Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk-or-treat and pumpkin SWEETS

Oh how we love the annual Trunk-or-treat. Captain Jack, Magic Man, and happy pants were rip roaring and ready to go.

Happy Pants + suckerS= LOVE
Cute cousins consuming massive amounts of sugar and goo as their proud parents look on.

I hosted an "Everything Pumpkin" cooking class today. Everyone brought their favorite pumpkin treat and left with a headache and a tums for the ride home. Fall get togethers are fun, especially when pumpkin is involved. Next month, soup! Any de-lish soup recipes you feel like sharing?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week/end Review

O.k. so this week we've just been hangin out in our costumes. Whatever superpower you felt like expressing...go with it. SuperCole and "Silly guy" were using their powers to play just a tad bit better for a tad bit longer on Playhouse Disney. I'm happy to report that it worked wonders. Their finger/eye coordination was out of this world.

It was cute Mr. Cole's turn to go with his preschool to the Pumpkin patch. I love that this kid picked up the very first pumpkin he saw, all deformed and moldy and said, "He-o mom, this one is gweat!" We decided to search a little longer and look for one that didn't have any goo coming out of it. I'm sure the preschool "guided" tour was fantastic. However, the tour I was privileged to take with this SOOO almost 2 year old kept stopping at the yappy dog house and the produce/snack stand.

Chocolate milk made EVERYTHING better!

Primary program time again. For my "get all the songs down PAT" bribing treat I made 65 caramel popcorn balls. It seemed so right at the time. However, after about hour #3 of molding the greasy,gooey goodness into balls and wrapping them each individually, I came to a few conclusions. I need a good chiropractor, I LA HUV my new apron that my favorite sister made me for a "fall surprise", and a quick trip to Costco for a tub 'o Red Vines is the better choice for next time.

Halloween Party Time!
The boys have been counting the days till the Robert's party. We love having fun friends that want us to come over, especially in costume. So please may I introduce. Kyle:the 30's newsboy or "Newsie" as he loved being referred to. Kari, the 50's housewife (notice the apron...dual purpose). Might I add that I came up with these amazing costumes in all of about 20 minutes -Cost- $0.00 Thankyou very much. Jack -Mr. SCARY (who started the evening out as Mr. Silly, but had a change of heart/attitude). Cole- Spiderman of course. Brody- SOOOO almost 2 year old with a skeleton shirt.

Our favorite Host: Does the Ipod shadow guy from the commercials ring any bells? His dancing was spot on. I'm so not that clever.

No kidding, I was going to reprise my Princess Lea costume from 10th grade complete with authentic buns on the side of my head and everything. I couldn't find a white turtle neck, the dress seemed waaay shorter than when I was 16, it just wasn't working for me, (hence the 50's housewife getup). It had to be an all or nothing outfit. I was SO glad I didn't make the mistake of coming like a..ya know, mediocre princess Lea. Look who walked in the door......the lovely Lea herself. That would have been SOOOO embarrassing.

That's right, MR. SCARY took the big one, FIRST place in the costume contest. There's total jubilation under all that blue!

Kyle has been working like a mad man all week.The house is coming along, slowly. These black pipes.....will someday turn into my kitchen island. The island that will house a deep beautiful sink, counter space to actually roll out a pie crust on, and enough room for barstools for everyone. Ah, someday.

Our friendly next door neighbor. These little love notes went up this week as well. They are way excited to have us build a house.

And finally today, the Primary Program. I love my boys, they are simply the best. Jack did a fantastic job on his "2 minute temple talk". He reads like an all-star and it makes me just smile listening to him. Cole pulled through for his class full of SHYness. He repeated their memorized quote right into the microphone, with all his darling lisps and speech impediments, perfectly. Fun day to be a mom of 3 darling boys! (Like Cole's tie)
Now I just need to clean off the lens on my camera.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can you say "Quirky"

O.k. Lorri- this is for you:

There are many things that I do that would be considered a little "cooky," however, for the sake of this post-we will refer to them as my special "quirks":

1. I am a big fan of oral hygiene. I brush at all hours of the day. I buy new toothbrushes often. My night time routine consists of brushing/flossing/brushing again. Then, it's time for chapstick application, only Natural Ice will do. I've tried other brands, they just don't fit the bill. Put simply, I like the feeling of clean teeth.

2. I HAVE to have a fruit or vegetable at lunch and dinner. I grew up this way so it has been ingrained in my brain. I truly enjoy vegetables and don't feel that a meal is nutritious or balanced if there isn't some form of veggie on my plate.-zucchini, broccoli, green beans, squash, you name it. On nights when I don't feel like making anything and I just pick up a pizza (for example), I'll serve salad,green beans or carrot sticks and apple slices to balance off the pizza guilt. I've even been known to serve salad with every meal AND a veggie or two. Kyle has just learned to roll with it and eat! I think it's really important to get your kids comfortable with fruits and veggies early. I do have 3 boys that love asparagus! Oh and all vegetables must be eaten before dessert is questions. And yes, dessert is a priority at our house.

3. I have no problems wearing the same outfit 2 days in a row
If it looked cute, I felt good in it, I wasn't seen by those who I'd see again the next day, and it didn't get all means, put it on again!

4.I always look behind shower curtains/under my car:
Blame it on an old "Charlie's Angels" episode I saw growing up. Picture a young and sexy Kate Jackson applying makeup in her bathroom completely unaware of the fact that a man in an Ape suit is on the other side of her shower curtain! ARE YOU KIDDING ME....creep me out. I do not like being scared and just prefer knowing that there isn't anyone behind my curtain, or anyone else's curtain for that matter. I also make sure that no one's hangin out under my car as well...I keep my eyes open....always open!

5.I organize toys by "Themes":
Kyle thinks this is "quirky" about me, I beg to differ. I like things organized, sue me. Yes, action figures in one box, blocks in another, Mr. Potato Head, pretend food, babyish reject toys, etc. each have their own clear rubbermaid bin for easy access and minutes of enjoyment.

6. I cannot work out with makeup on...YUCK!
I am a sweater. Not a v-neck, or a turtleneck, not even a ribbed, but a gal who sweats when she works out. I enjoy sweating, it feels good to me, like I've done my job. I don't understand ladies who come in to "workout" with a full face of makeup on. Why? EEEUUU. I could hear the zits forming if I did that. It just seems so gross. No makeup, clean face.....lots of sweat!

Boy, those aren't very interesting but that 's what ya get. Anyone else want to share?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It was the best of was the worst of times (Pumpkin Patch edition)

I should have known that flying solo at the Pumpkin Patch was not such a hot idea. Reasons why: 1. I wasn't in the best of moods to begin with.
2. We had just gotten done with our Primary program practice, boys did great-I was tired from singing/leading/singing/leading, blah blah, blah
3. It was almost dark, yes, we were racing the sun. Around here, fall means RAIN and this was one afternoon/evening where it wasn't raining so we had to go. 4. All kids were hungry 5. BRODY is almost TWO.

Biggest hit was the jump house.

2nd biggest hit...climb up the hay stacks and slide down the slide...easy enough. Brody decided that going down the yellow safety ladder head first seemed like a bit more entertaining. Yea, that was fun busting up those hay bails just in time to save my child from plummeting over the edge. Ah gees! Just slide down the slide!!

We moved on to actually picking pumpkins.
Brody's enthusiasm for riding in the wagon as opposed to running through the parking lot was simply electric!!
We are equal opportunity pumpkin pickers.

After everyone finally picked a pumpkin and Brody quit crying, all was well, for a good 4 minutes. Then Jack decided he should take over all driving responsibilities with the wagon. Brody + pumpkins = too heavy for Jack to maneuver. I'm trying to explain this concept in a "loving way," keep spazzy from falling out, and head to the cash register without going crazy. Then Jack exclaims very dramatically, "This is the worst night ever!" -Oh, music to a single mom's (on this night) ears who has just spent the day running errands with a whiny 2 year old whose afternoon naps are really lacking in quality, picked up children from school, provided a quick/ yummy snack and helped dress said children before she whisked them off to Primary program practice, leads the music for practice, takes said children home to change clothes so that they can BEAT THE SUN BEFORE IT GOES DOWN, and PICK PUMPKINS, and HAVE FUN!!

No kidding, later that night after we met dad for a very silent dinner , Cole is holding my hand and says, (in all sincerity) "Mom, that was the best night EV-O!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick quote from Cole

Cole: " Mom, did you know that when you awe suwpwised yo mouth looks like a ciwcle!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postcard from Maui

I know seeing pictures from my vacation aren't at all thrilling to most of you. However, these pics absoLUTEly thrill my sister who has been waiting with baited breath to see the trip-so my deepest apologies to anyone who is currently yawning or eye rolling.

The CAR: My bro-in-law got a "sweet deal" on convertibles, so this was our ride. Consequently, I got "sweet hair" each day.

The HOTEL: This was the view from our balcony. So fantastic to wake up to each day. The sink faucet was also thrilling, check it out.

The LUAU: Saw WAAAY too much of this guy. The raciest luau I have ever seen, yikes! Where's the good 'ole fashioned grass skirts, even for the fellas?

The SHAVE ICE: By far the best treat on the island. It looks like we were feasting off straight ice but noooo,that was just the delectable coconut and pina colada flavoring. We practically drove the whole island comparing shave ice joints. We have our priorities!

Such a cool place. We were lucky to hit the last tour of the day. Our little group of 4 got our own personal trip through the plantation. Anything tropical that we eat, love to look at, or smell...was growing here...gorgeous.
-Mark and Kyle trying freshly opened coconut flesh. It was so good.
Apple banana trees.
One of the unexpected benefits of arriving at the last tour time was random fresh fruit sampling courtesy of our worn out tour guide.

Some people tip toe through tulips, we did the coffee fields.

The giant scoop that collects all the sugar cane after its been burned and ready to harvest.

The SNORKELING: I'm not a huge fan of ocean swimming. Pool swimming ..YEA...ocean swimming...BOO! Anyway, I took one for the team and went out to explore just for a little while. Seeing an incredible Sea Turtle made my efforts worth it. And yes, he was 100 years old.

The FOOD: I love to eat. I love to cook. I don't usually eat OR cook anything like this, so this vacation was most enjoyable. On the menu this fine evening-grilled Ono and Mahi Mahi in some fantastic vanilla-ginger sauce with the coolest mixture of veggies...beets, peppers, green beans. I LOVED it!

And for dessert, ice cream sandwiches with hot fudge and raspberry sauce.

The ROAD TO HANA: They say the "Road to Hana" is a must. I beg to differ. Hana is the tiny little town on the other side of Maui. It takes a good 2 1/2 hours of one laned bridged roads that twist and turn over and over and over again. The sites along the way are gorgeous ie: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon bamboo fields, old rock churches in tiny old school villages, and crashing waves against lava rocks. The coolest thing we saw when we FINALLY got there was a beautifully maintained green with white shudders and porch -building that I thought must be a community center of some sort. It did my heart proud to see the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" sign outside the door.

I'm glad we did it, but next time (I highly doubt it)we'll leave with a FULL tank of gas and without the keys to Mark's car in OUR glove box. So,
so Sorry about that one.
I being of sound mind decided against attaching myself to a wedgie inducing harness- attached to a simple cable and flying through the air hundreds of feet above the ground. No thanks. The pictures would have been WAY cooler if my camera was WAY faster. Still fun to watch, still no desire to try it.

Overall, fantastic trip, fantastic company and can't wait to take our kids one day. Big thanks to my amazing in-laws who watched and loved our boys ALL week. It was so nice to not worry and actually relax and enjoy myself. We've finally climatized and traded out all short sleeves for turtlenecks. Till next season my dear flip flops.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Eight years ago today, Kyle and I took the plunge. I truly believe that whom you choose to marry is the biggest and most important decision of your life. I couldn't have made a better choice!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things to do before I go on a little trip

Man it has been a crazy week. You know the kind where there is something on the calendar for every night and you barely see your spouse? Well, that's the kind of week I'm talking about. However, this week has come to a close and next week is what I'm talkin 'bout.
Big Fun from this weekend included:

Take the fellas to our WARD CARNIVAL:
Such a great time every year. Our activities people are fantastic and really put on a party. My personal fave game was "Feed the Bishop"-tossing plastic food into a giant honey jar was a big hit.

I was hoping for an "action shot" and lucky me, I got one. Can you say, hot dog!


It has been sketchy weather all week around here and it called for "showers" today. That is totally what I wanted to run in today - showers. Especially because this race was in the forest ....on a hiking trail, dodging branches, avoiding puddles, wet leaves, enormous tree roots, mud, natives with spears, you know, your typical 5k. It was actually kinda fun and kept my mind and eyes focused on the ground right in front of me. When I hit the death hill (seriously straight up) at about 2.5 miles, that wasn't so fun. I did contemplate barfing but I worked through that one . My running partner (love her) Carole kept me going and I so appreciate her. We finished strong, no stopping. I was not intimidated by participants wearing Dove shorts, tank tops, or the elderly who passed me at mile 1. Jack is gonna do it with me next year!

Buy my poor kid some decent socks:

When they dress themselves and then stuff their clothes in their drawer, I forget about things like "holey" socks. After Jack's handstand performance at FHE I soon thought "holy cr@p" who would let their child wear those things?!

Document house progress:

There's my cute hubby and fantastic bro-in-law Mark soaking wet, working on the underground plumbing today. It has seriously been a wind/rain storm all day and these two have been plumbing animals. Grandpa Larry was workin like a champ right along with them. I so appreciate their help.

Blue stuff is installation I guess. I learn something new everyday. Like the foundation..pretty huh?!!

So these things had to been done before Sunday, for that my friends is a day of REST. I am quite anxious to sit down with my family TOGETHER and listen to our Prophet speak during General Conference. Monday morning Kyle and I (along with his 2 bros and their wives and 5 other foreman from work and their wives ) are headed to Maui. Yes, In 48 short hours I will be thousands of miles away from my boys and alone with my husband, go figure. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful and excited, it's just the guilt factor. Hopefully the luau and pedicure we have lined up will slap that guilt right out of me. My wonderful in-laws will be receiving sainthood when this week is all over.
Till then-Aloha