Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halftime report...

We're almost half way through our eternal ..did I say eternal..I meant exceptional football season. As the endless..did I say endless...I meant exciting weeks go by, things are actually looking pretty good! Jack is finally figuring out this crazy game and I'm proud to say earned a spot on the starting line up. Last week's game was "away" and who knew we'd be playing at Hogwarts?!

Stadium High School, right by the water ..isn't it gorgeous? My high school looked nothing like this.  The literal stadium consisted of solid concrete bleachers with zero handrails and steep stairs of death. One way in, one way out. The stairs up to the parking garage went on for miles. What was totally awesome was that it started raining a tad bit before halftime and then dumped the entire rest of the game. And the fact that my umbrella was warm and dry sitting in the car 4, 357 stairs straight up was equally awesome.
I had to retrieve the umbrella.
 My top half stayed dry, the bottom half was soaked, that's right, solid concrete bleachers.

The tough guy shot.
Jack made 4 tackles and his confidence is growing with each game. I'm proud of my boy for keeping a good attitude,  trying something new, working hard, and earning a starting position. I'm just proud I went and got my umbrella.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another year begins....

Well..the first week of school is the bag. It really was a fabulous start. No whining, just happy attitudes and cute faces. The weather was even lovely...who knew? Jack is officially a 4th grader which blows my mind. I remember teaching 4th grade when I was pregnant with him. I love the 9-10 year old age group. They're still young enough to love you (and shower you with gifts such as stolen jewelry from their older sister's jewelry box) and want to help in any way possible. Yet they're old enough to get and give sarcastic banter, learn fractions and state capitals, and write incredibly detailed stories. So I'm thrilled for my very own 4th grader....this will be a fun year. 

My Cole is in 2nd grade and he's.... pumped!! I think if I write that he's pumped maybe my enthusiasm will ooze into his casual little being and spark some Emotion!! He loves school in a calm, cool, and collected kind of way. He's a smarty pants and has already "become a friend with the new kid!" -That's my boy.

Brody Brod has FINALLY entered preschool and all is FINALLY right with the world. I gotta admit, I love the kid and his sassafrass attitude and I was kind of bummed that he was making the move to preschool. However, those 3 hours- twice a week are turning out to be quite enjoyable for both of us. It's a win win.

So that leaves me with my darling buddy Kate all day long. I'm so glad I have her...she's a gem.
 She wasn't too thrilled to see the fellas leave, especially Brody which I found odd since she's usually in a Brody induced head lock 1/2 the day. -Whatever. We're really good at running errands, making/eating smoothies, and painting our nails. It's gonna be a good year....I can feel it!