Monday, March 28, 2011

March..let's just call it a month shall we...

First of all the tub is complete...I repeat, the-tub-is-complete. It only took a year and a half but by golly, I may just start using the darn thing. I really do enjoy glass tile very much..very, very much. Big kuddos to my oh so attractive live-in handy man who makes it all come together so nicely.

Onto the family review:

 We finally gave the much thought about go ahead and let  Jack try-out for football this year. I'm dreading the practice schedule and the price and the game schedule and the price and the commitment needed and the price ......but man is he excited!! We've all decided to see how this year goes and really be supportive. We're not a football family but you have to start somewhere. Let's hear it for father and son football throwing time in the backyard...yea! I can cheer for that!


Jack's signature Ralph Lauren pose with my "unknowingly borrowed" camera. Do all brothers do this on a boring Sunday afternoon?

When Kyle is gone...we eat a tad bit differently around these parts. The pressure is usually on to feed the hard working husband each night and I take great pride in doing just that. I honestly do love cooking. However, when that pressure is in Hannah Montana at the ranch....pressure gone. Exhibit A: Star Wars dinner-
Light sabers
Vader taters
Boba Fett baked beans
chewbacca (?) carrots...I know, I know it doesn't rhyme but anything that started with a C and was nutritious made it to the plate
Yoda Soda
Leah Buns (cinnamon rolls) for dessert
I had scrambled eggs and toast, see no pressure.

Very spirited for St. Patty's Day.

Kate is daily growing into toddler hood in all it's toddler hood glory. Most days I find her whining at my feet for yet another  fruit snack or whining on the floor cause she can't quite fit comfortably into her doll stroller. Life's tough when your almost 2.

Brody is finally mastering the art of cleaning the downstairs bathroom solo, that is without complaining as well.  At first I have to silently cringe and let him do his thing. Then I return,  re-teach and give the bathroom a little wipe down once over and voila.....he's happily cleaned something!

Cole is reading all the time and EVERYWHERE. I love it except for when I'm calling him for dinner, telling him to brush his teeth, reminding him to pack his snack in his backpack, waiting for him to join us for prayer, or any other time I need his attention.

Boring Sunday pose #2 entitled "Hands on hips"
The usual suspects. "Mom, you are not going to like this. Kate just took out all the Kleenexes..but I saved a few for you."
Another boring Sunday pose. boys do this?

And with that question I will leave you with a Brody quote of the day:
-While gathering my mass of primary bags and other paraphernalia after church I send Jack out to the car to immediately retrieve Brody who has already made his way to the parking lot, alone...fantastic. When we finally make it out to the car Jack says, "Mom you're not gonna believe what Brody told about 12 adults as they walked to their cars just now?!' 

Oh boy, the anticipation is boiling over.

"He said........ (insert official Brody quote here)
"Hey everybody don't step on this (pointing to greeny- slimey- fuzzy- Seattle area moss found all over the ground) it's Jabba the Hut boogers and you DO NOT want to step on those!"

And isn't that the truth?! I wouldn't want to step on Jabba's boogers either. Ya think it was that Star Wars themed dinner I was so crazy about?  

Friday, March 18, 2011

A little 'somethin came in the mail today...

Who doesn't love getting mail? It's pretty much a universal truth. Today our black and boring mail box produced a glowing gem of publication, a dream come true for my Lego loving four year old. Weeks ago I signed him up to receive his very own copy of the Lego  catalog and simply forgot about that little detail. came!

Original song overheard from the other room:
"I can't believe it, I totally got one-
I really wanted it, and now I have it-
It's my magazine with Diagon Alley it's so cool, I can't believe it!"

We're all about the lyrics around here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A real life conversation with Cole...

*After slaving away once again preparing dinner for my starving off-spring, I tried for the 4th time no less to get some movement out of this kid and help set the table. Our conversation went a little something like this:
 "Hey, Mr. Cole....could you please throw your gum wrapper away and pick up your markers and paper off the table?"

 -Remember..4th time, no joke.

Finally some response- "What did you say to do mom?"

"I said, spin around 5 times and then do a perfect handstand..with your eyes closed."

Completely serious response: "Why would you say doesn't make any sense?"

And that folks about sums it all up.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday # 35

I love the month of March for many reasons. One giant reason for my love is the celebration of my blessed birth. My darling mom recites my birth story every year: "I was mopping the floor and suddenly thought..hmmm, that doesn't feel so good. So I called dad and who should arrive at my doorstep before him but my visiting teachers. The contractions were coming on really strong and I needed to go to the hospital but they just wanted to talk about their birth stories. Dad got there, I got in the car and we waved to the chatty ladies on my doorstep as we drove to the hospital."-love that story.
Come on, birthdays are fun.
Fabulous and lengthy..a great combination, dinner out with my beautiful and hysterical friends. I'm seriously blessed with fantastic women in my life who showered me with thoughtful and lovely gifts!

A fantastic husband who loves to work and hates to buy presents... hence my tub is finally getting tiled AND the amount of presents I received once again from my husband/children=ZERO. I adore the guy but this "I stink at buying gifts" excuse is reeeeeally wearing thin. I'm 35 now and we celebrate lots of holidays in our house. You do the present receiving math.  "Mom I haven't gotten you anything and dad hasn't said a word." -Jack

I did plan a little family fun lunch so everyone could enjoy the wonder of a birthday! Mediocre spaghetti but excellent conversation and company.

I even got Kate to smile for a picture. She may not be looking at the camera but we're making some strides here.

"When's my birthday again mom?"
"December 6th."

The evening festivities consisted of grilling some steaks, drinking some Martinellis, devouring a new pound cake/with strawberries and lime zest recipe, and watching Secretariat...the slow moving slightly touching true story of that amazing race horse who crazy enough....won every race. There ya go...happy birthday to ME. 

So 35 has arrived and I'm feeling pretty good about it!