotes during nap time. Now tell me, does she really look like a boy? Do boys wear strappy jumper tops with embroidered flowers? She takes out her hair bows........

It was seriously, painfully crowded which was a total bummer. People come from across the nation for this show and I think they were all there. I get real annoyed at large crowds so it took all my energy to keep a positive spin on this insane trip I planned. Kyle was an all star and camped out in the corner while I looked. You couldn't navigate 2 strollers and 4 kids without getting crustys a plenty so it was just easier to...well, stand in the corner. I left them the first time looking like this. By the time I got back.......

it looked a little more like this! JACK: "Why are we here...this is so dumb?!" And this was when my doll of a husband uttered the now infamous phrase: "Because it makes your mother happy!"
However, it was time to go.

We loaded my treasures (yes I found a few very cool things) and sat in the car drinking capri suns with dry diapers and feelin good!

We found a Red Robin on the way out of town and drank our troubles away/geared up for the almost 5 hour car ride back home.

Trip review:
Would I go again?
Only by myself or with was almost torturous for my kids...almost.
Was it a good show?
I was bummed at how many people were there and how cut throat/kinda rude people were. Granted I had 4 kids in tow but still I would have loved to have searched all the booths but I simply couldn't get in...there were too many ladies and I was too packed with off spring.
Are you glad you made the trip...all those hours in the car?
It was fantastic family fun. The boys for the most part were just great. Jack and Brody each had separate break downs...Cole just wanted to know if it was time to go yet...and Kate just wanted to be held...the entire time..... especially in the car from about Vantage ALL the way home. Since Kyle has been known to fall asleep at the wheel I took over the helm in Moses Lake. He took a short nap and then when Kate's crying could no longer be avoided....he was up. He read to me as I drove, she cried, we ignored her, the boys played leapsters...... it was wonderful!
Favorite quote of the day... As we walked out of the show with treasures in hand a lady stopped our family and said, "Oh wow.....4 boys, look at that!"
It was awesome!
Speaking of awesome....getting pulled over on Snoqualmie Pass and having the nice patrol man remind me of all violations I was committing and all the money he' s saving me because he would only give me a warning...this time. I could only smile, nod, and apologize because you see...I was exhausted....I got up at 4:00 a.m. and took all 5 other members of my family to Spokane.... to an antique show...because it makes me happy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The little lady who runs the show.....

We are all big fans of Ms. Kate around here. She has 3 big brothers who are at her back and call for anything. I'm pretty darn sure that since she was born I haven't heard a single complaint when it comes to "helping with your sister." Continuous complaining on every other issue on a daily basis.... is a toss up between the 3.

Kate is now 11 months old. She is teething and has had a cold all week. Her poor nose is complete snootyville. She cries a lot and naps very little. I don't consider 45 minutes an official "nap." Right now that's just a break from the crying. She's woken up at hideous times every morning for almost 2 weeks now. I SO SLEEPY!! It's not her nature to be fussy so I know she doesn't feel good.... poor lady.

So in honor of Ms. Grumpypants I thought I'd post a picture from days gone by...just to remember the good times!