Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's about time

So here's the deal, I'm almost ready to post again. See, it's been 10 weeks since we have been cohabiting with my wonderful in-laws. On this very day our house to be has passed it's plumbing Final inspection and now only needs THEE FINAL FINAL inspection (which Kyle is all over). In a matter of days I will then move into my new lovely home with my things. My things which I have missed all being my own personal computer with all my which I will thus share.

Now, does anyone even read my blog anymore? I know how annoying it is seeing the same lame title of a post over and over again. I'm sure sorry about that. You see, the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep are still over powering my senses and frankly I'm just still so blasted tired. And I'm too computer retarded to download pictures on my in-laws computer...I know I'd mess something up so I just took a break hoping that soon I'd feel inspired to post again!

WE PASSED OUR PLUMBING FINAL>>..................I'm officially INSPIRED!!

So please, do me a small favor. If for any reason you would come back and read actual current posts, leave me a comment. I'm hoping that this 10 week (and counting) sebatical in crazy town is almost over and life (with pictures) will return. I'm hoping that I'll still have readers out there!

In the meantime....did I mention that WE PASSED OUR PLUMBING FINAL????!!!!!

Oh and baby Kate.....sittin pretty at 10.5 lbs!