Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a toss up...

I can't decide what little mundane event from my week was more awesome.....

#1-Brody insistent upon pouring out his OWN Ranch dressing at dinner. (I've banned Costco sized Greg's Ranch from any future purchases). Plus, there was no yelling in the clean up process. Just an unwanted camera click and lots of under the breath laughing at my four year olds expense. Poor Batman.


#2- Spilling my entire 24 oz. package of BLUEBERRIES on the floor in the checkout line at Costco this morning. Those babies rolled on FOR-EV-ER!

Good, good times!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovin it...

I really do enjoy Valentines Day. It's just fun to talk about loving  people and doing nice things for eachother and talking with a little more kindness and eating things that are sweet and having my kids wear red.
The fellas..2009 with their giant chocolate milk dud eyes and red shirts.

Ah, just look at my Katey Kate in her hearty heart dress PERFECT for the big day of L-O-V-E. Please note the red shirt on vest on Brody for future reference.

Look at that... we've gotten another year's worth of wear out of the red shirt and red vest. It's so great having 3 boys. And last but certainly not least...I must admit that all my mothering dreams come true each time Kate wears these tights. Focus on the tights, not the scowl. She really is a very happy and delightful  child. I LOVE IT ALL!! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Viva Las Vegas.....

If you ever find your way down to Vegas say for an awe inspiring sheet metal trade show or something like that...might I suggest you try a few things:

Try opening your curtains every morning and not smiling when this is the site that greets you. Good morning Eiffel Tower and shaded ice pool..isn't it lovely?  

Please indulge in the best lemon chicken ever to be consumed. The green beans cooked to perfection were equally incredible.

Go to Bobby Flay's MESA Grill. I am a huge Bobby fan and his sauces did not disappoint. This my friends his signature BBQ sauce. It was simply-spicely-divine. I tried making it at home..obviously not as good as Mr. Flay, but pretty tasty none the less.

Not the most amazing thing I've ever eaten but still very tasty. Can you tell what it is? I had a signature Chile Relleno (?) stuffed with too much cheese and not enough eggplant and coated in a cornmeal crust. Right up my alley in theory but not exactly what I was expecting. The sauces oh man, if I only knew what they were it would be even more of a thrill.  Mystery hot pink sauce....ya got me?!

If I were a wafe and could eat anything /anytime I would eat Serendipity's frozen hot cocoa daily...maybe evening hourly. It's that tasty to me. I am far from wafe and I'm still thinking about it. 

Because you're a History channel nerd and do enjoy a good "Pawn Stars" episode...Google the location and do a drive by, preferably late at night in the creepy part of town. And when the sign says Open 24 hours in giant red neon lights -don't get too excited to go in and see it for yourself. Read the hand written note on the front door that states the "new" hours and watch the shady workers staring back at you from the inside and just walk away. It's probably for the best.

Take lame picture after lame picture in hopes of getting ONE decent shot of both of you withOUT double chins. Hard to do.

Meet up with -even for 30 minutes in Paris :)- your darling cousin Amy who lives in LV. and you don't see near enough. Laugh about kids, siblings, old times at Utah State and just life in general. 

Visit the completely impressive Hoover Dam and learn oodles of interesting facts such as: Workers who weren't issued a hard hat dipped their baseball hats in tar to protect their heads. How 'bout that for safety standards.
And then question the chances of the "favorite shot of the entire trip" being taken at the Hoover Dam with a lovely background of power poles, rock and cement...oh and shade...lots of shade.

Try not to worry that you can't find a good Pillow Pet kiosk. Never fear...they're right next Willy Wonka, Mr. T, Batman and the lady with very-very little clothing on.

So there ya go.....Las Vegas! You were quite fabulous in a let's go shopping, keep your blinders on and just enjoy the food kinda way!

Monday, February 7, 2011

And now...the LEGO post....

Behold.. an 8 year old Lego lovers dream come true!

In my neck of the woods there lives an A.F.L... "Adult Fan of Legos." This particular "AFL" has an amazingly jaw dropping collection of Legos and just so happens to work for the BSA or Boys Scouts of America. You combine those 2 together and get: The BrickScout Jamboree.  Long story short, this cool guy/scout master from another ward invited my little cub pack to attend this fabulous event... a day full of games, building, trivia and competition ALL things LEGO!!  

Just a few pictures from the big day.....
One of the many and totally clever games to play around the gym. Mr. Jack actually took 1st place......he was very pumped about that. Good thing Cole came to visit at lunch time and wore his smarty pants...I'm just sayin.

Jack's Harry Potter creation.

The "Whomping Willow" ...or something like that.

Mini figures everywhere....

The Wolf and Hogwarts

Cole and Kyle competing in the "speed build" round. Everyone got a random bag of legos and built something cool in the 5 minute time limit. Judges came around and picked a winner. Skittles just for isn't everyone a winner with that result?!

A photographer from Boy's Life magazine was there to document the whole event. Word on the street is that sometime in the months to come these Lego lovers will grace the pages of this fine publication.

Pretty cool huh?!

This was such a fun activity that obviously took a ton of planning and effort to pull off. We felt really lucky to get the invite. So there you have it. The ideas are already spinning for next year.