Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lucky #7

Since his mother does not scan, and a digital camera was but a mere dream seven years ago, Mr. Jack's birthday mini photo montage will begin at about age 3... (even with the weirdie rashy skin issue of 2005). I just love this kid and his round cheeks and his greeny eyes. (Ya think Cole needed a haircut?)

Mr. Jack has an imagination and can come up with the most clever costumes. I have absolutely no clue what his game plan on this get up was but talk about clever!!

Jack finds the humor in little things...silly things, kinda like his mother.

Jack is a big cousin fan!

I just threw this one in there cause I thought it was funny.

Jack is the perfect oldest kid for our family. He watches over his brothers and is a tender heart which I so appreciate. He's obedient. He's the first one up in the morning with his bed made and outfit picked out. He's a great helper around the house, no one can haul up laundry baskets (without complaint) and set the table like Mr. Jack. He has a quick wit about him and catches onto things...he's a funny funny guy! We're sure lucky that he turned 7 today!
We adore you Jack Lendell......Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A few topics to discuss

Topic ONE: NEW House
First off, may I introduce you to my new garage doors. I'm quite fond of them. Kyle picked out and ordered them all by himself and once again, he came through with flying colors. The sheet rock is up and currently being taped/finished. It's amazing how different a house looks when all the wood is covered up by walls!! The driveway/walkways are being poured by Kyle and his handy helpers (thanks fellas) tomorrow so we are making progress! It's a good thing because.........

Topic TWO: Old house

We thankfully sold our house.......unfortunately in 3 days which means July 7th we are officially homeless. My amazingly helpful and loving in-laws are once again welcoming us to live with them for the summer while Kyle finishes the house. I am so thankful for their generosity. I have to think of the positives (Sold the house in crappy market, only had to show it for one weekend, 2 months without a mortgage payment, warm and lovely home to stay at while we are without an address) or the negatives (NO BACKYARD WITH A GATE SO MY SPASTIC BRODY CANNOT ESCAPE, no swing set/trampoline, ward hopping limbo, husband still won't be home at night AND oh yea, another baby due within the month, school will be out in 5 short days )-will reduce me to gently rocking back and forth in the corner of the room. I choose to think positive. My in-laws have thee best yard for exploring (it just needs a very large Brody gate or possibly a shock collar) and so my attitude and energy will be focused on keeping him in the yard. Or maybe I should focus on the fact that he is also no longer a fan of staying in his crib. In fact as I type I can hear him upstairs.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is 9:45 p.m.......he's TWOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? That will be another fun aspect of my summer living headquarters. All 3 crazies in 1 room and no more crib. Ugh-give me strength!

Topic THREE: Waiting room

So my favorite story of the past 2 weeks has been: Celery Lady. Let me set the stage for you:

I had the pleasure last week of taking my lovely mother to a dr. appt downtown Seattle. Now I love the Emerald city and all but no sane person can deny that once you cross into the city limits....weirdies (or people with zero inhibitions) are everywhere.

With that being said, picture yourself in a dr.s office, a rather large one at that. There are maybe 50 seats available. You are seated near the door with your purse sitting on the seat next to you-reading a delightful issue of Country Living magazine. There is one gentlemen seated on the complete opposite side of this expansive waiting room but other than that...empty. A woman with the total Seattle vibe walks in, checks in, and proceeds to sit down.......RIGHT NEXT TO MY PURSE. Yes, there we were, the 3 amigos, 1-2-3...all snuggly and close to each other in that gigantor waiting room. I'm sorry, why do people do that? Why on earth do people choose to sit NEXT to another person when there are 48 other chairs available? Well, if that wasn't awesome enough she proceeds to pull out a baggy full of ..............CELERY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you even kidding me? While my left pointer finger was lodged into my eardrum to mask the sound of her hideous crunching, I thought of all the quiet foods she could have chosen to bring into a waiting room instead. What's wrong with:



-red vines

-a nice quiet slice of bread

-maybe even a few grapes but CELERY. It was about a 7 minute chomping session I had to endure, with only my red purse serving as a buffer zone.

Topic FOUR: Backyard water cheapness.
Yes, this is our only surviving pool. Our ultra cool one from last year still has those microscopic holes that drive my husband nuts. You know the ones where you think you got them patched and so you get all excited and fill 'er up and the next morning it's empty and flat....yea those holes. And seeins that we're moving and all, we're making due. So here we are with our buddies...making a pathetically small plastic purple pool.

Topic FIVE: The Littlest Cricket

Jack had the sweetest gig the last two weeks at school- reading the part of "littlest cricket" for his reader's theater. I'm so glad he loves school and loves to read with "expression" and had his name picked from all the other Popsicle sticks. Cute cricket.

Topic Six: Lowes is never a fun place to go with 3 spastic boys!

Do I really need to explain anything?

Topic Seven: Indoor camping =latest craze

Kids are funny. I'm kinda partial to my kid's funniness and lately it's been "Indoor Camping." They get their sleeping bags, stuff them in the
backpacks, fill up their water bottles, get out their guns to shoot animals (nice) and camp in each room of the house. It's so cute to listen to their deep and clever camper insights.

My little brother Allen had this t-shirt when we were younger. It was baby blue and had the word "TEXAS" written across the front and each letter was attached to a balloon. It was thus named the :Texas Balloon Shirt. We all hated that shirt simply because we saw it so often. I do believe my sister resorted to "hiding it" if my memory serves me correct. See the two little Thomas boys in the middle of this you see where I'm going with this?
Topic NINE and TEN: Life in the triage unit:
So I'm holding steady at 34 weeks. The last 2 weeks have been dr. visit mania. In a nutshell: at 32 weeks during a routine NST (non stress test) Kate's heart started having an arithmea (?) it was beating up in the 187-200 bpm. It did that on Monday when my dr. wasn't there. They sent me to the hospital to have me monitored and have an ultrasound to make sure all was well with her cord etc. She calmed down, so did I and I finally got to go home hours later. I was told to come back that Wed. so my regular dr. could see me. I had another NST on Wed. and she did great, normal as ever. Came back on Friday (yes that's my 3rd visit in a week) for a routine NST and she does it again....totally high heartbeat and an ultrasound shows her heart just going nuts. I'm sent back to the hospital triage unit for monitoring and ultrasound. Given an IV to get her hydrated and she eventually calms down again. Of course my dr. is leaving for a weeks vacation that night and gives me her cell phone # to call if anything happens. She schedules me to be monitored at the hospital all weekend and then have another ecocardiogram on Kate's heart Monday morning. The eco showed nothing "of concern" which was great and any other testing will obviously be done when she is born. So all in all, INSANELY crazy dr. visits the last few weeks. She's been great my last few appts. In fact today the little darling finally flipped head down!!! I'm so excited to meet her I can hardly stand it.
So THAT ladies, is my low down. I applaud those of you who made it through its entirety. I must now retire to my bed. I will first stop in to see where Brody has fallen asleep. Will it be on the floor in his room, on the stairs, or spread eagle in the middle of the hall? The possibilities are limitless!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's coming

Not that anyone has been waiting on pins and needles for any updates from the Thomas clan.... I'm just throwin' a few subjects of interest out there into blogville that will be covered soon. I don't know exactly when "soon" is, but it will happen. Wow, I don't even know if my last sentence was an actual complete sentence. Anyhoo, what I do know is that it is 11:08 p.m. and that my friends is not the time to start a big fat juicy blog. So until then, nibble on these topics to be discussed at a later date:
-Life in the triage unit (of the birthing center)
-CELERY chewing in a waiting room
-Jack landing the lead role as the "littlest butterfly"
-The selling of my home in 3 short days
-Moving by July 7th
-Prospects of how events will unfold in the next 3-4 weeks
-Cole's new shirt
-Brody's new attitude

Thrilling and more coherent post to come.