Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life... as of Late

I left these little morsels of goodness in the oven for 2 days. I simply forgot. It's all about priorities lately and I've been trying my best to stay organized, supportive, attentive to everyone's needs and helpful as can be. I'm exhausted frankly... happy, but exhausted.

In the meantime, life does go on and June is here. YaHOO, I'm a big fan of June. Good things happen in June. Fantastic people I adore were born in June. We usually have great weather in June. Hopefully June 2009 won't disappoint.

Life as of late...May highlights:

Made a quick $35 or so on knicky knacky odd ball stuff at a dear friend's garage sale. Brody and Cole were great sports at my side the whole morning/afternoon. I do enjoy a good garage sale every 4 years or so.

This guy made his folks proud by graduating preschool (with honors mind you). He's looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things next year. Things like recess and bus rides and checking out every Junie B. Jones book in the library.

The big fellas took a drive on the 'ole mower with grandpa this weekend. Emphasis on the word "drive." My father in law is a one of a kind grandpa. He really gets my boys and loves them. I appreciate his example and so enjoy watching them spend time together. What a fun guy. Sidenote-anyone else love Jack's face? friends, is SHEET ROCK! The process has begun and things are moving. It's been so nice to have great weather so Kyle (with his handy helpers) could get the outside painted while something is actually going on inside as well. A few more hours of trim work to go and I'm off to find outside lights!!!

Our beautiful appliance boxes. I can't imagine the love I'll feel for the actual appliances when they're finally opened.
So the house is moving along. Hopefully at a faster of late. In the meantime my house went on the market this weekend. It's been looked at by the same people 2x and it's being shown tomorrow again. Fingers crossed for a quick sale and decent offer. I'm already tired of wiping down sinks and keeping windows and mirrors clean, and its only been 2 day. Oh let this process go quickly.
Baby Kate is just kickin it....literally. 32 weeks and counting. I'm telling you, good things happen in June!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Slowly but surely..progress is made

This was last Sept. SOOOOO long ago.

Here we are as of last weekend. The pictures are pretty self explanatory but still they are exciting to share. Kyle's hoping to get the house painted at the end of the month along with saving the whales, feeding the homeless, and diminishing our carbon footprint.

The front porch posts will be wood wrapped and framed out- then eventually painted the whitish color of our trim. The house will hopefully be a dreamy shade of khaki that I found on a cute little bungalow here in town. It looked great on their house so I walked up to the front door and asked for some paint advice. Such a friendly community indeed!

The front door will have glass across the top as well- but of course something always has to not be quite the right size upon delivery.

Beautiful sheet rock.

Bad lighting-inside fireplace, better evidence pictures later.

Kyle and his brothers/dad slaved away in the blasted heat all day Saturday doing the "worst job humanely possible".....INSULATING DUCT WORK. Sorry fellas, boy do I appreciate your help. And now that everyone (almost) has their houses built, no more insulation!!!

The bonus room just 'itchin to be sheet rocked.

The big boys had a great day playing in the barn and catching frogs with cousin Sidney. Brody enjoyed being very TWO and telling his loving mother to just, "go away!" -So sweet.

So that's the report. We wait for our framing inspection this week and when that is finalized...the walls can FINALLY go up! Then the real fun begins..flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, the good stuff!

Oh, and when he's not building the house, or at work, or out saving the whales....he battles Jedi fighters in the backyard. Love that guy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The view from my Thursday

Nothing huge to report. It rained....again. Sooooo isn't helping the "Hooray for......Spring????" blues. My energy level is mediocre at best these days so at 9:05 after Jack left for school, I called it.....official stay at home all day-Day. AND, if you're 7 months pregnant and your wee babe is resting comfortably on your tail bone 24/7, pajama pants are completely appropriate.

We started off the day with our mid morning snack. Cole-"Mom, Bwody is starting to make a mess!"
Mom (who happens to be reading her morning news online) "O.k., I'll be just ONE second."
Cole-"Mom, the whole bag of bootay is dumped out on the count-o and all ov-o the flow."

Next up: A little brother play time. It started out so sweet and my room started off so clean.

We put in BOLT (which I still can't manage any desire to sit through myself but that's beside the point) and Brody just wanted some quiet time. So obviously he found the most comfy spot possible.
I just wanted to read my that too much to ask? I'm 23 pages in so far.

Finally, I baked treats. To me, that's what rainy /stay at home all day days are made for. I went for Peanut butter bars that did turn out pretty tasty if i do say so myself. To lessen the guilt factor 1/2 got shared to other willing calorie participants.
Now it's almost time for dinner. I made meatloaf that is smelling quite tasty in the oven. Am I the only one who enjoys an occasional meatloaf?
Hmm, maybe I am.
Well how about that, I finished my post. This was therapeutic for me. Instead of feeling like I didn't accomplish anything today I can say, I my pajamas..... at dinnertime.....when I should have been peeling potatoes.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts from Mother's Day..

Just like my birthday...I do enjoy a good Mother's day as well. I enjoy having Kyle make me breakfast in bed. I enjoy having all my little fellas and one big fella hang out together afterwards...minus the crumbs, not a fan of toast crumbs in my sheets. I enjoy receiving chocolate at church and being able to actually listen to my meetings. I enjoy getting hand made cards from my kids that say fantastic things like:
Jack: "I love to hear you sing in church."
What's your favorite thing about your mom...."her hair."
-Well, how 'bout that. I never knew.
Cole:What's your favorite thing about your mom...."she helps me take a bath." -Tis true.
As we sat in the drive through car wash this weekend I had yet another motherhood epiphany. The sun was shining, we had some groovin tunes going, and the fellas were singing and smiley. I looked back in my rearview mirror at all their handsome faces and just smiled....they are MINE! How lucky I am. I said a little prayer of thanks, sang along, and drove on through so grateful to be a mom!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dreams really do come true....

While anticipation builds on a daily basis for the arrival of one Ms. Kate, we were thrilled beyond measure to welcome a quite unexpected little "addition" to our family this week:
Isn't he just plain wonderful? And yes, he is sitting on a paper towel as to not spread any more germs from his questionable background.
You see, lucky Cole had some visitor from the community donate a "box of old toys" to his preschool and each little lucky duck got to choose a toy. Cole.....chose this fella. He said the selection was slim and I certainly believed him.
Parenting tip I learned quickly: Explain that you think that picking your own toy must have been pretty cool. Question why this particular figure was chosen. Express your thoughts on the disgustingness of this toy and how you feel it's not really appropriate nor would it EVER be bought by me at the store. Let toy recipient cry crocodile tears for a good 7-8 minutes. Invite said recipient back down stairs to join the family again and explain that I had made up a game plan for the arrival of this new...treasure. After he received a Clorox bath twice, he officially became an "outside toy" that will inevitably get mysteriously lost here any day now. In the meantime, tears were wiped and new game plan was agreed upon, as was his "most dithguthsting toy ev-o" title.