Monday, January 9, 2012

Thomas Holiday Montage...Christmas Eve

Looking back the holidays were quite wonderful. Nothing over the top fantastic to report, just a lot of simple good 'ole family time together. I decided to step up my game a bit and really put some effort into making it a pleasant, delicious, and enjoyable for all! I gotta admit, Kyle and I were high 'fivin all night long over the Christmas Eve meal we produced. Eveything from roasted turkey breast to homemade rolls and cranberry sauce, it turned out so good. I made myself close my eyes and bask in the current beauty of my life on Christmas Eve. All the kids were outside playing and I was alone in my sun filled kitchen all afternoon listening to every Christmas song ever made and cooking up a storm. It truly, was heavenly.

We got pretty serious about fun around our house. The Wii came downstairs for the big show!

I couldn't resist. I saw this idea on a blog and had to do it. Who doesn't love snow globes? I mean come on... especially ones with your kids in puffy coats and jingle bells?


Jack left a note for Santa asking him to "sign at the bottom....anything you'd like, just so I can prove to my friends that you really ARE real."

Love the kids, the magic, the treats, the smiles, the fun.....


Molly Dukeman said...

Look at your darling children! I love the last picture of a group hug.

kir said...

I am so imppressed with your festive meal, lovley decor, and most of all, the sweet snow globes!! We are so snow-globing for this Christmas, Curtis will be so adorable in a puffy coat in a snow globe...