Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How 'bout this snow...eh?!

This was my front porch the other morning. Our milk box was drowning in the white stuff. Well, that is until my big, strong, hunky, husband shoveled it all away. It kinda stunk when it all returned about 8 hours later.

Brody expressing my thoughts on this weather. Not a huge fan of snow. Maybe it's because I have never owned proper snow gear. I guess I had some killer moon boots when I was but a child, yet all these years later...nothing. It's totally my fault, I never take the time to buy actual, oh, say....snow boots, until my front porch looks like it does right now. And every year I'm finding that my Gap clearance rack rubber rain boots just don't insulate the footsies like say.....SNOW boots would. Maybe next week or year.
Like most of you, we've been semi- home bound for days. Church has been cancelled for the last 2 Sundays. School was delayed the first 2 days last week and CANCELLED THE LAST 3...yes, that means I have had EXTRA Christmas break time to add on to the next T-W-O weeks...hot dog! And- my stupid rubber boots are slippery !
So what have we been doing all week?

Church was cancelled again so I busted out the "Friend" magazine on Sunday to ya know, have a little spiritual time with Mr. Jack. He decided that nothing would be cooler than to write in a story for the front cover of when his prayers were answered. Things were going great, his description of said events were bringing tears to my eyes. I had high hopes. I told him to write it out in his own words and then I'd help him fix spelling etc. before we sent it in. Easy enough. I read his story..(great thoughts, a few spelling changes) and then proceeded to write it out so it would.....make a little more sense. I re-read my version to him and received major thumbs down. "That's not even what I wrote "-blah blah blah .

Cole seriously thought his pants looked fine. Yea, he strutted out of his room wearing Brody's jeans and didn't even blink an eye. This kid also habitually wears his socks completely right side up so the dirty heel part is on display up top. It drives me batty if the ankle part of my sock is at all off my actual ankle.....yea, upside down, all day, every day... if I don't twist them myself.

Just more evidence of my killer parenting skills this week. Who needs to watch their 2 year old and an open full box of CHEEZITS. The floor looked even better. FYI- new flavor of Sharp cheddar and Parmasean combo...totally delicious.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

House update

So it's completely and utterly freezing around these parts. I'm not a huge fan of being cold so this week has been a doozy. Lots of school delays and sweater wearing...not a lot of blogable stuff going on. However, here's a few semi recent photos of our house progress...it's coming along.
#1-Handsome tour guide Kyle in his front "office." We're having concrete stained floors so he's showing the tile/grid markings in his future retreat.

#2-View of part great room/eating area. The middle cutout with the window above it is where the stairs go up to the boys bedroom's. I am happy to report that in the last 2 weeks they have been added...along with the entire upstairs.
Happy children

View from the backyard.
So it's really starting to get exciting. Kyle went and priced out our windows today...wooo windows! It looks different every time I go out and visit. The inside walls are all set and now you can really tell where rooms/closets/a PANTRY (I've never had a real pantry before) will be.
In the meantime, I've got to go layer up...Jack will be waiting. I'm sure excited for him to ride a BUS next year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the season

It was that time of year again...time to make our pilgrimage to the motherland-Disneyland. Our family loves this place, we are firm believers in the fact that it is absolutely the "Happiest place on Earth!" I mean really, where else would you pay $4.50 for a giant strawberry dipped in chocolate because it's so "cute."
Brody got us ready to start the vacation after he unfortunately did a face plant on the airport floor. He bled all over Kyle's shirt and earned a grody fat lip. Just in time for pictures!

We love to meet my sister and her crew down for a week together-.It's always better with the Goffs.

Lost this kid TWICE. No kidding. Not fun. He's oblivious.

Ate a lot of this kinda stuff. Glad to be home eating lots of veggies.

Saw numerous contestants for "worst outfit of the year." One honorable mention was this GUY sporting a very female tank top. -seriously, there was no mistaking the fact....not a masculine look....at all! It was fun to get a good inside laugh to myself every time we zig zagged in line and there he was in all his girl tank glory.

Jack and Cole both got to use the force to fight Darth Vader and Darth Maul, super cool for two little Star Wars fans.

Love the haunted mansion decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas garb.

Lucky Kyle got the good seat on the way home. Two sweaty /sleepy heads wearing dirty clothes cause their mother didn't pack very well-on one side....elderly /weary traveler eating a hard boiled egg on the other.
Good Times!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So almost 2 is .........2!!!!

I have this little boy Brody...he is small...and very funny!!
Little Mr. Brody is our favorite number 3 boy. Oh I remember as if it were yesterday, checking into the hospital to wait for your arrival. Dad and I sat and watched "Superman" which seemed to go on for hours, that movie would never end. I of course was starving and feasting on delectable ice chips all afternoon. I was praying you would come before dinner time so I could call in my order before it was too late. Finally the time came and there you were! It was my smoothest and quickest delivery (20 minutes of pushing as compared to 1-2 hours with the other boys). You were so little, so beautiful...a very pretty baby.

Love your dark almond eyes!

What a fun, spunky, smart, handsome, mischievous dollhead you've turned into. You are loved and adored by all who meet you...especially your brothers. We love you sweet Brody Brod. How lucky I am to be your mom!
Happy Birthday to you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A few little tips worth sharing

Fish sticks in general should be banned in my opinion. But for some crazy reason lately...the whole Thomas gang has been enjoying them. I- being the sole purchaser of food for all the fellas, get to decide which fish sticks will be bought . I'm a little leary of exactly what type of "fish" is actually in a "fish stick." I usually just forget it and take a bite as to always be the shining beacon of etiquette to my boys. I'm walking down the isles the other day and spotted these....the name intrigued me....."Crisp AND healthy!" Could it be? Is there such a thing? Should I try them? I decided that nothing could be better than a crisp AND healthy fish stick and purchased the box.
LITTLE TIP: Don't do it, learn from me, "Crisp" shouldn't be used anywhere in the name description, don't bother, run far far away! I have found that few things are better in the "light" or "healthy" version... thus all things in moderation for yours truly. Stick to the real deal when dealing with:
Peanut butter
salad dressing (at least Ranch)

Now these little beauties will make the icky mystery fishy taste from lunch simply disappear. They are only in stores during the holidays and might I suggest you run really fast and buy numerous boxes to enjoy throughout this season. Run right past the frozen Van de Kamps and hit the blessed Keebler section.

Jack's tree decorating tip: " I love decorating in sections, so everything has its own..ya know, place on the tree."

Mom's decorating tip: " Hey honey, I can't find the tree top and the Mickey lights aren't working...grrrrr, don't waste your time setting it up, I haven't the foggiest idea as to where it could be....!!
"Wow, that looks fantastic!"